With the Growth of the Coronavirus, What Should Parents Know

People everywhere are becoming more concerned with the recent rise in the spreading of the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic and it’s starting to spread throughout many communities. 

Running around blindly hysterical is not the answer, stop and think. Here are things you should know to keep things in perspective:

First Off, What is a Pandemic?

According to scientists, a pandemic is a global infection that is spreading globally. Also, most people who get the virus will be just fine.

Most people will experience a mild course of the infection.

So, I Should Not Worry?

Actually, instead of worrying people should be prepared! Scientists and doctors recommend that you make sure you and your family are up on all your vaccinations and you are filling prescriptions for any chronic conditions you or a family member might have.

Beyond that, pay attention to your hygiene such as washing your hands, stay home from school or work if you are ill, and cough using a tissue or into your sleeve to stop the spreading of germs and illnesses.

You should also face the possibility that you and your family will become sick at home for a period of time. The Public Health Agency recommends that you stock up on food and supplies.

Make sure you include pasta, sauce, pet food, and diapers if you have an infant or any other foods or supplements that are in your daily diet.

How Kids are Affected by Coronavirus?

The great news, kids do not seem to be seriously affected by the Coronavirus. 

That said, the virus does affect the elderly and those with serious medical issues. Therefore, if your child is sick, please make sure they stay away from their grandparents.

I am Pregnant, am I at a High Risk?

According to available data, pregnant women do not appear to be more seriously affected by the virus than other adults.

That said, they should take some added precautions. You might want to consult with your doctor for any important advice they will offer you.

We have Travel Plans We Do not Want to Miss out 

People have been warned to avoid all travel to the Hubei province in China and avoid all non-essential travel to other provinces in China. It is also advised you avoid Iran and Northern Italy.

In other areas of the world with high numbers of infections like Japan and South Korea, you should practice special precautions such as postponing travel for now and especially if you are older or have any underlying medical conditions.

There could be warnings for a given country or even a country you are traveling through. Pay attention to all restrictions as well. 

All these advisories could affect your plans, but quite honestly, you should consider changing your plans and staying home.

My Kids have Seen People Wearing Masks, What Can I Tell them While not Scaring them?

Many people are wearing masks to avoid passing on their own germs to others. You might want to explain by saying they have a cold and do not want to spread anything to others.

These are positive messages for kids to understand. 

If you have an older child, you might want to let them know that even healthy people are wearing masks to prevent getting anything from someone else. I’d stay away from statements such as they just want to be extra cautious. 

This could sound like masks are not a requirement but could stigmatize mask wearers.

My Children have been Led to Believe that the Chinese People Spread this Virus, what do I Say?

Even though the Coronavirus came from China, other viruses have come and gone from other countries for many years. It is highly recommended your children do not become focused on ethnicity instead have them put themselves in those people’s shoes. 

Let your children know that no one wants to be unfairly labeled because their parents or grandparents came from another country. This might be the perfect time to point out other prejudices your children or their friends have been involved in.

You should point out that many Chinese immigrated here many years ago and have very successful businesses they have worked very hard to form. The Chinese workers built the railroad tracks throughout the entire United States!

My Children have a Chinese Heritage, I Worry They Will have a Negative Attitude toward their Roots

You know your family and your roots better than anyone, so focus on that instead. Keep in mind, there are many Chinese specialists involved in finding a cure to this disease, working around the clock day in and day out.

Many are caring for those who have become ill and working to prevent the spread of this virus.

Volunteers are delivering groceries to people who cannot get to the store, such as the elderly. As most people have been advised to stay home, there is an amazing effort from people who are working day and night to erect hospitals in as little as 10 days. 

You should stay away from negative stories, instead, concentrate on the incredible acts of heroism and kindness.

Watching the news and announcements, world leaders are emphasizing the need for all of us to come together, work together, and find ways to stop this virus in its path. We all live on this planet and must do all we can to make it safe again!