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40 Messages Illustrating the Difficulties Men and Women Face Living Togethe

People like to believe that men and women are all the same. But the truth is that there is a world of difference between male and female logic. Need proof? Just look at how men and women send their text messages!

While we can’t make assumptions based on a person’s gender alone, it’s safe to say that men and women act differently from one another. Take a look at these 40 text messages and see if you can learn a thing or two!

Pre-typing a Text Message

If you’ve ever dated a controlling person, you’ll know exactly how difficult they are to handle. You need to ask for permission before you can go out or see your friends. It’s in their nature to say no every time and you’ll have a hard time changing them.

Maybe it’s because of their past relationships or insecurities. Maybe the other person has made some questionable decisions of their own which they now project onto others. Regardless, it’s best to stay away if you ever suspect a person of being too controlling. From the look of it, Alex had his response pre-typed!

Botched Travel Plans

We all have our own ideas of a perfect honeymoon. Some people love the idea of going away to a luxury island while others just want a simple vacation with their new spouse. Either way, an adventure is a great way to strengthen any relationship.

Things can get a bit tricky when it comes to planning a honeymoon. It appears this person isn’t on the same page as their significant other when it comes to travel goals. Traveling the world is an expensive travel plan. This thoughtful partner thought of a different method instead!

Answering a Question With A Question

We know it’s a stereotype, but it’s generally assumed that women tend to be more emotional and loving than men, while men are expected to be stoic and reserved. From our experience though, we’ve seen this play out more than a few times.

This woman asked her partner if he loves her. His response will stick with you. Answering a question with another question might be confusing, but his point was well made. It’s apparent that he loves her. Maybe he’s just not ready to come out and say it.

Christy’s Not Interested

This guy reached out to a woman that he had a crush on, and her responses were, shall we say, a little hollow. Christy echoed back every text message the guy sent, completely denying him his line of dialogue. The guy even tried to shoot her an “I love you”, but it’s clear that wasn’t having any of it.

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt! Rather than reciprocating his advances, Christy shut him down. Not a bad trick! Ladies, if you have to deal with unwanted stares from random dudes on the street, this defense mechanism works pretty well there too. Just turn the stares right back! They’ll freak out in no time.

Smooth as Soap

Here’s a solid piece of advice for all you guys out there in relationships. If you’re genuinely interested in keeping your girl, then you need to put in the effort. Most guys think they can cruise by in their relationships. They tend to forget that their partner needs a steady stream of love to keep happy.

Yeah, that’s not going to cut it. That being said, it’s always nice when a partner shares the burden of the housework at home. It’s not romantic, but it does help keep things moving along. We hope Walt put those bubbles to good use. If you decide to go with a set-up like this one, just be careful not to burn your elbows.

Taking Orders

Many people think that men should take the lead in a relationship, but we don’t think this has to be the case. We can think of plenty of healthy relationships in which the woman takes charge. This conversation is a great reminder of that.

Jacob asked his woman what her order was at Starbucks and she asked for something off the regular menu. She wasted no time in telling him exactly what she wanted; a foot massage and a clean house once she got home. Did Jacob comply? We’ll never know.

Emotional Confusion

Women are emotional beings. They never tend to give a straight answer. They expect guys to understand them enough to know what they need without asking, just like Alice. She responds by saying that nothing is wrong. But judging by her outburst, it looks like everything is far from fine!

Communication is key to a successful relationship. Many guys will probably know the struggle of having to read between the lines. It takes some getting used to. Here’s a tip: before asking what’s wrong, try to come up with an explanation first. It might not always be you, but it’s a good idea to do it first anyway. Maybe your kitchen is just missing a good bottle of wine.

Good News or Bad News?

Adopting a pet can enhance an already wonderful, stable relationship. After both parties agree on what type of animal to adopt, and how to split the responsibility, owning a little furry friend can bring a lot of love and comfort to a home.

Some pet owners consider their fuzzballs family, children even. We hope that this guy, who just introduced a new pet to his partner, is willing to put in the work necessary to be a good dog-dad.


Knowing how to balance your responsibilities is important in maintaining any relationship. You have to own up to your mistakes and resist throwing blame at your partner when things go wrong. This conversation shows that many couples have room to grow when it comes to this aspect of relationship management.

