The US States With the Most Working Parents

For any parent, the idea of having to work and leave your children at home can be grating, to say the least. Sadly, the reality of the modern world is that you often need to work if you want to keep your head above water. The cost of living in America can be quite high, and in some states, it is naturally higher than in others. A recent research study carried out by the Pew Research Center looked to find out where America's working parents were most concentrated.

Photo: Sue Zeng/Unsplash

They found that some 60% of parents now work – a record number. Some think this is a positive as it means more money in the pot. For many families, though, both parents are having to work to bring in the income that previously one provider could have received in their workplace. The most common jobs for parents are working in inclusive education and healthcare, though many are moving into freelance work as it provides a chance to make some money whilst working from home and/or building towards another career path.

In terms of the states that see the most workers include New York, Texas, and California. Given these are some of the most densely populated states – and also have some of the higher cost of living rates – this should come to as little surprise.

Conversely, the states that have the lowest number of parents going out to work include states like Alabama and Mississippi. These states tend to have a lower median income rate, and they also tend to have higher poverty rates with fewer employment opportunities.

Photo: Dakota Corbin/Unsplash

What does this tell us about the state of working in America? It tells us that many parents are having to work twice to bring in what they used to bring in once. Given the need to have money to cover bills and living costs, though, for many Americans this is not a choice – it is a necessity of modern life.