40+ UK Dishes That Make Tourists Scrunch Their Noses in Disbelief

When discussing the world's most popular or influential cuisines, Thai, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Moroccan are often mentioned, while British cuisine is typically omitted. Although it may not be held in as high regard or as widely enjoyed as the aforementioned cultures, it certainly has its own merits.

Nonetheless, there are also dishes in British cuisine that are viewed as peculiar or even repulsive by individuals from other regions. For instance, a sandwich made with potato chips or an excessive amount of jam. Or how about putting spaghetti on toast? Stay tuned to discover which British foods are considered normal by locals but bizarre by the rest of the world.

Combining Custard Cream With Tea As An Accompaniment

Tea is an essential part of British culture, and they cannot imagine life without tea breaks. However, tea is incomplete without a range of English biscuits, with one of the most favored options being custard cream.

Custard cream refers to a type of biscuit that consists of two layers with a creamy, vanilla-flavored custard filling in between. Apart from its delectable taste, these biscuits are available in various intricate designs that date back to the Victorian era.

Laverbread Toast: Absolute Essential

Laverbread holds the same significance for Wales as Vegemite does for Australia. While Vegemite is a widely recognized thick, dark brown spread in Australia, it is not well-liked by individuals who are not from the Land Down Under.

Laverbread, however, derives its name from the primary component - an edible seaweed commonly called laver. While it may not appear as appetizing as a toast spread to individuals outside of Wales, it holds a significant position in Welsh cuisine. In any case, we must acknowledge that we have no intention of relocating to Wales. Apologies!

Would Anyone Like Some Mushy Peas?

What’s the appeal of mushy foods? You must be asking the same question as most people who don’t enjoy consuming mushy peas. Anything mushy doesn’t appeal to most people’s palate. Aside from being mushy, it’s also bright green — another thing some tend to avoid.

Mushy peas are commonly found in UK grocery stores in canned form. They are traditionally served alongside fish and chips, although they can be consumed with other British dishes as well. In contrast to numerous other items on this list, it is feasible to prepare mushy peas at home even if you do not reside in the UK.

Numerous Servings Of Beans

Baked beans on supermarket shelves may not receive much attention from the majority of individuals, but it is a prevalent and essential food item in the UK. Britons cannot imagine their diet without baked beans, which are typically sold in cans containing sweet tomato sauce.

Most British people prefer to serve their baked beans on hot, buttered toast, although they can be consumed at any time of the day. Surprisingly, some Brits even include them in baked potatoes. What might be considered strange by some is regarded as a heavenly combination by others.

Yorkshire Puddings A Dish For Any Time And Place

Yorkshire pudding is a baked dish prepared with a batter made from eggs, flour, and milk or water. It is a versatile food that can be paired with any meal. If served as a starter, it is commonly accompanied by onion gravy.

For individuals from the US, the term pudding typically denotes a sweet dessert made with milk or fruit juice that has been thickened using ingredients such as cornstarch, eggs, tapioca, or other components. This definition of pudding differs significantly from the dish referred to as Yorkshire pudding.

Time For Chips With Curry Sauce?

In the UK, chips refer to what are known as French fries in the United States. For the purpose of discussing British cuisine, we will use their terminology going forward. Unlike many individuals worldwide who prefer to have their chips with ketchup, Brits have a distinct preference.

Certain regions in the UK have a penchant for ordering their chips smothered in curry sauce. That's right, you read it correctly. It is a common late-night snack in the country, whether it is prepared at home or ordered at a restaurant. As for its taste, we cannot say since we have not had the opportunity to sample it yet.

Vimto With Snack, Anyone?

If you inquire with any British individual, they are likely to confirm that they have tasted a can of Vimto at least once in their lifetime. Vimto is a carbonated beverage that is produced using grapes, blackcurrants, and raspberries. However, it is incredibly sweet and is not recommended for individuals who have diabetes.

Vimto is available in both bottles and cans, and it has even been transformed into a candy. It is a favorite beverage of both adults and children. However, in our estimation, due to its high sugar content, it is not advisable for children to consume.

Cheese Sandwiches With Branston Pickles

A survey has revealed that over 40% of Americans prefer to consume pickles on sandwiches or burgers. The second most popular method of consumption in the US is straight from the jar. Hence, incorporating pickles into cheese sandwiches is not a custom exclusively associated with the UK.

