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30+ Easy DIY Home Renovation Ideas

Regardless of whether we own or lease our house, we need our environment to look neat and creative. Though they may be reasonable once in a while, all-out redesigns involving a contractor or an interior designer are generally not in our spending plan. This is why we’ve pulled together an assortment of approaches to overhaul and enhance the home environment in a feasible and reasonable way.

From adding a fresh coat of paint to installing a barn door, there’s something for every household and each spending plan. It’s sorting out where to start that typically slows down our innovative ideas. If budget and time are your major worries when it comes to home renovations, then have a look at our rundown of some of the easiest home makeover ideas. Most can be done in a jiffy, and none of them will chew up your savings.

Beautifying a staircase

Even an old flight of stairs can be patched up and beautified. With some new carpeting and some beautiful brass finishings, this staircase has a whole new lease on life. 

Image courtesy of The Chronicles of Home

The type of carpet you use will depend on your household. For example, you may not want anything light-hued if there’s a lot of children running around in your house. If that is the situation, consider a dark grey that would conceal stains, requiring less maintenance.

Crown moldings bring elegance to a home

Crown moldings can make boring walls look like they belong in an English manor. This kind of home DIY project can be somewhat scary, particularly if you don’t have any carpentry experience. With new products on the market, you don’t have to worry. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

It may be important to consult with a specialist Before pursuing this task, but we’re certain the outcome is definitely worth the wait. These before and after photos show the incredible effect the painted crown moldings had on this living room.

How to liven up your patio

A few of us are lucky to have an outdoor space that’s large enough to host gatherings. Yet, even the outdoors should be tidied up and kept fresh and welcoming. The before picture below shows a dull patio that has seen more joyful occasions.

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

The deck here was made with inexpensive patio tiles, which are a beautiful solution for revitalizing an outdoor entertainment space. Before taking on such a patio project, talk to an expert to learn precisely what tiles are ideal for withstanding the open-air elements.

Artificial crown moldings

Clearly, crown moldings are an incredible method to complement walls, but if you’re out of cash to spend on the house, consider an artificial choice. In the example below, the “molding” was created with strips of wallpaper that have a 3D feel. This makes it look as though there are wooden beams supporting the ceiling. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

This embellishment makes such a difference to the look of the room. While this is a relatively easy DIY project, you must still plan it out before starting work. As you can see from the image above, there are other embellishments you can use to really make this trick pop.

Glass cabinets make a lovely kitchen

Renovating a kitchen quite often costs more than you imagined. One approach to refresh a tired kitchen while minimizing expenses is to replace a couple of cabinet doors. This is a simple DIY job that should be easy, so long as you take accurate measurements and work with quality tools and hardware. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

Once your new glass cabinet doors have been installed, be sure to show off your finest wine glasses and silver serving pieces. Don’t forget to keep this lovely spot neat and organized.

New cabinet doors make a big difference

This owner of this house went above and beyond and changed every one of the drawers and cabinet doors in her kitchen. She likewise changed the oven to a polished stainless steel model that fits in perfectly with the refreshed look of the kitchen. The countertops also got a new look, giving the kitchen a cozy yet modern feel. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

We are amazed by how much the glass cabinet doors transform the space, showing off her cookbooks and beautiful dishes. This was an amazing DIY job. It’s such a beautiful space now!

A fresh coat of paint adds a bright feel

If installing new kitchen cabinets is not within your budget, that’s fine. You can always just paint your drawers and cabinet doors. This before and after image illustrates how plain paintwork and a thorough clean can improve things significantly.

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

By repainting the doors, you’ll be saving a huge amount of money. New handles and doorknobs likewise have a huge effect. What’s more, consider brightening the kitchen with lighter colors like white or even gray to emphasize the stainless steel oven.

New lighting gives a cozy vibe

Something as simple as changing a dull ceiling fixture can be an extraordinary way to tidy up any space in your home. This Tiffany-style light creates a warm and comfortable feel, adding a touch of class to the room. Look at the warm sparkle emanating from the stained glass chandelier. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

We love the antique look of this light fixture, but even better than its aesthetic is the fact that it’ll be far easier to clean than the clunky chandelier it replaced. This lighting fixture gets unwavering approval from our team.

Beautify your yard with a lily pond

Any homeowner with a sizable yard is lucky. Look at how this yard was refreshed by the addition of a carefully designed pond. We love the addition of Adirondack seats in which to chill and appreciate nature’s beauty.

