Over 40 Creative Ways to Repurpose Common Items

We are often advised to view problems or difficulties from a different perspective. Being adaptable is a valuable trait that can help us overcome obstacles, but it can also be utilized in less serious situations. Most of us tend to associate an object with its typical use, but with creativity, anything can be repurposed. Many items were invented by chance or intended for another function. 

The ability to reimagine things and their usage is a skill that many people have developed and applied in their daily lives. If you're seeking inspiration for upcycling, simplifying life, or just appreciating creativity, here are some amusing and innovative ways to use common objects.

Completely New Birdhouse

Beginning this article with what appears to be the most adorable innovation, for those who enjoy tea, if you possess a broken teapot that you cannot bear to discard, you might want to consider transforming it into a birdhouse.

The teapot provides an ideal location for small birds to rest, dry their feathers in the rain, and even build nests to protect their young. Furthermore, it adds a charming and picturesque touch to garden decor.

Before Eating, Floss

Believe it or not, flavorless dental floss can serve as a valuable kitchen utensil for cutting or slicing food, particularly chocolate, without affecting its taste.

This trick also illustrates that using creativity can simplify a task for others. Using floss to cut food is a child-friendly activity that allows kids to assist in the kitchen without risking injury from sharp tools.

Hang Frames Using Soda Can Tabs

This tip will change the way you view soda cans forever. After consuming your beverage, remove the tab and fasten it to a picture frame or painting using a simple screw and drill - no special tools required.

Repurposing soda can tabs is not a novel concept in the DIY realm. The tabs have been transformed into belts, handbags, school projects, keychains, and more. Now, you can include hanging picture frames to the list of possibilities.

Shining Shoes

Most of us have a favorite pair of sneakers that we wear everywhere. Despite lasting for years and being comfortable, they tend to lose their shine over time. To quickly clean them, a household cleaner can be a helpful solution.

The ubiquitous household cleaner, typically employed for polishing counters, sinks, and stoves, has found a new use beyond the kitchen. By applying it to your shoes along with a brush and water, they can be restored to their original, pristine condition.

Bumpers For Beds

Parents are always seeking ways to ensure their babies' safety during nap time. One solution that has gained popularity involves repurposing pool noodles, which can be found in garages, to create a makeshift barrier.

To prevent babies and toddlers from reaching the edge of the bed, placing a pool noodle under the fitted sheet on all sides is an effective solution. The resourcefulness of babies and pool noodles should not be underestimated.

Lego To The Rescue

For many generations, the beloved Lego blocks have been a sensation. Children enjoy creating and destroying simple structures, while adults can admire the impressive and complex building sets. However, as The Lego Movie reminded us, one should not take the latter use too seriously.

Those small, vibrant bricks have applications beyond the playroom. Turning your Lego into a key holder can eliminate the problem of forgetting your keys. This innovative solution is straightforward to assemble and adds a playful touch to functionality.

Plastic Bottles To Seal Plastic Bags

Creativity is crucial in upcycling. Repurposing everyday objects not only benefits us but also the environment. One way to reduce waste and preserve your food is by reusing plastic bottles. Here's an example of how an empty plastic bottle can be utilized.

While it may appear amusing, this approach is undoubtedly useful. Simply cut off the top of any size empty bottle and clean it meticulously. For added sustainability, employ those plastic bags for a genuinely waste-free hack to preserve food.

Tool For Avoiding Finger Injuries

Having a steady hand is crucial when it comes to hammering nails, requiring a firm grip on both the hammer and nail. However, not everyone possesses this ability. With the help of a frequently overlooked object, you need not fear hanging pictures on your wall ever again.

When engaging in household chores or DIY projects, a clothespin can prove to be incredibly helpful. Simply secure the nail with the clothespin, grab a hammer, and start hammering away with ease and safety.

Space Saving Clothesline

This is for people living in small homes or apartments. Rather than bemoaning the lack of space, utilize the backyard or balcony to its maximum potential by shifting your perspective.

