This is How to Use Banana Peel as Food for Your Plants

Bananas are naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients that our bodies can put to good use. But did you know that plants can also benefit from this healthy fruit? Especially the peel contains a lot of nutrients that outdoor plants can make good use of.

Banana peel for your plants

Not only the fruit itself but also the peel of the banana contains many nutrients. And each nutrient has a different effect on a plant. Calcium, for example, helps to stimulate root growth and to add oxygen to the soil. Potassium causes a plant to build up resistance, and sulfur helps develop roots and keep pests away. Furthermore, the banana peel contains a lot of magnesium and phosphorus which is good for healthy plant growth. 

Banana tea

What is the best way to use a banana peel for your plants? There are two handy options. First, you can draw a "banana tea" from the peel. Keep the banana peels in a sealed jar with water. Let this stand for 48 hours and then pour the water into the soil near the plant.

Banana peel smoothie

You can also make a runway peel smoothie. This will get you done faster than the banana tea. Grind the peel with a generous amount of water in a blender and pour the smoothie into the soil. For best results, you can lightly stir the earth first so that the goods can be better absorbed.