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30+ Humorous Notes To Let Others Know They Parked Poorly

Uncategorized | October 18, 2021

Parking is a big part of learning how to drive. It involves everything from searching for an open spot, paying attention to parking rules, paying at the meter, and dealing with any nasty weather conditions. Although many people manage to do all of this quite well, we think it’s fair to say that not everyone has mastered this basic part of driving. 

Have you ever been annoyed by someone else’s parking job? Even if it doesn’t personally inconvenience you, watching someone double park or take up a spot for far longer than the meter allows can be maddening. When it does apply to you – for example, someone blocking your driveway – then it gets infuriating. What’re you meant to do in a situation like that? Fidget in anger and yell at the sky? That’s one option. Another option is to leave a note on or near the car detailing how poorly parked it was. Below are 39 funny examples of this.

Parking Like A Pig

Pigs are known for their ravenous appetites, so when we accuse someone of “being a pig” it generally means taking more than your fair share. That can be in terms of food, gifts, or, in the case below, parking!

Being a parking pig is a serious accusation in this neighborhood. Seems like the local drivers will call you out on your parking skills and then post about it online. To avoid the real-life and internet shame, it’s best to park in your own lane and be considerate of others. 

This Is How You Park

Have you ever been stuck inside your driveway? If so, then you can definitely sympathize with the person below. This angry homeowner was about to head off to work one day but found that they couldn’t leave because there wasn’t enough space to back up. 

There wasn’t enough space because some bad driver decided to have the front part of their car block half the driveway! The homeowner quickly drew up some “parking instructions” and left them on the windshield. We hope the driver took the instructions to heart. 

The Smiley Threat

Talk about catching a lucky break. The person who wrote the note could have easily called up a tow truck to have the offending car fined and taken away. Instead, they decided to snap a photo, make a threat, and give them a second chance. 

Don’t expect a third chance though! This great little example of passive-aggressive writing ends with a nice smiley face as if to say “I might be nice for now, but don’t test me.” They mean business and aren’t afraid to take some action. 

A Hit and Run Confession

A hit and run is a pretty dodgy way to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. Jack, however, took it to the next level. He took responsibility for his actions by saying “I accidentally hit your car” but then forgot the crucial second step. 

Leaving contact details. How is this person supposed to know who Jack is or where he can be found? Worse than that, he wrote the note in a mocking tone that admitted he was only doing it to avoid someone else who saw him hit the car. 

Peanut Butter Messages

The note attached to the windshield wipers is a bit too small to read, but the message scrawled in peanut butter across the windshield tells us all we need to know. What did the driver do to deserve such hard-to-clean treatment?

How do you clean something like that off? It can’t be easy. Hopefully, during the hassle of getting the message off, the driver thought about their parking habits and changed them up a bit to avoid another peanut butter windshield. 

Learning To Color And Park

This is a genius note to leave under the windshield wipers. Instead of leaving a sticky smear of peanut butter all across the windshield, this angry driver took a more passive-aggressive and funny approach. You remember coloring books, right?

They’re great for kids because they can help them learn how to color within the lines. Hopefully, that skill transfers over into adulthood, but not always. Just like messy kids with coloring books, some adult parkers just can’t keep it within the lines. 

Please, No Ticket

Rather than leaving a note to let drivers know they park badly, this person left a note to explain the bad parking. If that parking spot is the only one they can find, then they’re in a tough situation. They can’t park without a sticker but they’re waiting on their sticker, so what’re they to do?

Beg for mercy of course. Plead your case and see if the parking attendant lets it slide for a while until your new sticker arrives. It sounds reasonable to us and three tickets a week is brutal on the wallet. 

The Inconsiderate Parkers Prize

Here we have another example of a funny passive-aggressive note left by one angry driver to the driver who caused the anger. Instead of a simple note that said, “please don’t take up two spots of parking,” this person created a whole “inconsiderate parkers prize.” 

It’s a very cheeky way of pointing out bad parking behavior while making a joke out of it. We wonder how the other person responded to it. Either way, it’s amazing that it took longer than a month for the note to finally be left. 

Humans Aren’t Sardines

Most of the messages above are either elaborate (peanut butter messages) or passive-aggressive (inconsiderate parkers prize). The person who left the message below skipped those for a third option: getting straight to the point. 