Nevertheless, Britons have a preference for Branston pickles, a brand that was established in 1922 in a village of the same name in England. They relish pairing the pickles with robust cheddar cheese and consuming them as a sandwich. Branston pickles are available in several varieties to cater to differing tastes.

Next On The List: Marmite

Having previously mentioned Vegemite and Laverbread, another item that falls under the category of the world's most unappealing sandwiches is Marmite. Despite being created by a German scientist, Marmite is a British food spread. It is manufactured by Unilever and is produced using by-products of beer brewing.

To most Britons, Marmite is a savior when they are famished and in desperate need of a quick sandwich. However, if you are willing to give it a try, make sure you spread only a small quantity of it on your toast, as it has an intense flavor.

Birthdays Call For Colin The Caterpillar Cake

Can you envision yourself receiving a cake shaped like a caterpillar at your birthday celebration? If you are having trouble visualizing it, just take a look at the photograph below. That is Colin the Caterpillar, a product of the British grocery chain Marks & Spencer.

Colin the Caterpillar is a chocolate sponge roll cake that is coated with chocolate buttercream and adorned with chocolate shells. However, we believe that receiving such a cake might be considered a bit strange if you are in your forties. Although children might adore it, most adults would not find it to be appealing.

Red Leicester Cheese: Indispensable In British Cuisine

The process for producing Red Leicester cheese is akin to that of cheddar cheese. Britons relish using it as a topping for their sandwiches, toast, and pies. It is red-orange in hue and rivals cheddar cheese in terms of popularity, albeit having a more granular consistency.

Red Leicester cheese, a conventional hard cheese, is made from raw cow's milk and is occasionally utilized as a stuffing for baked potatoes. While most people worldwide may be unfamiliar with it, if you have visited the UK, the chances are high that you have already sampled it.

British Cuisine's Holy Trinity: Three Key Components

Lasagna, although an Italian dish, is prevalent worldwide, including in the UK. It is a staple offering in schools, restaurants, and eateries. Although the version prepared in the UK may not be entirely authentic, Britons still adore it.

Britons have a particular fondness for consuming lasagna with chips and garlic bread. While some individuals may believe that it contains an excessive amount of carbohydrates, the British disregard such opinions. For them, this combination is filling, exhilarating, and satiates their appetite, providing them with abundant energy for the ensuing hours.

Spaghetti On Toast: Is It Bizarre Or Delicious?

As is commonly known, spaghetti is a lengthy, slender, cylindrical pasta that is a basic ingredient in Italian cuisine. Like other types of pasta, it is created from water and wheat flour. However, the type of spaghetti that Britons favor on their toast differs.

Their preference is for tinned spaghetti hoops, which have a texture and appearance akin to that of beans, another popular item on their toast. Do you notice a pattern, folks? It's fascinating to note that tinned spaghetti is available in a variety of shapes, including alphabet shapes.

Jelly And Ice Cream: Is This A Strange Combination Or A Delightful Treat?

Have you ever sampled ice cream with jelly? We have not, since it does not seem like an appealing combination. Nonetheless, it is a much-liked treat in the UK. Typically served at children’s parties, the jelly that accompanies ice cream is a jelly-like substance, similar to Jell-O.

This colorful bowl of sweetness has become a customary dessert in England. Therefore, if you ever attend a children's party in the UK, be certain to sample this dessert. Do not fret about your age; you will relish it just as much as the kids.

Viennetta Ice Cream: Is Anyone Tasted It Yet?

Viennetta ice cream is composed of reconstituted skimmed milk, water, sugar, glucose-free syrup, coconut oil, fat-reduced cocoa powder, and various other ingredients. Breyers first introduced it in North America during the 1980s. However, its history in the UK dates back even further.

For decades, families in the UK have been relishing this dessert. They would assemble around it and break the chocolate topping, then cut the ice cream into slices. It can be found in the frozen section of any UK grocery store.

Who Wants To Try Prawn Cocktail Chips?

Potato chips, or crisps as they are called in the UK, are a beloved snack in the country. To cater to the local taste buds, manufacturers in the UK have come up with a diverse range of flavors. One of the most unusual flavors for non-British people but adored by the locals is prawn cocktail.

Surely, trying the prawn cocktail crisps made by Walkers is an easy thing to do when visiting the UK. It was a very popular dish back in the 1970s and is still one of the favorites today. Brits love crisps, and as such, the country has come up with various flavors, including the prawn cocktail, which may be weird for foreigners, but a delicacy for the locals.

