These Hollywood Celebrities Regret Their Reason for Stardom

Being a celebrity must be tough – especially if you came to public consciousness in a way that is a touch odd or embarrassing. For some stars in the world of celebrity, their ascent came through something happening that, to this day, they regret or feel embarrassed by. Here are just a few celebrities who have managed to make the big time, only to find out their cause for stardom is also a cause for embarrassment down the line.

Photo: @kate.winslet.official/Instagram

Kate Winslet

The highly acclaimed actress rose to fame for various reasons, but it was her part in Titanic that made her a household name. For the English actress, though, it is her American accent that she despises within the movie. She believes that her accent was a total mess, and says that it is something she is highly critical of. In fact, according to Winslet herself, even thinking about the accent she put on is a source of embarrassment!

Zac Effron

As one of the most successful actors in his age group, Zac Effron is a highly versatile actor. However, his breakthrough roles in the likes of High School Musical are sources of embarrassment and cringe for the superstar. He believes that the way he chooses his roles as an adult success is totally different from how he would have approached HSM and other roles he took on. They might have made him famous, but they aren’t exactly roles he looks back on with any major fondness. 

Photo: @markwahlbergbest/Instagram

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is a pretty big deal in the acting world, but his rise to prominence tends to be something he hates to hear about. Why? Because in his younger days he was a model – and a rap artist. It is actually quite striking to see photos and images of a young Wahlberg looking like someone from a late 90s hip-hop group.

For Wahlberg himself, it’s a highly embarrassing timeline in his highly successful life.

Christian Bale

As one of the most committed actors of the modern era, Bale receives accolades for his ability to pull off everything from superheroes to psychopaths. However, his initial breaks within the world of acting came from being part of Newsies, a musical put together by Disney. He said that he never wanted to get involved in a musical, but it was a role he needed to get moving with his career. While he might not look back on that part of his life with fondness, it certainly led him to more success in the years to come!