The point was to be more considerate. In particular, to park more considerately. Based on the fact that he used the “bloody sardine” phrase, we think this driver probably hogged up a lot of space. Remember, people aren’t sardines. What do you think? Justified or a bit too rude?

Parking In Lumbergh’s Spot

If you’re a fan of the cult comedy classic Office Space, then you’ll love this next note. It brings to mind the way Bill Lumbergh, the notorious micromanager at Initech, asks his employees to read memos and file paperwork.

Kudos to such a great rendition of Bill’s way of standing and speaking! We just hope the poorly parked driver got the cult reference. If not it might be a bit awkward, but the main message is still as clear as day – park in your own spot. 

Well Explained Letter

This neighborhood managed to vent frustration through a level-headed letter complete with bullet points, multiple paragraphs, and a diagram. It manages to address the driver, explain the problem (terrible parking), and provide suggestions for fixing it.

Although the letter feels very non-judgmental and to the point, we can’t help but feel that there is a sarcastic undertone to it. Either way, we applaud whoever wrote the letter for taking the time to think it up, write it down, and print it out. 

Racing Career Cut Short

Have you ever heard a loud engine early in the morning? It wakes you right up. Not everyone is a fan, to say the least, so when this speed racer didn’t get the message, the whole neighborhood decided to pitch in. 

Rather than coming right out with a threat, these clever neighbors decided to have a bit of fun. They greeted the “speed racer” and said the cold-weather revving will damage the engine and cut short a racing career. That must have got the point across – let people sleep. 

Fix The Alarm

Neighbors with noisy cars can quickly cause neighborly tension, as we see from this strongly-worded warning below. The anger is understandable though because there’s nothing worse than being wrapped up in a cozy night’s sleep only to be woken up by a car alarm. 

Well there is one worse thing – having it happen again and again! The fact that the neighbor doesn’t seem to care or do anything about it is doubly infuriating. Although it might have been a bit harsh, we understand where it’s coming from and hope the alarm was fixed. 

Double Parking Is A No-No

Double parking is a big no-no in the world of parking pet peeves. No one wants to try and squeeze into a small spot, barely able to open their door, just because someone else couldn’t park between the lines. So when that happens, what do you do? 

If you’re the person above, you leave a note of course. However, the note is more of a confession similar to the one above. Yes, double parking is wrong, but hitting the car and then leaving without contact details is also wrong. As they say, two wrongs don’t make a right.  

Just For You

Chalk isn’t just for kids drawing hopscotch on the sidewalk. It can also be useful for adults pointing out the bad behavior of other adults. Take a look below. Since this person had chalk at the ready, they could point out the bad parking of the driver below. 

Not parking within the clearly defined yellow lines makes it a lot harder for other drivers to find a spot. For some reason, the driver above didn’t seem to care or notice. Luckily, a chalk-ready passerby made this driver a special spot to get the message across. 

Have You Thought Of Taking The Bus?

Public transportation is a great way to get around without having to search for a parking spot and pay all those parking fees. Also, if there were more buses around, there would be fewer cars and hence fewer parking problems. 

The author of this clever note makes a good point. Maybe car parking isn’t for everyone, the basic rules just go over the heads of some folks. Those people, according to this note, should stick to public transportation instead of inconveniencing others. 

Back To Parking Basics

For many of us, taking the driving test was when we boned up on all the rules of the road. Years after getting the license, many of us slip into bad habits. The person who wrote the note below wanted to give a friendly reminder on the basic rules of parking. 

Just like you don’t go through a red light or reverse on a highway, there are certain things you don’t do when it comes to parking. High up on the list? Parking in front of other people’s driveway – how else are they supposed to get out?

The Pointless Letter

This distracted driver hit another person’s car and was about to flee the scene, but then saw that someone else was watching them from afar. What to do? They chose to leave a note to make it seem like they were doing the right thing.

When in reality, they weren’t. The note itself was nothing more than a kind of “catch me if you can” taunt. Sure the person admitted guilt, but they left no contact details. We suggest they take the bus instead to avoid getting into situations like this.

Facebook Dislike

Facebook’s Like and Dislike buttons are great ways to give a simple response to a picture, post, or comment. They get the message across simply and clearly. Most of our real-life conversations aren’t that simple, so what if they had a Facebook button for real life? Wait a minute…

They do! Or at least this person does. The “post” they dislike is the real-life post of some driver being a terrible parker – perhaps double parking, parking in the wrong spot, or taking up too much space. Either way, they got rated badly and the post was shared around. 

