Brother Brings Llama to Sister's Wedding, Gets Reaction You Would Expect

When planning a wedding, it’s natural for even the most mature and calmest of brides to morph into the dread ‘Bridezilla’. It’s something that we just expect to happen now; brides are spending so much on a wedding, it does kind of make sense. 

Mendl Weinstock

And when a bride knows that this is very likely her one shot at having her own ‘big day’ that she always wanted, anyone who gets in the way of that will be dealt with accordingly. What, though, if it’s your own brother getting in the way of you having a good time?

A Promise is a Promise 

Siblings love to annoy each other, but big days are often off the limits. You know, weddings, birthdays, that kind of thing. So, when one brother decided to rock up to a wedding with a llama, the reaction he got was to be expected.

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The viral video was first conceived of in 2015 and became a huge internet hit as more and more people witnessed the less than impressed bride standing with her ‘guest of honor’ – a llama.

The llama, dressed to the nines for the big day it has to be said, looks proud as punch to be at the event. 

The brother and sister were enjoying a comical discussion about getting married and what it would entail, and the sister, Riva, was talking as if she was getting married in the near future despite at that point not having a boyfriend. 

The brother, Mendl, promised to get a llama and bring it to her wedding if such an event took place.

So, when Riva finally told him that she was getting married in October 2019, Mendl got to work on making sure that the llama would be there come rain or shine. 

A Very Expensive Siblings' Joke

In March 2020, the big day would take place – including a llama.

Facebook /@llamawrangler17

Within an hour of being told she was engaged, the llama was already booked for the big day. Riva must now have realised that what at first seemed like a joke was now actually going to happen. 

Riva did, though, promise to take a single picture with a said llama – she wouldn’t touch it or stand next to it, but she would be present.

The llama, named Shocky for some reason, was brought along to the event and made the biggest impression of all. When he arrived, there was obviously a lot of laughter – mostly from people who weren’t Riva!

With a custom-made outfit ($450!) and the llama there, the llama was taken a photo of standing next to Riva who looks suitably unimpressed with the whole thing. 

Given the llama wasn’t even allowed into the venue, the whole seemed like a comical and very expensive joke. 

Meh, as long as everyone who was involved and looks back and laughs later on in time, right?