What's Going On With Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen?

Rumor has it that Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are putting an end to their relationship. The couple is said to have already hired divorce lawyers. Although the divorce seems to come out of the blue to some, those around them are not surprised by the possible separation. 

That the couple may be moving on without each other after 13 years of marriage is certainly not strange to many people around them. One insider even admitted to People that the problems between the couple have been going on for "ten years. "This is nothing new for either of them," the source said. Still, the couple's relationship problems have become increasingly public in recent months.

Especially after Tom decided to return as a quarterback in the NFL after he announced his retirement, the relationship problems between the top athlete and the supermodel came more and more to light. Multiple sources even confirmed that this decision by Tom led to "a lot of tension" between them.

The fact that these tensions have been piling up for a decade may be why the top model is still 'doing so well amid a divorce. According to a source, the supermodel "has all her affairs in order" and Tom and Gisele are both "done fighting for their marriage," which means they can now enjoy "doing their own thing. 

And although Gisele doesn't seem to be taking the breakup that hard, another insider has stated that Tom is actually "hurt" by the whole situation. According to other sources, it is more complicated than is being said, and the breakup is not just because Tom has started back at the NFL. "There's a lot more going on," he said.