8 Fun Autumn Activities

The weather is changing and the leaves are falling off the trees. To get you in the mood for the season we've listed some activities that will give you that cozy autumn feeling!


Autumn is the perfect time to make the indoors a little cozier again. Scented candles, lights, blankets, and pumpkins for decoration. Make it a fun activity with your family or friends!

Coffee/Tea Moments

Of course, you can treat yourself to a special coffee at your favorite coffee shop, but you can also make your own! How about a pumpkin spice latte or a hot chocolate (with marshmallows?)

Movie Marathon

When it's colder outside, it feels more permissible to spend more time on the couch. Why not take advantage of this by organizing a movie night? Consider classics like When Harry Met Sally and the Harry Potter series. Get some snacks in the house and put your phone aside.


Nature is beautiful in autumn. The colors of all the leaves change from green to brown-red, or yellow, including the mushrooms that start to pop up. If you do not have much nature around you, try to get to a park for a long walk.

Update Your Wardrobe

When autumn arrives, you probably feel the need to change your wardrobe. If your wallet allows, it's a lot of fun to go on a shopping spree. You could also check out a secondhand store to be more budget-friendly. 


Bake a tasty pie or cake. Bake some extra to surprise your colleagues or neighbors. You will see that it not only makes them very happy but also gives you a warm feeling.

Go To The Cinema

Want to do something outdoors, but the weather doesn't allow it? See if there is a nice movie playing at the cinema! Go with friends, or by yourself!

Pick Up A Book

Treat yourself to a new book this fall. What book would you like to read? Maybe you find it interesting to engage in self-development or maybe you just want to drift off with the latest romance novel.