4 Ways To Keep Your Pet Entertained While They’re Home Alone

As we start spending more time away from home and therefore from our beloved pets, the last thing we want to worry about while trying to get work done is if our pets are feeling bored. So we have to make sure to give them something to keep themselves occupied while they have the run of the house for the day.

Photo: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

Make a safe space

First things first: leave your pet in a part of your home where they feel comfortable, safe, and happy. For dogs, consider blocking off a part of the house like the living room where they have all their favorite toys and a cuddly bed. For cats, you could make a spot on a windowsill or leave out a self-warming bed for them to snuggle up in.

Fill a toy with frozen treats

There’s a reason fillable toys are the gold standard for keeping pets busy. For dogs, fill a hollow rubber toy with peanut butter or another favorite filling and freeze it overnight for hours of licking fun. For cats, grab something similar and fill it with treats that dispense as they play for an interactive challenge.

Photo: Jamie Street/Unsplash

Brain game toys

Treat-dispensing and puzzle toys reward your pup or kitty for completing a challenge and keeps their brain stimulated. These toys help fight off boredom and tap into their instincts to forage and hunt. Try a fun wobbly toy or an interactive puzzle for dogs, and a treat maze or a hidden toy box for cats.

Snuffle mat or scratcher bed

These fun mats keep your pup engaged in nose play. Sprinkle tiny bits of tasty crumbly treats in all the crevices of the mat and let your dog go to work hunting for every last bit. For cats, try out a two-in-one scratcher bed, which keeps claws off your furniture and provides a great nap space.