Fictional Couples Who Should Have Separated by the Epilogue

Movies and media have a habit of bringing us couples who, to the reader, are insatiable. They are unique, energizing, and exciting; they are in the relationship that we all long to be in. As we all know, though, some movie and media romances would be best left alone. Here are a few examples of couples in movies that probably should have said adieu to one another before the credits started rolling.

Photo: Jackson Simmer/Unsplash

Bill and Jo, Twister

Great film, but if you expect this romance to last then you are more hopeful than I am. This romance is a complete car crash. They get divorced, go through a crisis, and find each once again. If you ask me, solving a broken marriage through the presence of a crisis sounds exactly like the kind of temporary solution that more or less would never play out. If there was a Twister 2, they would need to be split up to make it believable!

Stefan and Caroline, Vampire Diaries

While falling in love with our closest friend is a common trope, it rarely actually works out for people. In this film, the whole falling-in-love angle appears to be highly coincidental. Call us dour, but things like this rarely work out this way. They lack the spark and chemistry one would expect of such a relationship, and it feels like something that both are more or less settled for as opposed to actual major, plutonic love. 

Photo: @gogrease/unsplash

Sandy and Danny, Grease

OK so they might go down as one of the great all-time movie romances, but let’s be clear: this would never work out in reality. When you look closer at it, Danny and Sandy are not suited for one another. Sandy essentially morphs into a new person to suit Danny, and the red flags are blaring more or less through the entire film. It’s a great watch, but this is not a romance that would last happily ever after!

What examples do you think are the most glaring when it comes to looking at movie romances? Who do you think would have never lasted more than it took the time for the credits to roll? We can think of a few others, but what about you?