10 Vegetables that are Best Kept Outside the Fridge

For many people, it's a source of irritation: the crammed fridge with no product left to fit. But maybe there are products in there that don't belong in the fridge at all. For example, some vegetables are better left out of the fridge. 


Many people keep tomatoes in the refrigerator. But did you know that they lose their flavor and aroma much faster than that? And unfortunately, once that flavor is lost, it doesn't come back either. Therefore, it is better to store fresh tomatoes outside the refrigerator in a dry and cool place.


Onions soften faster when you store them in the refrigerator and therefore spoil faster. It's better to keep them in a dark and dry place because you'll enjoy them much longer.


Potatoes also do not cope well with a humid environment, such as in the refrigerator. The taste diminishes because the starch is converted into sugar and they spoil a lot faster. It is therefore better to store your potatoes in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Sweet potatoes

Although sweet potatoes are not related to the "normal" potato, they do not like the refrigerator either. They spoil quickly in the refrigerator because of the cold and humid environment. Keep sweet potatoes in a dry and dark place as well. 

Sweet peppers

Peppers are not a fan of refrigerators unless they are cut into pieces. Whole bell pepper is better stored at room temperature. Tip: store it in foil, it will keep even longer.


Cucumbers are often stored in the fridge, but it's better not to. The skin is very fragile, which makes it dry out and spoil faster. It is therefore better to store them in a cool place in your kitchen or cellar. Tip: Do you buy the cucumber in foil? Then leave it wrapped around it, so you can keep it longer.


Carrots and raw carrots should not be kept in the refrigerator but in a cool, dry place.


Always store eggplants outside the refrigerator before preparing them. And do you buy one with foil around it? Then leave it on, it will keep longer.


A zucchini loses its flavor in the refrigerator, which is why it is best to store it outside the refrigerator if it has not yet been cut. Keep the zucchini in a dry place. Is it already cut? Then keep it in the refrigerator with a piece of foil around it.


This autumnal delicacy is also best stored outside the refrigerator. Have you already cut off a piece? Then keep the piece of pumpkin refrigerated.