5 Plants For Anyone Without A Green Thumb

Caring for plants is an art. Some cannot survive a day in the sun, while others cannot get enough of it. And while some plants have to be watered almost every day, others just can't stand it at all. For anyone who loves plants but can't seem to keep them alive, choose easy plants that hardly need any care. There are plenty of species that, regardless of your (lack of) interference, almost can't die.

1. Sanseveria

The Sanseveria is best left alone. Go on vacation for a few weeks without worrying or forgetting that you have the plant in the house at all, because it will survive on its own. Preferably place the plant in indirect sunlight and give the Sanseveria a little water every few weeks. The fact that the plant asks little of you does not mean that you get nothing in return. This is because it creates cleaner air and humidity in your home by converting toxic substances into oxygen.

2. Ficus Robusta

The sap of this plant was once used to produce rubber. And the Latin name gives it away: this is a robust type. The rubber plant can grow quite large and is therefore perfect as a striking green statement in your home. Preferably buy a smaller one, because the more accustomed the plant is to the conditions in your home, the better. Besides: it will grow anyway.

3. Jade plant

It is said that the jade plant brings luck. And while there are no guarantees, what is certain is that you do not have to pay much attention to it. Jade loves the sun and only needs a little water once in a while - about once every two weeks and only when the soil is completely dry.

4. Aloe Vera

This blue-green succulent grows mainly in Africa and India, but will also do fine in your living room. Even if you cut off one of the fleshy leaves - the gel it contains can be used on burns or dry skin - the Aloe does not give up. Just check the soil in the pot now and then. Is it completely dry? Then it's time for a little water.

5. Aspidistra Elatior

The Aspidistra elatior is also called cast iron plant, named after the indestructible cast iron pans. And not without reason, because even if you rarely water the plant, the plant will stay upright. Does it look like the plant is giving up? No stress: a little water will bring it back to life in no time. This plant requires little light and is therefore very suitable for brightening up dark places in the home.