While some individuals will always grumble about something, insufficient space to air dry clothes is no longer a concern. This tip highlights that adhering to conventional methods may not always be the most effective approach.

Upcycling Wooden Hangers

Transforming objects into something new can be satisfying, appealing to both environmentalists and house decor enthusiasts. Don't throw away your clothes hangers - regardless of your reason for discarding them.

Add a boho chic touch to your kitchen with upcycled wooden clothes hangers. A dish rack is a must-have in any kitchen, and this person demonstrated that repurposed wooden clothes hangers can make a fantastic kitchen utensil.

Wrapping Gifts With Wrapping Paper

Toilet paper rolls are often the go-to item for upcycling household items. With numerous applications such as school projects, household cleaning, and home office organization, there are countless ways to repurpose toilet paper rolls. One of these is to keep your gift wrapping supplies organized.

Say goodbye to tape that tears and damages wrapping paper; toilet paper rolls are an excellent way to hold wrapping paper securely in place. The rolls keep the paper from unwinding, and you can gather enough tubes to use with all the various types of decorative paper you may have.

Time For A Snack

Many adventurous individuals go on solo road trips. While stopping for food is essential, sitting in the driver's seat can be boring and dreary. Instantly turn your car into a picnic area by utilizing the hood or trunk.

If your car has a spoiler on the back, that's even more ideal. You now have a built-in table and chair. No need to eat inside the car and accidentally drop juice or bread crumbs on the driver's seat anymore.

Tips For Long Lasting Makeup

It can be frustrating when our makeup looks fantastic, but we need to wash our hair before heading out again. One woman, dreading the idea of redoing her makeup, got innovative and discovered a way to keep her eyes looking fabulous while she washed her hair.

To keep your eyelashes and eyeshadow intact while washing your hair, try putting on goggles before stepping into the shower. If you don't have goggles on hand, it's worth investing in a pair since they can be versatile. For instance, you can also wear them when cutting onions!

Coasters Made Of CDs

These charming coasters made from recycled CDs are a must-have. If you're from the golden age of music, you likely still have some CDs lying around your home. If you're hesitant to throw them out, you can give them a makeover by using self-adhesive colorful plastic sheeting.

CD coasters provide a new look to your table, and the best part is that you can customize them to your liking. If you don't want to cover the CD artwork, use clear tape to create a water-resistant seal.

Saver Of Bagels

A bagel with avocado and eggs, or salmon and cream cheese is the perfect food. It’s easy to prepare, filling, and inexpensive. But how do you store or transport that perfectly stacked bagel? Why, with a custom bagel holder of course!

After making coasters with your old CDs, you can repurpose the CD holder into a container that's the perfect size for one delicious bagel. It may seem silly to pack your lunch this way, but it's worthwhile to enjoy a perfect bagel come lunchtime.

Match Of Extra Length

Occasionally, after a tough day at work, all we crave is lighting up a fragrant candle and taking a soothing, warm bath. However, the experience can quickly be spoiled if we burn our fingertips while attempting to light the candle.

Utilizing a small piece of uncooked spaghetti can protect your fingers, especially when attempting to use the last bit of your beloved candle. It's the kind of solution that, once discovered, makes us wonder why we hadn't thought of it earlier.

Container For Condiments To Accompany Pancakes Perfectly

Even if we've gone through our daily routines multiple times, they can still be quite chaotic. However, with a little bit of innovation, we can gain some much-needed control over the madness. Even messy foods like pancakes can be easy to handle and consume, even when we're in a hurry.

By using a condiment container to dispense pancake batter, you can prevent spills and easily create fun pancake shapes. This simple and practical idea makes breakfast a breeze.

Keep Your Cellphone Charger Safe

In today's world, technology is prone to breaking easily, and so we seek ways to safeguard our devices and accessories. It is not only sensible but also safe to protect our phone chargers. Exposed wires can result in a potential disaster.