Mark’s girlfriend clearly needs to cut out her fiendish cheese habit. We’ve all had our late-night cheese binges so… We can’t judge too harshly. Cheese is one heck of a substance.

As Attractive as An Old Pair of Socks

There’s no better feeling than being able to get off work early and being able to spend time with your significant other. But instead of being delighted, this guy’s wife reminded him of the work that he left at home with a tidy “bait and switch” maneuver.

Obviously, she isn’t in the mood for action between the sheets unless there’s a spin cycle. No point in coming home early when you’re dodging household chores! Housework is work too.

Selfie Goals

Here’s a great example of how men sometimes take things literally. This dude sent a pretty flat selfie to his girlfriend and got an amazing response. She asked to see another selfie to which he of course obliged.

Pretty funny. He seems like a man who knows how to make a woman laugh. We just hope that this wasn’t a dodge while he was having too much “fun” behind her back. 

She Knows Herself

Meeting someone online can be quite challenging. On one hand, you can more quickly filter out undesirable suitors than you can in real life. On the other hand, expectations can get wildly out of control with so much competition.

This girl’s honesty is a breath of fresh air. Here’s a quick public service announcement for you normies out there: normality isn’t real. If you think you’re one of the normal ones, maybe you should dig a little deeper. Maybe get in touch with your wacky side like the rest of us.

Talk About Getting Rejected

Few things in life can make you feel more vulnerable than asking someone out on a date. The time between confessing your feelings and waiting for a response is nerve-wracking. That anxiety can be so overwhelming for some people that they opt to make a move via texting instead.

This woman opened up to the guy she was interested in and got a terrible response. Either the guy was clueless or he just wasn’t interested in dating her. It’s clear they weren’t a great match. Hopefully, she realized that sooner than later.

Where The Heart Is

Many people think that men are devoid of emotions. In reality, men are taught to put on a brave face from a young age which can lead them to bury their emotions later in life. Men experience a lot of emotions. This guy perfectly demonstrates that fact with this insightful bite:

Fair play. We think it’s healthy to open up now and then. This guy knows exactly how to communicate what’s on his mind, or rather, his stomach. They say the stomach is the most direct way to a man’s heart, don’t they?

Mixed Messages

Nothing’s worse than breaking up over a text message, especially if you’re on the receiving end. How can a person be so callous as to leave their partner without giving them a proper explanation or goodbye? Even breaking up through email is messed up!

What a rollercoaster of emotions. First, the shock of a breakup, next relief, then confusion, then right back to the breakup shock. That’s a double, triple, quadruple whammy right there.

A Crummy Seduction

Some prefer flirting over the phone because it’s way easier than doing it in person. This is especially true for those who grew up in the internet era where flirty conversations come naturally to budding lovers. But some prefer to do things more traditionally. This woman is a clear example of that.

Sometimes, eating chips in bed is better than flirting over the phone. Still, there’s no bigger turn-off for us than finding the sharp remnants of chips sprinkled between our bedsheets.  

A Knee-Jerk Reaction

There are plenty of good samaritans who are more than willing to return a lost phone. This guy received a message from a stranger saying that his girlfriend accidentally left her phone in the restroom. Naturally, he reaches out to his girlfriend to let her know what happened.

This is what happens to human beings when they get too hooked on their phones. We hope that his girlfriend and the other woman got a laugh out of it. At least, we hope it was a woman.


It’s hard to read someone’s emotions when they don’t signal them. This is especially true when you’re so into a person that your perceptions are clouded. Your good judgment gets impaired. Sometimes though, a little distance is all that’s needed.

Very cute. We just hope that his little message created a healthy atmosphere for their relationship to grow instead of an awkward vacuum or a black hole. 

Meet The Parents 

Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time can be just as nerve-wracking as confessing your feelings at the start of the relationship. You end up putting so much pressure on yourself that you become awkward and shy. It happens to the best of us.

At first, it appears the woman did a good job of impressing her partner’s parents. But in the end, the guy had to drop a truth bomb to keep her from getting her hopes up. Turns out that she wasn’t that smart after all! Ouch.

Self Exposed

There’s getting around it; cheaters are not smart people. It’s the truth. Cheating is an awful thing to do and most people hate to admit that it’s a choice and not a mistake. No one deserves to go through an emotionally damaging experience like that.