Boiled Eggs And The Soldiers

Eggs are universally adored for their versatility and convenience in cooking. With a multitude of preparation methods available, eggs can be enjoyed in countless ways without requiring extensive cook time. It's no wonder that eggs are a beloved staple in cuisines across the globe, enjoyed and appreciated by people of all cultures and backgrounds.

Dippy eggs and soldiers, also known as soldiers in boiled eggs, are a beloved dish in the UK. Despite the name, the soldiers are not actual military personnel, but rather thin slices of toast that are commonly used for dipping into soft-boiled eggs. While this dish may not appeal to everyone's taste buds, it is a quintessential British culinary experience that many visitors to the UK enjoy trying as part of the local cuisine.

Would Anyone Be Interested In Having A Chip Butty?

If you're wondering what a chip butty is, you're not alone. It's essentially a sandwich made with chips (french fries) and bread, which is a variation of the popular fish and chips dish. While it may have an unusual name, the chip butty can be a satisfying alternative if you don't feel like having a full serving of cod.

The chip butty is a simple yet delicious sandwich made by stuffing hot fries into a buttered bread roll. For best results, the fries should be freshly fried and generously seasoned with vinegar and salt. Have you ever tried this classic British dish? If not, you may be curious about what it tastes like. And if you have tried it, what did you think of the flavor?

Sandwich Made With Fish Fingers

When you come home late at night and don't feel like cooking dinner, do you often resort to visiting a fast food chain? Or do you prefer to keep some easy-to-prepare items in your freezer for such occasions?

If you're looking for a quick and easy meal, you might want to consider trying Bird's Eye fish fingers. Simply place the fish fingers between two slices of white bread, like a sandwich, and add ketchup, mayo, or any other condiment of your choice to enhance the flavor. It's a simple yet satisfying dish that's perfect for those who are short on time or don't feel like putting in a lot of effort in the kitchen.

Dinner With Dinosaurs

Our next meal entry is arguably the easiest school-night dinner to prepare, and it comes in frozen form. While many parents aspire to prepare elaborate meals made from fresh, organic, and locally sourced ingredients, this can be difficult, if not impossible, especially for working parents. Frozen meals offer a convenient and practical solution for busy households.

Preparing potato smiley faces is quick and simple, and their fun appearance is sure to entice children to dig in. However, it's important to balance their meal with a good source of protein, such as turkey dinosaurs. After all, who wouldn't be excited to have a serving of dinosaurs for dinner?

Does Anyone Like To Have Crisps In Your Sandwich?

Crisps, or chips as they're known in the US, are a universally beloved snack that people often turn to during work breaks or while enjoying their favorite shows. While they may not be the healthiest option, the delicious taste of crisps is hard to resist.

One interesting quirk of British cuisine is the tendency to put crisps between two slices of bread, creating a unique sandwich. To achieve the best flavor, some even recommend using white bread with cheese and onion crisps. It may sound unconventional, but the combination of crunchy crisps and soft bread can be surprisingly satisfying.

Eating Leftover Bits Is Something They Enjoy

To clarify, when we say they like to eat scraps, we're not referring to inedible waste, but rather to the small bits of leftover batter that the British seem to enjoy. These bits are the remnants of the batter used to fry fish, sausage, or other foods in deep-fryers. Rather than being thrown away, the scraps are given to customers at no extra cost, and many Brits have developed a fondness for them.

Scraps and chips with gravy is a popular dish throughout the UK. These scraps are referred to by different names depending on the region. In Northern England, they may be called dubs or bits, while in the western part of the country, they are known as gribbles. Despite the different names, they all refer to the same tasty bits of leftover batter that have become a beloved addition to many classic British dishes.

Soda With Jam And Butter, Anyone Interested?

What makes the UK a fascinating country is its diversity, which is a result of its composition of four distinct nations - England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. This diversity is reflected in various aspects, including the cuisine, preferences, and culture of the people. The unique blend of these differences creates a rich and vibrant society that makes the UK an interesting place to visit and explore.

If you've had the opportunity to visit Northern Ireland, you may have encountered soda farls and filled sodas, which are popular regional dishes. Soda farls are made from a mixture of flour, buttermilk, salt, and baking soda, and once baked, they are typically filled with bacon, fried egg, and sausage. The combination of the soft and fluffy bread with the savory fillings makes for a hearty and satisfying meal that's sure to please any hungry appetite.

