Dogs Can Lie Awake Worrying, Just Like us

It turns out that we're not the only ones who lie awake at night worrying. Research shows that dogs also do this from time to time.

At night you finally have time to rest and recharge. Yet many people lie awake and mull over the future or situations that have already occurred. Suddenly it occurs to you that you had meant to send that one more e-mail or you think about that boorish remark you made to a colleague this afternoon. Then you find yourself staring at the ceiling again for hours and in the meantime, you are aware of the sleep deprivation you are suffering. If you think only humans suffer from this, you're wrong. Research shows that dogs also lie awake at night more often due to worrying.

The Royal Society scientific journal has published a scientific article describing that dogs also lie awake more often at night because of brooding. A study was conducted in which one group of dogs was given positive stimuli (e.g. a hug from the owner) and the other group was given negative stimuli (threatening/stressful situation) before the nap. The dogs that received positive attention slept better and more consistently than the dogs that received negative attention. The latter group of dogs woke up more often and also appeared to dream longer.

So it is a very good idea to give your dog a big hug before going to bed. That way both of you can sleep peacefully.