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

This kind of renovation is certainly geared toward more experienced DIYers. Those of us who don’t have much experience should ask an expert gardener or landscaper before endeavoring to set out on this sort of task.

A deck of dreams

This dull and inauspicious lawn got an exceptional makeover, and the improvement is amazing. This will require an expert or two for the designing and a portion of the execution. Yet, if the DIYer is skillful with wood and has an inventive mind, the outcomes are incredible.

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

The wooden garden boxes and the charming deck impeccably coordinate with the wooden look and feel of this beautiful home. We’re adoring the consideration given to the lawn, and the outcome is flawless.

Replacing outdated linoleum

If the linoleum at home is old and in poor condition, money will be a huge factor in choosing whether to change or replace it. While artistic tiles can be an extraordinary choice, we’re not sure we’re ready for that kind of expense. However, a DIY project may be the perfect compromise. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

You have two excellent options when it comes to replacing old linoleum without breaking the bank. If you follow the image on the right, all you need to do is select linoleum with a tiled pattern. Follow the example on the left, and you can pick up sheets of mosaic tiles that are super easy to lay. All you need to do is fill the gaps with grout and you’re done!

Make a grand entrance

These front steps went from dull to impressive, and the DIY project is surprisingly easy. By adding a few bricks to the steps, one can brighten the entrance and really make it a welcoming space. We do propose that you talk with a bricklayer before endeavoring this project. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

In most cases, bricks can be added on without the need for too much effort. However, you will need to know how to work with mortar. Remember that the area to be covered must be perfectly even and level before you begin work.

Keep the garage neat and presentable

We don’t need to deal with stains and ugly marks on the floor of our carports ever again. Instead, we should give a little TLC to the garage that keeps our vehicles safe. All you have to do is give your carport floor a coat of epoxy. Keeping it clean will become a simple task. What’s more, colors become a choice with epoxy floors, making the garage a more beautiful part of your home. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

Of course, you’ll want some help with the epoxy coat, but this is definitely a smart investment. Just look at the result in the image on the right. With the smooth red epoxy floor, that garage is satisfying to the eye.

A bathroom makeover

If your bathroom vanity has seen better days, now might be the ideal time to think about breathing new life into it. This particular vanity was fit as a fiddle, but it did require a minor facelift. The end result is striking. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

By ‘washing’ the vanity with paint, you can create a marbled effect, making it look fresh and fabulous. This is a simple fix, and an amateur can achieve this. All you need to do is read the instructions on the paint and then follow them precisely.

Don’t hesitate to revamp your antiques

The idea of revamping antique furniture can be somewhat overwhelming for most people. We fear destroying the original design, or worse yet, damaging the item. Yet, look at this dresser that was updated into a bathroom vanity.

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

This task was predominantly an issue of sanding the wood and preparing it for the paint. As the vanity is utilized in a space where water and stickiness are major factors, picking the correct paint and accurately fixing it is the most important step.

Don’t shy away from accent walls

Many of us fear that we may go too far if we try to fill our homes with vibrant features, particularly with regards to highlighting the walls. While an overly ambitious furniture item can always be sold if we realize it was a mistake, an accent wall isn’t so easy to get rid of if we change our minds. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

A dull wall can be reconstructed into a striking feature that catches attention. This wall was made utilizing stone veneers in earthy tones, which give the room texture and life. We love the addition of the wooden shelves in chocolate brown.

Concrete slabs can be concealed

This deck is a stunning cover for a slab that has seen better days. Rectifying this issue is anything but simple. However, with some careful planning, the right supplies, and commitment to the job, you can transform a sull old slab into a beautiful deck for the family to enjoy. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

By covering the broken concrete, the area you see in the picture above was transformed. We truly loved the darker wooden accents, which add character to the deck. We’re sure the homeowner loves to host intimate dinners with family and friends here.

Another solution to unsightly concrete slabs

Although this concrete slab is in good condition, it’s dim and dull. Thankfully, it’s an easy fix since the slab was nice and level. All the homeowner had to do was clean it and then install the beautiful tiles you see in the image on the right. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

This deck area was changed from drab to fab by adding huge tiles in natural colors that are ideal for any outside space. Some well-placed furniture made this spot into an inviting area for the whole family to enjoy.

Gray also sparks life

A lot of people imagine the best kitchen being brilliant and white, but even that goes downhill and becomes lifeless inevitably. This refreshed kitchen was finished at a budget-friendly rate but yielded the greatest outcome. The white kitchen cabinets were sanded and repainted in a matte gray color that blends well with the appliances. 