To keep your phone charger in good condition, you need to ensure its flexibility since the cable is frequently bent. Using a spring from a pen is a brilliant solution to preserve it. However, when working with the spring, it's essential to be patient.

Candles Encased In Bottle Caps

Not only is this hack useful, it also presents a promising business opportunity. When our favorite scented candle burns out and turns into a mound of wax, it can be disappointing, but that wax can still have value if we are open to possibilities.

Insert a wick into an empty bottle cap, pour in melted wax, and you have instant tea lights. Tin bottle caps filled with scented candles are a simple and attractive decor idea that supports sustainable efforts.

Enjoy Every Last Spoonful Of Nutella

For many people, Nutella is an essential breakfast or brunch item that complements a variety of foods. If you're a devoted Nutella enthusiast, you've likely experienced difficulty in extracting that final spoonful from the jar.

When purchasing a fresh jar of Nutella prior to finishing the last one, consider buying ice cream as well. Adding a scoop of ice cream makes for an excellent dessert and allows you to savor every bit of the tasty spread.

Incorporating The Straw Into The Strawberry

Removing strawberry stems by cutting off the top in the traditional way can be tricky and may result in accidentally cutting your fingers. Replace your knife with a plastic straw as it is a great alternative for removing strawberry stems.

Using a metal straw is also a viable alternative. This simple trick can protect your fingers when adding strawberries to your morning smoothie or creating a fruit platter. Similar to using floss, this kitchen hack is an activity in which kids can participate.

Persist In Finding Lost Earrings.

To successfully find small objects, you require a vacuum cleaner, a stocking, and persistent determination. Small items seem to sprout legs when dropped on the floor, as they never remain in their original location.

This hack is effective for locating various lost items such as earrings backs, coins, pendants, rings, needles, and more. It ensures that you will not lose these small items on your floor or in the depths of your drawers. If you lack stockings, this trick is affordable and accessible to everyone.

Protect Your Suede

Do not discard your soiled suede jacket or bag yet. On your next shopping trip, visit the stationery aisle to locate an item that can significantly enhance your wardrobe. Alternatively, you may already possess this tool at home.

Rather than subjecting your suede item to a stain or attempting to cleanse it with soap, consider using an eraser. A typical school eraser is an excellent aid to have when cleaning your suede piece.

Decorative Food Strainer

Sometimes, it can be challenging to utilize the space in our homes, particularly when it comes to decorating empty walls. If we don't have enough photos to hang up, lighting up the walls stylishly could be a solution to this decorating challenge.

This clever idea merges a vibrant and cheerful design with a serene aesthetic. Using food strainers as lampshades can create a cozy and colorful atmosphere in your backyard. The rustic design is ideal for cabins or apartments and will complement the kitchen area perfectly.

The Return Of The Clothespin

Some household items possess a wealth of possibilities that we may not be aware of. Clothespins, for instance, are not solely meant for hanging clothes. They can also act as a savior for our fingers, and now, as we have learned, they can assist us with our dental hygiene as well.

If you are lacking a cup to hold your toothbrush, you can utilize a clothespin instead. In fact, it would be prudent to pack at least one on your next journey. You never know if your lodging will have a secure spot to store your toothbrush.

Securing Personal Belongings When At The Beach

Visiting the beach alone can occasionally be a hassle. It can be nerve-wracking to leave our personal belongings unattended on the sand, but we cannot simply depart without our phone or house keys. However, with this clever trick, you can resolve this summertime predicament in a matter of minutes.

Head to your bathroom and retrieve an unused sunscreen container. With some creative do-it-yourself skills, you can transform it into a covert wallet to store your phone, keys, and money while at the beach. Alternatively, if you don't feel confident in your crafting abilities, you can purchase a pre-made version online.

Popsicle Drip Catcher

No summertime is truly fulfilled without indulging in popsicles at least once. However, they can be frustrating to deal with as they tend to melt quickly and leave you with sticky fingers. So, here's a handy trick for all the popsicle enthusiasts or parents who are tired of cleaning up sticky messes.