Chips With Gravy Is A Dish That's Familiar To Most People

While some of the British culinary customs may be unfamiliar to outsiders, there are a few that have gained global recognition. For instance, chips and gravy is a classic British dish that is popular not just in the UK, but also in other parts of the world. Many people have either heard of it, tried it, or even have their own version of this tasty and filling comfort food.

The gravy that Brits use for their chips is typically lighter in consistency compared to the thicker, heavier gravy found in Chinese takeaways. However, both types of gravy are equally acceptable to us, and we would happily enjoy either with our chips. Whether you prefer a lighter or heavier gravy, it's clear that this beloved British dish is a comfort food favorite for many.

There Is Uniqueness To British Desserts

There's no doubt about it - the British have a strong affinity for ice cream, and it features prominently in their desserts. One classic and highly popular British dessert is crumble served with custard and ice cream. This dish can be made either sweet or savory, but it's typically enjoyed as a sweet treat.

Crumble toppings didn't become widely popular until after the Second World War. This type of topping is typically made with a combination of sugar, butter, flour, and sometimes nuts and oats, and was seen as a more affordable alternative to traditional pastries. Today, some of the most beloved crumble flavors include apple, blackberry, and plum.

Would Anyone Like A Corned Beef Sandwich?

Corned beef, which is made from beef brisket, is derived from a cut of beef that is naturally tough and requires cooking at a low temperature with moisture to achieve the desired tenderness. When prepared correctly through slow and careful cooking, the result is a flavorful and tender meat that is a favorite of many.

In the UK, "corned beef" refers to a different product than the traditional cut of beef found in other countries. UK-style corned beef is typically made of minced meat and gelatin, and it is commonly enjoyed in sandwich form. In fact, the British even have their own name for this type of corned beef - "bully beef". Despite the difference in name and preparation, corned beef remains a popular food item in the UK and is a favorite of many.

Who Is Heinz?

Although tomato ketchup, especially Heinz brand, is popular worldwide, the British have their own preference. In the UK, the sauce brand HP dominates the market, and is colloquially referred to as the "brown sauce". This savory and tangy sauce is a popular condiment in British cuisine and is often used as a complement to breakfast items such as bacon and eggs or added to meat dishes. While Heinz may be the king of ketchup globally, the British have a unique love for their own HP sauce.

The origin of HP sauce's name can be traced back to the UK's House of Parliament, hence the name "HP". This condiment has been a staple in British cuisine for many years. Made with a tomato base and vinegar, HP sauce is a versatile condiment that is used in various ways, including as a spread for sandwiches and as a topping for shepherd's pie. Whether you prefer it

Would Anyone Like Lea And Perrins Sauce On Their Toast?

Lea and Perrins is a sauce that has been a beloved culinary staple for many years. The sauce was invented in 1835 by chemists from Worcester, and it has since become a popular condiment and marinade in British cuisine. Whether used as a dip or a marinade, Lea and Perrins' distinctive tangy and savory flavor adds a unique taste to many dishes.

Believe it or not, the British also enjoy Lea and Perrins sauce on their toast. A typical preparation involves grilling strong British cheddar, placing it on toasted bread, and adding a dash of Lea and Perrins Worcester sauce for an extra burst of flavor. While this unconventional combination may seem unusual, it's a beloved dish in the UK and is definitely worth a try.

A Serving Of Curry With A Side Of Carbohydrates

Indian cuisine is renowned for its bold and complex flavors, and it is beloved by many around the globe. In the UK, the love for Indian cuisine is especially strong, and this is due in part to India's history as a former British colony. Among the many dishes in Indian cuisine, curry is one of the most popular and widely recognized. With its rich blend of spices and hearty ingredients, curry is a satisfying and flavorful meal that is enjoyed by many in the UK and beyond.

Brits love their curry with carbs, and it is normal over there to order curry with a massive amount of carbs in the form of rice and chips. If you want to sound British when ordering, just tell them you want a half and half.

Iced Buns Are Typically Not Stored In The Freezer

The term "iced" often brings to mind something cold or frozen that has been stored in the freezer, but this is not the case when it comes to iced buns in the UK. In the UK, an iced bun refers to a type of bread roll that is similar in shape to a hot dog bun and has a layer of white icing on top. Despite its name, this treat is typically served at room temperature or slightly warm, making it a delicious and comforting snack or dessert.

