4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Domesticating Wild Animals

Have you ever thought how fun it would be to have a fox or a badger as a pet? The reality is often different from the idea. While it might sound awesome to have a wee woodland animal as a friend, many wild animals are unable to be turned into pets. Whether you want something crazy like a badger or a boar, you should probably avoid trying to domesticate wild animals for the following reasons.

Wild animals grow larger

You might think a baby badger is adorable, but when it grows up and ruins your furniture or eats your power cables it won’t be so cute. It also won’t be so cute when it turns on you for trying to discipline them. Wild animals that are not found in pet shops are wild for a reason; they cannot handle being in a human environment, and will not settle regardless of what you do.

They are unlikely to learn

Most wild animals live by their own codes and regulations and care little for your domestication. They might take your treats, but it does not mean they are learning anything. You might not want to learn what you want to show them, and they might have no interest in living in a human household. For that reason, you should not expect that you can remove the wild instincts that most wild animals have ingrained in them.

Wild animals do not need support

We do not understand that many wild animals are not alone or anything; they simply have a different way of dealing with life than humans. If you think you are ‘saving’ a wild animal, you are usually annoying it by taking it out of its comfort zone. Try and leave them to what they do best, and let them enjoy life as they live it. Your idea of safety and calm might be the total opposite of what most wild animals even want!

It is illegal

The last reason is also the most important – keeping many wild animals is simply illegal. Many wild animals are not supposed to be held captive, and you could find yourself in trouble with the law if you are caught doing so. If for no other reason, then, you should avoid having a wild animal hanging around at home because, aside from the chaos, you could find yourself explaining your pet ownership choices to a police officer.