Well That’s Rich

This is quite a heartfelt note that also manages to add in a bit of humor to soften the blow. Sometimes people who drive expensive cars can feel like they own the roads. This can show up in their parking choices. Any spot can be theirs they seem to think. 

That’s inaccurate though. Handicap spots are next to the entrances for a reason – so people with mobility issues don’t have to travel as far. It’s not meant as valet parking, so we applaud this note-writer for bringing up the issue. 

Spotted A Bad Parker

We are big fans of puns, especially when the pun involves a cute dog! The note below managed to do both, mixing in a picture of a lovely little dog while addressing the fact that the driver needs to learn how to park better. 

The problem was that the driver was taking up too many spots – hence the dog’s name – and this made it inconvenient for anyone else who wanted to park nearby. We wonder just how bad their parking was for something to type up a notice like this. 

No Ticket Please

Sometimes the cold weather can do crazy things – like lock your doors shut! This car owner was given a ticket for being parked too long, but the owner had a great excuse for why that happened. The doors wouldn’t open! How are you supposed to move a car then?

Push it along perhaps, but that’s a bit difficult in frozen weather. Although the note doesn’t seem to have helped avoid a ticket, perhaps it will be taken into account to lower the fine – or at least to avoid another ticket before the weather warms up!  

Hurricane Of A Parking Job

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, it caused a massive disaster. However, this clever poster managed to bring up that image to talk about the disaster of a parking job this driver managed to do. 

Kudos to the clever pun. We wonder what warranted such a strong comparison – did they double park, leave the alarm on, or did they double park with the alarm on! Whatever the offense, the message was sent and we can only hope that the driver fixed their disastrous parking. 

I Hit You, You Pay Me

In some of the posts above, people admitted to hitting a car and running away but refused to leave their contact details. Basically, an admission of guilt without any way to fix it. Tony below, however, admitted to hitting the other person’s car and left his details. Why?

Well to get payment for the damage that Tony underwent when he hit the other person’s car! Now that’s a ballsy move. The other car’s parking job must have been terrible for this to have happened. We wonder if they ended up calling Tony. Would you? 

Beware The Grumpy Cat

The cat below isn’t your run-of-the-mill cat. In the daytime, the cat does all the typical cat-like things (nap, eat, and nap). In the night, however, this cat becomes the parking police! The consequences can get pretty serious.

No one wants to get towed. It’s a hassle in every way – your car isn’t where you expected it to be, you have to pay a massive fine, and then drive on back. This bad parker was lucky that this grumpy cat gave a warning before actually towing. 

Should Have Never Been Born

Woah! That harsh note makes us wonder what caused it. How bad was the parking job to warrant something like that? Message aside, it’s pretty amazing that the person had such a well-developed design on hand. 

Clearly, the person who left this note thinks that the car owner’s life was a mistake. If that driver wasn’t born, then the parking situation would be easier and driving, in general, would be less of a hassle. We just wish we could see a picture of how the car was parked to judge for ourselves. 

Paddlin’ Away

The Simpsons provide an endless amount of jokes and memes to apply to all sorts of real-life situations. The old man below, Jasper Beardsley, was made famous for the episode where he was a teacher ending every infraction (talking out of turn, etc.) with “that’s a paddlin’.” 

A private parking spot is like your own mini-home – it’s where you (or more specifically, your car) belongs. When someone else takes it, it feels like they’re stealing something from you. That’s an infraction. Or, in Beardsley’s words, “that’s a paddlin.” 

Not A Prime Parking Job

If Optimus Prime in his robotic voice doesn’t approve of your “horribly executed parking job,” then you’re in trouble. Prime might end up transforming your car into something else or karate-chopping it to bits. Sounds like this parking villain is worse than Megatron. 

Hopefully this parker got the message that Optimus Prime is angry and might have to do something about it. For now, it’s just a warning, but when the second time comes around, who knows. Time to re-take those driving lessons perhaps. 

Angry Potatoes

Don’t annoy the potato gang. This notorious sack of potatoes is known to sit on the hood of a car and vent their frustration. They will wear scary faces and attach cease and desist letters. Whatever this parker did to invite a situation like this, we know they were in deep. 

This gang looks like it’s out for revenge. At first, they will give a strongly-worded warning, but if the bad parking happens again then it’s on to the produce army – and no one, we mean no one, wants to deal with an angry head of lettuce! 