Not only is this easy and enjoyable trick affordable, but it also adds an element of amusement to your favorite summertime indulgence. Cupcake liners are an ideal size and shape to intercept melting popsicle drips. They come in various designs, making it easy to add some extra fun to the mix.

Enhance Your Salad Presentation With A Vegetable Peeler

When it comes to food, who doesn't appreciate an aesthetically pleasing dish? It's not just about fancy plates worthy of Instagram; even the way you cut your food can make a significant difference. Specifically, salads can be taken to the next level when the ingredients are sliced properly.

A vegetable peeler is a safer, quicker, and more efficient tool than a knife for slicing onions, potatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables. Moreover, it provides you with smoother and more uniform slices of any food you're cutting. So, give this technique a try, and you'll discover endless possibilities for its use.

Say Goodbye To Wrinkled Collars

Ironing a shirt can be a difficult task, especially if you're in a hurry. It can be frustrating to spot creases in the mirror after you've already ironed it. However, there's a quick hack that can save you time: you don't even need to take off your shirt to fix it!

Save time with this useful hack. If you need to quickly fix your crumpled shirt collar, a hair straightener is a handy tool to have. This versatile trick is particularly useful when you're on the go or running late for a meeting.

What A Match Ice Cream And Marshmallows

While ice cream cones are delightful, discovering broken bottoms when pulling them out from the stack can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue, and you can now relish your ice cream cone without any interruptions from melted ice cream. This helpful tip is certain to give you a sugary high.

Placing marshmallows at the bottom of the cone can effectively prevent the melted ice cream from dripping all over you, making it both practical and delectable. As an added bonus, once you've finished your ice cream, you can savor the extra sweet and gooey marshmallow.

Softener For Brown Sugar

Undeniably, marshmallows are synonymous with versatility. They not only prevent your clothes from getting covered in ice cream but also come to the rescue of your sugar. Brown sugar has a tendency to solidify when exposed to moisture.

Although this trick is not widely known, the explanation for why it works is simple. Marshmallows are made up of sugar, water, and gelatin, and these components help to moisturize the sugar, particularly if both ingredients are stored in a container that is airtight.

Giving New Purpose To Toilet Paper Tubes

The concept of sustainability is gaining global momentum, resulting in people seeking innovative ways to repurpose household waste. While scientists and startups are significant contributors to this endeavor, simple do-it-yourself solutions are equally crucial. Consequently, we once again look to our ally, the humble toilet paper roll, for inspiration.

Don't dispose of your toilet paper rolls just yet. There are alternative ways to reuse them besides using them as wrapping paper holders. Repurposing them as a smartphone holder or a speaker is an economical and convenient way to provide a new lease of life to the toilet paper roll.

Using Hairspray To Thread A Needle

There are numerous tutorials available on the internet to guide you on how to thread a needle. While some methods may be more effective than others, one particular trick stands out as absolutely fantastic. Regardless of how small or slender the needle may be, this hack enables you to effortlessly accomplish the task.

Folks who have hairspray in their homes are likely familiar with its ability to effectively tame unruly strands of hair. Similarly, loose threads can also pose a challenge, albeit on a smaller level. Fortunately, a quick spritz of hairspray can be just the ticket for keeping those fly-aways which in this case refer to fraying threads firmly in check.

Email Versus Snail Mail

The rapid pace of the digital era can make it difficult to keep pace with the latest advancements. Technological devices and systems can quickly become outdated, leaving us with unused gadgets gathering dust. Despite this, it appears that traditional paper mail will remain relevant for the foreseeable future.

To add a touch of irony, you can blend both modern and traditional methods of communication. By transforming a faulty CPU into a mailbox, you can seamlessly merge the concepts of "snail mail" and the digital age, while also adding a charming and whimsical element to your garden or yard.