While the idea of an iced bun may seem unusual to some, it is a beloved treat among people of all ages in the UK. Some even enjoy adding butter to their iced buns for an extra layer of flavor. For those who want to enjoy this treat without breaking the bank, a tip is to purchase pre-packaged iced buns from the grocery store. With their soft texture and sweet icing, iced buns are a classic British snack that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Name Alone Makes People Cautious

Many of the world's most unique and often controversial foods, such as balut from the Philippines, Hakarl or fermented shark from Iceland, fugu from Japan, and fried tarantulas from Southeast Asia, are often described as strange or even unappetizing. However, the UK also has a few unique food items that some people may be hesitant to try. One such dish is Haggis, a savory pudding made from sheep's offal, onions, oatmeal, and spices. While the name may be off-putting to some, Haggis is a beloved Scottish dish with a rich and hearty flavor that is sure to satisfy even the most adventurous eaters.

Haggis, a savory pudding made from sheep offal, is a staple in Scottish cuisine and is considered the country's national dish. For those who find themselves in Scotland, trying Haggis is a must. It is traditionally served with mashed swede and potatoes, also known as "neeps and tatties," which provide a hearty and satisfying accompaniment to the rich and flavorful Haggis. While the thought of eating sheep offal may be intimidating to some, Haggis is a beloved and iconic dish that is sure to please any adventurous foodie.

Ever Tasted Butter Pie?

Contrary to what its name might suggest, butter pie is actually a savory pie that is popular in the northwestern part of England, particularly in Lancashire. The pie is made with onions and potatoes, and is commonly sold in corner shops, sandwich shops, and chip shops throughout the region. While the name "butter pie" may be confusing to some, this hearty and satisfying dish is a beloved part of the local culinary tradition in Lancashire.

The specific ingredients used in butter pies can vary depending on the region, with some variations incorporating different types of meat or vegetables. The dish has its roots in the Catholic custom of abstaining from meat on Fridays, and was originally made as an alternative to fish-based dishes. While the idea of a pie filled with onions and potatoes may not immediately sound appealing, it has become a beloved comfort food for many in the UK, and is a testament to the versatility and ingenuity of British cuisine.

Anyone For Toad Feast?

The British have a seemingly endless array of food quirks that might be considered unusual in other parts of the world. One such example is the dish known as "Toad in the Hole." Despite its name, it has nothing to do with actual toads, but rather is made by placing sausages in a tray of Yorkshire pudding batter, which is then baked in the oven. This unique and hearty dish is a popular comfort food in the UK, and is enjoyed by many for its rich and savory flavors.

After cooking, the Yorkshire pudding batter rises up around the sausages, creating a unique and satisfying dish. Toad in the Hole is often served with vegetables and onion gravy, which complement the rich and savory flavors of the sausages and batter. This dish has a long history in the UK, and was originally created as a way to preserve meats in the days before refrigeration was available. Despite its humble origins, Toad in the Hole has endured as a beloved comfort food, and is enjoyed by many to this day.

Potato Bread Is Always In Stock They Never Run Out

Potatoes are a staple food in the UK, much like rice is in many Asian countries, and as a result, potato-based breads are a popular part of the country's cuisine. There are several different types of potato bread that are enjoyed across the country, including potato cakes, tattie scones, boxty, and potato farls. These breads may be unfamiliar to people from other parts of the world, but they are a beloved and integral part of the UK's food culture.

Today, potato bread remains a popular and much-loved food in the UK. It is a food that many people associate with home, and it can bring back memories of good times and places that have long since passed. For many, potato bread provides a sense of warmth and comfort that is hard to find in other foods.

This Is What A Breakfast Ought To Resemble

Many consider breakfast as the most crucial meal of the day since it provides the energy needed for commuting, working, and getting through the rest of the day. Some even suggest that the meals throughout the day should form an inverted pyramid, with breakfast being the largest and most substantial meal.

Breakfast is widely considered the most important meal of the day as it provides the energy needed for commuting, work, and other activities. Some suggest a diet with meals resembling an inverted pyramid, where breakfast is the most substantial and dinner the lightest. If that's the case, then the UK's "full English" breakfast is a treat for the taste buds as it includes bacon, eggs, sausage, chips, and beans. No complaints there!

Who Desires Crumpets With Ample Butter?

