How To Bake Perfect Homemade Bread Without A Bread Maker Machine

Baking bread is one of those classic kitchen musts. But it does require preparation and preciseness when it comes to sticking to the recipe. Making bread the old-fashioned way with your hands has always been proven to be the best way to make bread. Here are some basic tools you’ll need to make your homemade bread minus the oven!

A Bench Knife

A bench knife is a flat knife that looks like a wide ruler. It’s used to mark cuts in the dough, creating equal portions. This special knife can easily scrape off dough from any surface and it doesn’t leave behind any marks. They’re cheap and easy to find and you can purchase them for less than $8.

A Food Scale

Having the right measurements is crucial when it comes to baking bread. When it comes down to measuring flour, it’s better to rely on weighted measurements than to rely on cup measurements. A kitchen scale is essential in any kitchen and it’s a compact tool to have!

A Kitchen Thermometer

A kitchen thermometer will give you the perfect texture of bread every single time. A thermapen is more expensive, but it’s an easy to clean and a hassle-free digital thermometer. It can measure water, dough, and bread temperatures. It’s much better to rely on one study tool that’s a good investment since you know that it’ll withstand any type of kitchen cooking.