Barbecue Party With Doritos

No longer will you need to worry about running low on fuel to ignite your campfire, barbecue, or fireplace. With a bag of Doritos at your disposal, starting a fire has never been easier. Despite the temptation to devour all the chips prior to the gathering, it is advisable to set aside a bag as a backup plan.

Surprisingly, Doritos are highly flammable, much like many other types of chips. Once ignited, the flames can persist for a considerable period, which makes them ideal for igniting your barbecue grill. The key advantage of using Doritos for this purpose is that they have a slow-burning property, ensuring that the fire endures long enough to get your grill going.

Taco Tuesdays Made Easy

If hearing people talk about Doritos has made you hungry, here's another useful tip for making Mexican-inspired dishes. Invite your friends over for a taco night and impress them with this handy filling technique: use a kitchen fork as a taco holder to make filling them a breeze.

By holding one side of the taco shell upright, the fork allows for easy filling without any worries of your tacos tipping over and spilling out. This trick is sure to add some extra enjoyment to your taco nights.

Give A New Purpose To Tools That Are Not Being Used

Tools, no matter how durable, eventually reach the end of their useful lifespan. Even metal can wear down over time, making these tools more difficult or hazardous to use. However, as with anything else, this doesn't necessarily mean that these worn-out pieces of equipment are completely worthless and destined for the trash.

When used correctly, wrenches are useful for stabilizing and securing things in place. Even old wrenches can still serve a purpose, albeit in a different capacity. With a bit of metalworking, you can repurpose old wrenches into coat hangers. This way, instead of keeping bolts in place, you can safely hang your jacket and bag on the wall.

Swing Made From A Skateboard

For all you adventurous spirits out there, this tip is for you. If you have a beloved sport, you may understand the struggle of parting with old equipment. However, allowing your sentimental pieces to gather dust in your garage seems like a missed opportunity.

You can still put old skateboards to use outdoors with this simple hack. You don't need any fancy tools - just an old skateboard, some rope, and a sturdy tree. It's important to ensure that the skateboard is still in good condition to avoid any potential injuries.

Perfectly Toasted Sandwich

Toasting your bread can elevate a sandwich to the perfect meal, but achieving the ideal level of toasting can be a challenge. If the bread is too crispy, it may be difficult to keep the condiments in place. Nonetheless, sandwiches remain a top-tier food option.

To ensure that you achieve the perfect level of toasting and retain the bread's fluffy and soft texture, it is essential to check that both toaster slots can safely accommodate two slices of bread. This straightforward step will enable you to make delicious sandwiches with ease.

Storage Solution For Hair Straighteners

These cooking utensils serve a purpose beyond protecting your hands while preparing meals. Because they're heat-resistant, oven mitts can be an ideal storage option for hair straighteners. This tip, like several others on this list, is both cost-effective and simple to implement.

In addition to safeguarding your hands, this will also help protect your countertops. Some hair straighteners do not include protective covers to prevent mishaps. Therefore, purchasing an additional set of oven mitts or potholders can be an innovative remedy.

Effortlessly Untie Plastic Bags

Even though we make efforts to decrease our usage of plastic bags, they can still be found in our homes at times. In such situations, it is desirable to use them as much as possible. To achieve this, one approach is to untie them instead of tearing them open, thereby preserving their integrity for further use.

By twisting the plastic bag to untie stubborn knots, you can experience the simplicity that life has to offer. No longer will you have to rip the plastic bags apart due to impatience when untying them. This straightforward technique is all you need to make it happen. You can express your gratitude to us later.

Elegantly Designed Mosaic Tables

Simply by looking at the image on the right, it would be difficult to discern that the tabletop is constructed from CDs. However, that is precisely the case. With the prevalence of flash drives and other practical storage solutions, CDs are now seldom used in our homes and workplaces.

In order to create a similar mosaic table, you will require scissors, glue (preferably super glue), and old CDs. Begin by separating the two layers of the disc and cutting the shiny side into small pieces. To guarantee a flawless arrangement with no gaps, it is best to start from the center and work outward when attaching the pieces.