Image courtesy of Kitchen-Solvers-Columbus and Walzcraft

We like the consideration given to the refreshed backsplash, which adds warmth to the area. We’re also big fans of the new hanging lights, and we appreciate the fact that the owners tidied up the space above the cabinets.

Please don’t discard that old sofa

This couch was lucky enough to be given another life. We’re stunned that someone saw this mess and had faith that it could be beautiful once again. Perhaps the family pets had gotten their paws into it and made it their bite toy or scratching post.

Image courtesy of aboutupholstery.com

We understand what looking for the ideal household item can feel like. We go to various furniture shops, test them out, attempt to picture them in our homes, yet we can’t let go of the comfort of our old sofa. If this sounds familiar, consider reupholstering your favorite couch.

The power of fabric

Each of us has that most loved seat that we can’t dispose of, regardless of how old and ugly it’s gotten. It’s so cozy, but when we look at it, we end up complaining that it’s time for it to get a makeover or get out of the house. 

Image courtesy of Emeraldcitydiaries.com

If you have a favorite chair you can’t let go of, consider reupholstering it. This is less expensive than buying a brand new chair, and you have so many exciting patterns to choose from. Look at the difference in the before and after photos above. We can’t wait to try this at home!

Large yards need lots of love

A few of us are lucky enough to have huge yards, but with all that space comes a lot of hard work. We adore this mini trail in the yard and can see that the kids in this household also love the enhancement. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

The walkway was thought out ahead of time and carefully planned to ensure it fits the space perfectly. Note that if you don’t have prior experience, we recommend consulting an expert landscaper.

Barn doors in your city apartment 

There is something about carrying country energy into a city loft that we find incredibly appealing. We love the way this barn door was utilized to replace the standard entryway. Note that this type of door requires special holders and tracks.

Image courtesy of Kylieminteriors.com

Barn doors are available in a huge assortment of styles and tones. We love the rustic feel of this barn door. The paint job also contributed to changing the room into a warm and inviting place.

Another lovely bathroom upgrade

This bathroom floor got a major upgrade, and the outcome is astonishing. From dull floors to tiled ceramics, we give this DIY project the tick of approval. The gray flooring really pops against the white grout. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

If you don’t have the funds for new flooring, consider repainting old cabinets and adding a wooden bath mat like the one you see in the image above. A couple of wooden accents can add a warm feel to a boring bathroom.

Minor makeovers can make a major difference

It’s astonishing what a thick frame can do to a dull mirror. Indeed, small changes can create lovely results. Before endeavoring to frame a mirror in your house, we suggest evaluating one that is already framed. It may be smarter to get it ready-made instead of making one from scratch.

Image courtesy of Frugalhomemaker.com

Of course, it’s not that difficult to measure your mirror and create a frame. However, glass is fragile, and the more you handle it, the higher the risk that you’ll chip it or shatter it altogether. For this reason, a ready-made mirror may be a better choice.

Giving life to the banister

Homes with steps and railings should be refreshed and repainted every so often. If you have wooden railings like the ones in the image below, this should be a relatively easy DIY job. Sanding and preparing the railing is tedious, but the result is worth the effort. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Netluxury.com

We suggest doing some research before trying this project. You need to get all the right tools, the best paint, and understand how to prepare the space to minimize mess. It’ll also help to consult a color chart to ensure you pick a suitable color scheme.

An updated bathroom cabinet

This marble-look countertop can be created with epoxy. You can go with all sorts of different colors and patterns to create a range of different looks. Whichever style you go for, it’s bound to be better than plain old white countertops.  

Image courtesy of DIYJoy.com

The best part of this DIY project is also the easiest – watching all the videos of people showing you how to make a marble-look epoxy countertop. Watch as many as you need to feel confident before starting the project yourself.

Black walls create a dramatic look

The dramatic look of this room and the distinction the dark paint has made are just amazing. Interestingly, the wooden flooring ensures the space doesn’t feel too dark or dingy. The bed was likewise changed to coordinate with the dramatic shading, and the right set of linen was picked. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

While dark walls aren’t for everybody, we have no problem with how this room ended up looking. The lesson here is to be bold with colors.

Refurbishing the kitchen counter

There are a few choices to consider when you want to refresh old countertops. We’ve already seen DIYers use paint and epoxy to transform countertops. However, there are many other options for you to consider. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

Whichever route you take, a new countertop can make a massive difference in the kitchen, without the requirement for an all-out overhaul. We do propose exploring all your options before launching such a challenging project. That way, you’re far more likely to love the results.