Back To Parking Basics

Whoever this parker was clearly didn’t master the basics. Someone nearby was so angry by the way they parked that they decided to leave a note. On it was a clear message and an easy-to-follow diagram of what to do and what not to do. 

We hope it helps the offending parker to get back to mastering the basics. Step one: don’t park diagonally. Seems easy enough, but it might take a while for some to master this. Luckily, the note-writer added clear instructions to help guide the fallible driver. 

World Doesn’t Revolve Around You

This is quite a rude awakening to whoever improperly parked here. This little parking ticket left beneath the windshield wipers gets your attention, delivers a strongly worded message, and ends by providing some helpful advice. 

Did it work? We aren’t sure, but whoever left the note is clearly hoping that it did. Seems like they took a big chunk of time out of their day to craft this little card (multiple fonts and color choices) and leave it there. Definitely don’t want to get on this person’s bad side. 

Time To Move

This note is straight to the point and we think it’s entirely justified. Parking can be a scarce and expensive commodity – especially in urban areas. When someone who doesn’t live on your block leaves their car there, you have to take drastic measures. 

How else are they going to get the parker to move outside of threatening them? Although this person wanted the situation fixed right away, they were kind enough to at least give the parker one last chance to fix the problem – before the tow truck came. 

Shovel Your Own Spot

Snowstorms are amazing to watch, but they’re a lot of work to go out in. If work or school isn’t canceled, then it will take a long time to shovel through all that snow and release your car. It’s hard work, but at least it’s work that pays off. Or does it? 

It must be maddening to go through all that shoveling work to get the heavy snow out only to have someone else park in your spot. That’s cold. Although the tone of this note is tame, we hope the parker ended up shoveling their own spot. 

Up And Over

Whoever parked behind this note-writer has another thing coming if they choose to do it again. A lot of the notes we’ve seen above make cutesy puns or threaten a bad parker with the hassle and cost of being towed. This annoyed driver, however, went way beyond that. 

Instead of being towed, this driver will personally monster truck all over the offending parker, reducing the car to a pile of junk metal. If that ominous threat didn’t get the parker to change, then what will? 

Don’t Make More Of Yourself

Some drivers park in such annoying ways that it goes beyond us questioning their driving skills. It moves into us questioning their whole existence! Whoever left the note and gift below must have felt that way. 

There’s no better way of showing you disapprove of someone’s behavior than coming right out and saying, “please don’t reproduce.” It means fewer bad drivers clogging up the world. This angered driver even left a condom to encourage safe sex and make sure no mistaken pregnancies happen. 

When Nature Calls

When nature calls, it isn’t always the ideal time. Sure, sometimes you’re at home with a nearby bathroom, but other times you might find yourself in a public parking spot that’s quickly running out of time. What’re you going to do? This driver decided to leave a note and beg not to get ticketed.  

“I have to go poo.” This quick note is relatable to many people. When you’ve got to go, there’s no time to drive around searching for a new spot to park. You just park and hope for the best. It’s a legitimate excuse, we just wonder how well it worked out. 

Helpful Passerby

If you want to be a real jerk, one way to do that is to hit someone’s parked car and then drive away as if nothing happened. If the car is parked and no one is in it, then it’s nearly always the other driver’s fault. 

Luckily for this driver, someone else saw the hit and run and reported it to them! They wrote down what happened and any identifying marks they could remember, including the color, brand, and license plate. Hopefully, the owner was able to track down the dude. 

With Hate To You

People sometimes mask their hate with polite words. When applied to note-writing, it allows you to be honest and biting without resorting to curses and threats. Although mostly polite, this “Dear Driver” note does pack a punch – especially at the end. 

Although the handwriting is in nice big letters with lots of “thank yous”, the take-home message is not about cute thank yous. The real message can be found next to the heart decoration. “Hate you, Z.” Clearly, Z wasn’t impressed with the other driver. 

Don’t Park Here Maybe

In 2012, Carly Rae Jepsen had a major hit with her song “Call Me Maybe.” The note below started with the catchy hook of that song – “this is crazy … so call me maybe” – and then took it in a completely new direction. 

A direction that perfectly fits the situation at hand, which happens to be a car blocking the driveway. Hopefully, the catchy tune with the new lyrics got stuck in the offending driver’s head and caused them to switch up their parking habits.