4 Desinations to Visit Before You Hit 30

If you are in your 20s, then you are in the prime of your life. This is the time of your life, though, that seems to fly by before you know it. Your teens and 20s feel eternal; once you hit your 30s, though, make sure you do not have any regrets. This is a period of life when you start to feel more reflective of what you have just gone through. To help you maximize your fun factor during your 20s, here are some of the best locations to come and visit.

New Zealand

It might be expensive to reach for some, but New Zealand is a pretty incredible part of the world to journey through. The scenery is amazing, the people are warm and welcoming, and you can enjoy a lot of time just relaxing. The pace of life is very calm and tranquil, so you can spend a lot of your time just moving through the countryside and its major cities like Auckland. Very fun indeed!

Eastern Europe

Take the time to visit countries like Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria, and you can enjoy a truly unique perspective. When we think of Europe we often think of the major powers – places like Germany, France, and Italy. Eastern Europe, though, is a unique place to visit. It has a rich and gratifying culture and you can spend a lot of time learning about a part of the world that gets far less press than it arguably should give its historical importance.


If you would like to visit Asia then you should take the time to come to Thailand. This is a unique country, filled with very interesting things to do and people to meet. It is a great place for young travelers as it has such diverse locations to visit, some amazing food to try, and very cheap living costs. For those in their 20s who might not have a huge amount saved up, Thailand allows you to live without the same expense as other parts of the world.


If you live in North America, then you should probably take the time to visit California – it is like a different country to many of the surrounding states. California is a state with a bit of everything. You could enjoy some amazing beaches down in San Diego, the high life in Los Angeles, or take the time to visit some of its more rural locations. Either way, California is great for those in their 20s who love a bit of sunshine and exploration.