Pergolas make a lovely finishing touch

Pergolas are an extraordinary addition to most porches and patios. Look at the distinction this pergola made to a generally wonderful but not exceptionally thrilling terrace. Imagine a hearty meal with your family in this lovely spot. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

While we’re not suggesting DIY amateurs should take on such a huge task without any professional support, it’s something you may be able to do if you have some talented friends or family members who are willing to help.

From a neglected yard to a charming pathway

This bland backyard got a major upgrade with a beautiful stone pathway, accented by freshly planted flower gardens. This may require a discussion with a landscaper, but it isn’t so hard to achieve. The options are limitless if you have a creative mind and the courage to take on such a venture. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

Before launching into such an undertaking, it’s essential to map out your design, and then ensure you have all the tools and materials necessary to do the job. As with the last tip, we suggest getting a few extra hands to help you.

Backyard transformation

This kind of job requires discussion and critical planning ahead of time. However, if your backyard looks like the one on the left, you’re sure to be mesmerized by the beauty of the image on the right. This is the kind of outdoor area we all dream about relaxing in with a good book and a delicious cup of tea. 

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

All those beautiful plants just add to the ambiance, and the more we look at it, the more we wish this was what our backyards looked like. Bring on the DIY project!

Repurpose old chairs

There’s no compelling reason to purchase new seats when a basic update can be achieved by just selecting some lovely fabric and reupholstering the seats. What’s extraordinary with this alternative is that it is pretty easy to do, regardless of whether you attempt it yourself or hire an expert. 

Image courtesy of girlsjustdiy.com

We like remodeling existing dining chairs as it’s easy on the pocket. It’s also possible to transform them regularly, giving a new vibe to an otherwise boring piece of furniture. You could even have every member of the family design their own chair.

Turn an ordinary item into a usable workspace

Here’s another boring dresser that has been given an amazing makeover. Its owner transformed it into a valuable piece of furniture. We like the way that drawers were eliminated to create an open space for the bright bowls. The drawers are perfect for cutlery and all those little odds and ends that seem to collect in the kitchen.

Image courtesy of DIYDork.com

The wheels are an enormous plus, making this a moveable and highly practical workspace that would be an incredible addition to any kitchen.

A dull dresser gets a kitchen makeover

Does your dream kitchen contain a kitchen island but you just don’t have the budget for one? Here’s a thought – you can transform an outdated dresser into an island for the kitchen. A bit of remodeling may be needed, but as you can see in the image below, it will be worth it. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest and dresser51.turkeytrip.info

Eliminating the lower drawers will give you space for larger kitchenware and appliances. Adding railings on the side will give you somewhere to hang dish towels, and repainting the dresser will ensure it matches your kitchen decor.

An affordable way to update your tiles

Peel and stick tiles are budget-friendly and easy to install. No cement or grout is required, and they’re water-safe and simple to clean – all things that are enormous pluses in our eyes

Image courtesy of Diybeautify.com

We looked at a few organizations that offer online consultations, ordering, and delivery and were dazzled by the low cost and the range of colors and patterns. This is definitely an idea to consider if you want to revamp your flooring.

Refreshing the stairs

This sort of work may require an expert, but the before and after photos illustrate how much of a difference it can make. Notice how frayed and dull the steps were. The homeowner made a wise choice covering them with that lush grey carpet. 

Image courtesy of Elzabethtownflooring.com

Depending on the inhabitants of this home and the people walking through, carpet may be desirable over having wooden floors that may be beautiful but that require more maintenance.

Wall panels are a timeless feature

Wall panels add richness and a touch of class to any room. They are normally finished with MDF panel boards that require panel glue to hold them in place. This can be a relatively easy DIY project, but it’s another one that should be done with the help of a few extra pairs of hands.

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

Don’t forget that your outlets will need to be factored into your measurements. This is also an opportunity to ensure that there are no water issues in the walls or the floors.

Don’t waste the space above the kitchen cabinets

So many of us either fail to use the space above our cabinets or fill it with junk and clutter. That said, we propose giving this area some TLC. Looking at the before and after pic, we like the addition of the wooden shelf in a contrasting tone.

Image courtesy of Familyhandyman.com

We also appreciate the idea of turning this space into a proper display area, with a cascading plant and bright dishes that make a statement. This will require regular cleaning, but when it looks like this, we think a bit of extra work is the least we can do.