The 4 Strangest Museums to Visit in America

As a country that loves its history, America is a nation that is built on the idea of learning about the past. Sometimes we learn about historical people, and sometimes we learn about cultural events and moments. Some museums, though, are essentially living monuments to things that we cannot even prove are real!

If you want to enjoy a museum tour, then make sure you take in some of the strangest museums in America.

Photo: Vincent Tantardini/Unsplash

The Spam Museum

Take the time to come to Austin Minnesota, and you can enjoy a very specific kind of museum experience. The Spam museum is not for weird emails that appear asking you to send them credit card details; it is a cheap but cheerful food product!

Learn about how Spam came to be, and what this canned meat is. Even if you find Spam to be vile, this is an interesting tour nonetheless!

The Voodoo Museum

Take the time to come down to New Orleans and you can enjoy the Voodoo museum. As the name implies this is a highly engaging and mystical museum built on the culture and creative charm of voodoo magic. You will learn all about local folklore and stories, and you will get to even take a tour of the local St. Louis Cemetery. It’s a fun way to spend a day, though, and should be quite the eye-opener.

Photo: Jonathan Martin Pisfil/Unsplash

The Roswell Museum

The Roswell Incident is one of the most publicized conspiracies in American history. If you are someone who believes in the idea that there is more life than simply exists on this planet, you should come and visit here. It is a treasure trove of intriguing Roswell-inspired content and media. You will have lots of fun, you will meet some interesting people, and you will get to learn a bit more about both sides of the Roswell debate. Fun!

The Museum of the Weird

Head to Austin in Texas instead, though, and you get to enjoy a trip to the Museum of the Weird. This strange place is essentially loaded with oddities that would not fit into any other kind of museum. It is filled with freakish items and even things like a giant frozen iceman. It’s a very strange place to visit, but if you are someone who finds alternative stuff interesting – or even just strange – then this museum is a place that you will want to come and visit.