Tattoo Artists in Illinois Use Creative Ways to Hide Scar Tissue

If you have any scar tissue on your body, then you will know how unappealing it can look. For some of us, the scarring can make us look rough and dangerous. For others, it can be off-putting as it makes us look so gruff and aggressive. Tattoo artists, though, tend to be the ideal people to turn to when you want a way of covering up scar tissue. Most of the time, they just cover up the tissue with a tattoo that is loud enough to essentially mask the scarring.

Photo: Allef Vinicius/Unsplash

However, thanks to the Illinois tattoo specialist Eric Catalano, we are seeing more and more inventive ways of disguising scar tissue. Catalano first became famous for his scar tissue hiding skills when he helped Mark Bertram, a local man who had lost some of his fingertips in an accident. Bertram asked Catalano to create a humorous tattoo that would help to blend the fact that two of his fingers were smaller than the others.

The authentic and realistic design of the tattoos meant that the work ended up going viral. This meant that Catalano started to get more and more people coming to his Illinois tattoo parlor to start getting similar work done. This is the same as the work he carried out for Leslie Pollan, who had a lip scar that she intended to hide. Plastic surgery had proven unsuccessful, and Catalano got to work making her lip scar blend in and appear something as a stylish aesthetic feature as opposed to something to be worried about.

Photo: Andrej Lišakov/Unsplash

Creative scar tissue covering now becoming more popular

Thanks to the work being done in Illinois, everyone from victims of assaults to cancer patients can get their scarring hidden and healed up. So many people now turn up to his store to look for help that Catalano has now started what he calls Wellness Wednesday. On the third day of the week, up to eight tattoos of this style are done for absolutely nothing. For Catalano, the money is nice – but helping people to get emotional control over their looks and lives is worth more than the price of a tattoo.

It is thanks to Catalano, then, that many tattoo artists are now going down the same route. More and more tattoo parlors are offering a service for people to turn to when they want to try and lift this kind of scarring.