4 Tips On How To Keep a Perfect Kitchen

One thing is certain: the kitchen can get very messy very fast. And while that can be the worst part of the kitchen experience, it doesn’t have to be such a complete disaster. Here are some simple ways that you can keep the kitchen chaos at bay.

Photo: roam in color/Unsplash

Start With a Clean Slate

You may think to yourself, why clean before you start cooking. You'll end up with a mess anyway. That might be true, but a clean kitchen is much easier to function in, and you will find that you’re more likely to keep things organized if you already have a nice and clean base. 

Use Those Dish Towels

Chefs cook with dish towels slung over their shoulders for a reason. And not (just) to look really cool. It is just extremely convenient. Sputtering stovetop? Spillage? No problem! Just wipe it up with the dishtowel. It’s the perfect clean as you go tool that will save you a lot of trouble along the way.

Photo: Teodor Skrebnev/Unsplash

Prep and Measure Everything Beforehand

When you see exactly what you’re working with, it’s easier to avoid a mess. Try to place your herbs and spices in little bowls. Sure, you'll end up with more dishes but at least it keeps your kitchen more orderly.


You can easily reuse cutting boards and pans, especially if you’re preparing vegetables Just give it a quick rinse and you’re good to go!