Mother Feeds McDonald's, Gets Abuse for It, and Responds in The Best Way Possible

Are you a parent who does not have unlimited time and money? Good. You’ll know where this story is going, and why it happened.

For any parent who can’t give their kid every treat under the sun, it can be tough to do things as you would have wanted. For example, you might want to avoid feeding your kids fast food all the time, but sometimes time just makes it the most practical option.

That’s what one parent found who was shamed heavily for treating her kids to a McDonalds. 

The photo shows a pair of kids – clearly satisfied with their meal – enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation time on the couch. The kids look happy enough, lounging around while the son plays his PS4 and his sister watches along. 

Caitlin Fladager, the mother, seemed to be happy enough that her kids were having a good time.

Different Strokes for Different Folks 

Having acknowledged that she does her fair share of cooking and activities with the kids, sometimes it’s good to let our kids just relax and have a bit of their own personal time. however, the Very Angry Internet will never agree with that.

As Fladager said, it’s time that we celebrate everything we do to make our kids happy – even days where they just enjoy time on the couch and eating fast food.

In one of her Instagram posts, Caitlin said: “Sometimes I make my kids awesome dinners and do fun activities with them, but some days I get them McDonald’s and let them watch a lot of TV (YouTube),”

Like, most kids enjoy these activities. Luckily, enough parents responded in the comments letting her know that it’s both awesome and cool that her kids get to enjoy so much enjoyable time on their home.

Other mothers – clearly sick of people telling them how to raise their kids too – decided to chime in. 

One mother wrote into the post, saying: “My kid is 3 and she knows a few curse words. (Oops.) She watches TV and sometimes has way more junk than good food in a day... and I sleep in bed with her. Come at me!”

Parents' Support All Over the Web

The thread, though, soon devolves into proper comedy. Some parents started responding with the weird stuff that people pull them up for – including not having matching socks!

I used to wear Charmander and Bulbasaur socks, one on each foot. If anyone tried to stop me, I’d have hated them. Uniformity sucks, especially when you have so many great things to choose from!

The thread basically shows us the way that normal, working-class people get maligned for not being perfect. It comes from overly judgemental people who either think they are perfect, or their kids are. 

It’s a ridiculous state of affairs, and the Instagram thread by Caitlin shows us just how to deal with people like that – preferably with two fingers!

If your kids enjoy something and it’s not something they do all day every day, why should you stop them? Life is for living, not for being taught constant discipline.