Want proof that cheaters are dumb? Take this guy right here. He was looking for his woman when he woke up in bed in the morning. Turns out he was sleeping in a different house! Goes to show how dense cheaters can be.

Out Like A Light

It’s tough getting unwanted attention and not knowing how to respond. Most people turn the person down politely, while others will give them the cold shoulder. Regardless, it’s complicated. Fortunately for Sarah, she knows exactly what to do.

That response should have been clear as day, or at least as clear as a well-lit hotel room. Hopefully, this guy took the hint that she wasn’t interested. Good on you, Sarah!

Is That You, Catwoman?

If you were to become a superhero for one day, who would you choose to be? Most people would answer Superman or Batman, but according to Jennifer, there’s only one correct answer.

Jennifer channels her inner Catwoman daily. She’s not exactly saving the world. Instead, she’s lying on the couch and pretending to be a cat-human hybrid. Sure she accomplishes nothing, but the lifestyle is something that we can get behind. 

Urgent Business Only

Everybody loves burritos. So much so that this woman asked her partner about burritos while her partner was driving. She got hit with an auto-reply because he responsibly set his phone on Do Not Disturb. The way she replied highlights how men and women understand the word “urgent”.

Clearly, this woman considers the burrito review more important than that of the health and safety of her husband. Maybe she put a ring in there as a way to pop the question. Maybe he’d cheated on her, so she used his pet rabbit as a filling. Or maybe she was actually just about to order a burrito for him at the local Tex Mex. Who can say?

What A Deal!

There’s always that one person who sends text messages in lengthy paragraphs. It’s like reading a novel from Leo Tolstoy where they bombard you with endless prose of love and affection. While that can be nice, it can be difficult to reply to a waterfall of words.

We’re sure this guy appreciates his girlfriend’s love, but unlike her, he gets straight to the point. But hey, a $2 deal at JCPenney for big towels? Who wouldn’t want to jump on that?!

Mona Lisa’s Smile

We’ve mentioned that men have been stereotyped for their lack of emotional intelligence. Now let’s tackle another stereotype: that of the overly-emotional girlfriend. Here we have an example of a man trying to belittle his significant other’s feelings with a joke.

It’s 3 a.m., sure. But it takes two to tango buddy. You’re also awake! You don’t have to reply. Look, maybe she is being a little clingy, but the fact that you replied makes us think that you enjoy playing games just as much as she wants your attention. 

Suzy’s Bright Idea

Sometimes men and women like to signal their intentions in different ways. This guy is in the mood for something sensual, but it appears that his girlfriend has other ideas. His risque message got slapped down by his girlfriend’s intoxicating innocence. Check it out:

Take a hint, Suzie! Or not. Hey, building a pillow fort sounds pretty fun. Remember how we used to build fortresses on the couch when we were kids? Maybe her idea will lead to something more memorable than whatever he had in mind.

Slacks To The Max!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, some people are just naturally more romantic than others. That’s not a knock on the non-romantic types. If you love long walks on the beach, good for you! However, if you’re a poetic individual, just know that your partner won’t always reciprocate the notions of your oceanic soul.

Max isn’t channeling Ralph Waldo Emerson vibes. He’s more interested in the biological construction of humans rather than deciphering a mysterious message. Can’t fault him for that!

Ace The Test

When your partner says that you can’t live together anymore, that’s a pretty tough pill to swallow. Most people go into panic mode and break down altogether, but this guy managed to keep his cool and respond with a dash of wit.

One thing’s for certain; he probably won’t have to answer any more questions from her soon. At least he’s self-aware? Let’s hope he found someone more intellectually stimulating.

Making a U-turn

Men. As the stereotype goes, they’re only into cars, football, and drinking. While many guys certainly love all three, not all men fit neatly into this pigeonhole. This guy is the perfect example. He responds well to tenderness and intimacy above all else. Until he doesn’t.

Things were going so well until she asked him what else he had in mind. If only she had taken more of an active role, maybe his mind wouldn’t have shifted gears towards car stuff.


Conflict is an inevitable part of a relationship. That’s not to say that arguments should come up frequently, but couples can get into arguments all the time, especially if there’s an imbalance between outside work and housework. Both jobs can be equally challenging, but if one party’s contribution goes unrecognized, there’s going to be trouble.

This is why men should never assume a woman’s place. That being said, if you don’t bring home a little bit of bacon, you’d better get used to the pigsty. 

Yes Is Not an Answer

Here’s a handy tip that guys will appreciate with this whole relationship thing. If a woman tells you that she’s beautiful, you should wholeheartedly agree! But if she says that she’s ugly and not that bright, then you better disagree, or else they’ll be trouble!

The last thing you want to do is make her feel bad by agreeing with her negative sentiments. Just be kind and offer your support. She’ll appreciate it.

Romantic Pizza For One

Pizza is an all-time favorite for many. The ooze of cheese coupled with a generous smoked pepperoni topping makes pizza hard to resist. That being said, pizza doesn’t light everyone’s romantic flame.

His girlfriend was looking to do something more romantic, but all he had in mind was pizza. His solution? pizza in the rain! If that doesn’t sound romantic, we don’t know what is!

Don’t Mess With Math

Men can be intimidated by smart women. They know they can’t wrap them around their fingers, and her wits can detect his nonsense a mile away. There are perks to dating an intelligent woman though, especially one who has her numbers all lined up.

What started as a sweet message ended as a math lesson. Who knew Earth’s population was seven billion already? You can’t even count that many people on both hands!

Argumentative By Nature

A lot of people out there can turn anything into an argument. They can turn the tables on you instantly and make you look bad when you’re not even doing anything wrong. If you’re dating this type of person, you’d better be careful what you say, or better yet, look for the nearest emergency exit.

This guy discovered this fact the hard way after pledging that he’d never argue again. Unfortunately, this girl loves creating drama. How can you win at this point?


This girl is one example of the type of person you should never be in a relationship with. It’s one thing to break up over text, but to do that for a silly reason? We smell immaturity right there! She found out that her guy added a song to his playlist that mentioned his ex-girlfriend.

That’s some detective stuff right there! She delved deep into the lyrics and found a reason to break up with her boyfriend. Talk about being paranoid! So fellas, avoid dating a Helen if you don’t want to deal with headaches!

Angry Logic

It’s not a good idea to speak when you’re angry because your emotions can get the better of you. Even worse is texting under the influence of anger. Misunderstandings need to be handled gently. This woman wasn’t ready to make amends with her guy just yet.

We’re not sure if she’s self-aware or if she just likes to be angry. Both parties need to address the issue. If one person refuses to cooperate, then the same arguments will continue to surface.

Self-centered Much?

Have you ever dated someone so obsessed with themselves that they never even thought about you? Well, this girl knows first-hand what it feels like. A self-centered individual should not enter any kind of relationship as they lack the awareness to care for anyone other than themself, much less their partner.

Sunshine doesn’t care about muscles and good looks. All she wants is to spend some quality time with her boyfriend. But no, the guy is more focused on chasing the pump instead of being with his girl! Still, telling someone they have a beefy hide is kind of weird, don’t you think?

Popping The Lid

Everyone is unique, and everyone has something special to offer in a relationship. Some people bring positive vibes while others have a more practical view of the world. This lady understands exactly why she fell in love with her boyfriend.

Life presents many challenges. One of them might be opening a jar. Imagine struggling with a jar of hazelnut spread for 30 minutes! If you’re ever in trouble, it’s comforting to know that your partner will always be there for you, even to just open a jar of hazelnut spread.

Brushing It Under The Rug

Having people over to your house sounds like a lot of fun. But do you know what sounds like less fun? Preparing your home before the visitors arrive. Doing the dishes and cleaning the living room aren’t the most exciting tasks for a couple to grapple with, but this man’s wife makes some very good points when it comes to prepping the house.

Why bother cleaning everything up when it’s going to get dirty in less than 24 hours? Why clean before the guests come at all? Just let the house get all messed up and do the cleaning once the visitors leave!

The Mind Of A Child

Even as adults, we all have childish moods from time to time. It’s part of human nature! Even the most mature have a silly streak every once in a while, but this guy’s girlfriend really knows how to take it to the next level.

Gene received a text message from his wife telling him that she met her classmates at a toy store. He was surprised and asked why, since they had no kids. Turns out his wife bought a water pistol for herself!