3 Intelligent Uses for Common Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to using your kitchen, keeping on top of it all can be tough work. One of the best ways to make sure you maximize the use of your kitchen, though, is to find variable uses for everyday appliances. While most appliances have one use in mind, the majority are versatile enough that you can use them in other ways if you so choose. How, though, can you maximize the use of some of your most common kitchen appliances?

Photo: Becca Tapert/Unsplash

Here are just a few alternative uses for everyday kitchen appliances.

Yellow bread sealers have another purpose

When you buy bread, they tend to come with a yellow (or otherwise colored) tag that you use to seal the bread back up. This is functional and useful, and it means that you can usually get another day or two out of that bread once it has been opened. Seal it upright, and it should not go stale quite as fast as it would have normally.

Did you know, though, that you can use these bread sealers for a different purpose?

These are supposed to be used to tell you the time that is left on the bread. It should have an expiry date written on the little yellow tag. Now, you know how long you should have – and whether or not your bread appears to be going out of date faster than it should.

Photo: Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian/Unsplash

Pasta spoons can be surprisingly versatile

Another tool that you likely use a lot in the kitchen is pasta spoons. These are quick, simple, and every bit as effective as you would expect. However, you can use the pasta spoon for getting rid of water and liquid from the pasta – but you can also use it for serving out different portion sizes.

The hole that is included on the pasta spoon is a measuring tool and you can usually get around one full serving of pasta clasped within. This makes it easy to put out consistent portions for everyone.

Your oven drawers have a different primary function

Like most people, you probably have a drawer that sits just underneath your oven. For most of us, this is where we store the pots and pans. It is just logical, right?

For some people, though, the best use of these drawers is for food storage. The oven tends to send down some residual heat into these little drawers. Therefore, if you are still waiting for other parts of the meal to finish cooking you should start using these oven drawers to keep your already finished cooking ingredients in until everything is ready to go out at once.