3 Things in your Bedroom you Probably don't Clean Often Enough

Chances are you are currently more concerned than ever with hygiene. An often forgotten cleaning spot is the bedroom, especially the comforter and pillow. Even though you can be found in this room one-third of the day. And perhaps currently even more if you're binge-watching Netflix...

Here's how to make sure you keep your bedroom as fresh and hygienic as possible:


Regular airing is very important to get rid of unpleasant odors, dust mites, and bacteria from the comforter faster. You do this by changing the comforter outside or opening the bedroom window. Yet just airing is not enough. But do you secretly turn a blind eye because you think washing a comforter is a scary job? Not necessary: most comforters can be machine washed at 60 degrees, but check the care label to be sure.

Although you would think that your sheets would still be pretty clean after a few days, the opposite is true. After all, you lose about 0.25 to even 2 (!) liters of moisture per night. Not to mention things like body fat, dead skin cells, and drool... To prevent your body from reacting to the bacteria and dust mites and perhaps even developing an allergy, you should change your comforter every week.


So we regularly throw the comforter cover and pillowcase into the washing machine, but the pillows themselves... They are often forgotten. A little reminder: we lose up to 2 liters of moisture per person, per night. An unwashed pillow can therefore contain up to 16 different fungi (yikes!). So the same goes for your pillow: machine wash it! Cotton, synthetic and down-filled pillows can be washed. How often approximately? Swiss Sens recommends once every two months. It will last a while longer.


Now that you may have some extra time on your hands, it is the perfect time to clean your mattress. You can do this yourself, but for many, it is done far too infrequently. Here's how to do it: try to vacuum the mattress thoroughly and use, for example, a special mattress cleaner for stains. The same goes for your mattress: regular cleaning makes it last longer. It prevents wear and tear and keeps mold and dust mites away from your bed.