Crumpets are a beloved bread in the UK and are made from a batter, rather than dough. They are cooked on a griddle or in a special pan with circular depressions, giving them their signature shape. Once toasted, they are typically served with a generous amount of butter, melting into the soft and fluffy holes on the surface.

The English have a way of enjoying their crumpets which involves popping them into a toaster and adding a generous amount of butter on top. We personally love this, so we have no complaints about it. It's a dish that we could eat any day!

In A Rush? Grab A Sausage Roll To Go

From what we've seen so far on this list, it's clear that the Brits are fond of sausages. One of the most popular grab-and-go foods in the country is the sausage roll, which is a versatile meal that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to sit down for a meal, a sausage roll is the perfect choice. It’s a popular takeaway food in the UK that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s filling, affordable, and convenient, making it a go-to option for many. And the best part? You can easily grab one from a shop and have it heated up for you.

Would Anyone Like To Have Some Rarebits?

Moving onto our next strange food on the list, let's give some recognition to Wales. They have their own version of cheese toast, which we consider a champion. Allow us to introduce you to the Welsh rarebit - and yes, it's not rabbit!

Let's give a shoutout to Wales with their version of cheese toast, the Welsh rarebit, which is a winner in our book. This dish dates back to the 18th century and consists of a sauce made with mustard, Worcester sauce, paprika or cayenne pepper, poured over a grilled slice of toast. Welsh rarebit is usually served with bacon and fried egg, which we're totally on board with since we love bacon.

An Excessively Indulgent Roast Dinner

I apologize, but the given paragraph seems incomplete and unclear. Can you please provide additional information or clarify the context of the paragraph so I can rewrite it accurately?

In the UK, it is a customary practice for families to have either Sunday lunch or roast dinner. It is a perfect chance for them to reconnect with each other while indulging in delicious food. When they go out to eat, they need to bring a big appetite because the roast dinner is typically a large plate consisting of roasted meat (chicken, beef, or pork), various types of potatoes, and vegetables that are also roasted, with carrots and cabbage being the most common. And let's not forget the gravy.

Toasties That Are Sealed

Sandwiches are popular all over the world because they are easy to prepare, cost-effective, and delicious. The French enjoy croque monsieurs, while Americans love their grilled cheese sandwiches. In the UK, sealed cheese toasties are a staple.

Toastie machines are used to make sealed cheese toasties in the UK. This results in sandwiches with sealed edges and piping hot fillings that can burn your tongue. The bread is buttered on both sides before toasting, making them sizzle as they cook.

Bacon Is Beloved By All

Despite being off the menu for vegans and vegetarians, bacon remains a staple in many people's diets. A thin slice of pork meat is always a good idea, whether on its own or paired with eggs, chips, or bread.

Although it may not sound appealing to vegans and vegetarians, bacon remains a common food item in many people's diets. Whether it is eaten on its own, with eggs, or paired with various carbohydrates such as chips or bread, a thin slice of pork meat is a favorite among many.

In the UK, bacon butty or bacon sandwich, as it is commonly known, is typically made with regular white bread or a soft white roll. While some people prefer to eat it with ketchup, others opt for the HP brown sauce. In any case, bacon butty remains a popular choice.

Coat Everything In Batter

It's not hard to tell that Brits have a thing for batter. We've already mentioned scraps, but there's another classic British dish that involves batter, fish, and chips. Fish and chips are so beloved in the UK that the government even protected the supply of fish during times of war.

Batter seems to be a favorite in the UK, as we've already seen with scraps and now with fish and chips. This dish is so beloved in the country that it was even protected by the government during wartime. The traditional batter is made with flour, vinegar, and water, and is used to coat fish before frying. However, the love for batter doesn't stop there as it can be found on other foods such as Mars Bars and sausages, both of which are coated in batter and fried.

Clotted Cream Is The Ultimate Champion

Having tried the Turkish version of clotted cream with honey, known as kaymak, we relish any chance to indulge in clotted cream. If we ever find ourselves in the UK, we'll definitely try it.

Clotted cream is a favorite of those who love rich and indulgent foods, and it’s no different in the UK. If you find yourself in the country, one of the foods you simply must try is clotted cream, and the Brits like to eat it with scones.

Tea time is the perfect occasion for indulging in this delicious treat, as you can enjoy it with a cup of tea and lots of scones. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, clotted cream is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth.