How Many Cups of Coffee Can You Drink Per Day?

It always remains a point of discussion: how many cups of coffee can you drink in a day? According to Swedish Bertil Fredholm, who is also called the "coffee professor," you can drink more coffee than you probably think.

Pharmacologist and coffee researcher Bertil Fredholm delves into the science behind this beloved beverage. Fredholm writes about, the name says it all, coffee, in his book Coffee Science. Coffee Science contains both fun coffee facts to share at the coffee machine and critical information about persistent coffee fables and health claims. Fredholm takes you from the history of coffee to the chemistry of caffeine and its effects on our bodies." A book for true lovers of black gold, in other words.

Six to seven cups of coffee

In his book, the researcher also answers the question of how many cups of coffee you can drink per day. And according to him, you can drink six or seven cups daily just fine. Fredholm writes that coffee is "only mildly addictive. Our bodies can handle about 380 to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day without becoming addicted to it. And so that's about six to seven cups of coffee a day.


This, of course, is good news for all coffee lovers. But what is the reason for the headache you sometimes get when you haven't had coffee for one day? It has to do with the fact that your body always reacts when you stop drinking something. It does not mean you are addicted. However, it is important to spread the seven cups throughout the day.