Why Your Dog Is Stalking You

At one point or another, a dog owner will notice their pet following them around the house and watching you as you sit, eat, lay down, or do whatever it is you’re busy doing. While it’s nice to have your furry companion around you wherever you go, it also brings up the question of why your dog does that at all.

According to New York veterinarian Dr. Andrea Tu, there is a simple answer to that. Well, there are several simple answers to that, actually. One of them is that your dog follows you around because it loves you so much and wants to be around you. Most of the time, this is the dog logic behind that behavior. You see, at their core, dogs are pack animals, just like their wolf ancestors. If you and your dog have a good relationship, your dog sees you as a pack member and feels more comfortable being around you than being alone. 

But pack mentality is not the only reason why a dog would follow you around like. Dr. Tu says that if your dog tends to always stay at your heels like a furry shadow, it might be a sign of anxiety. This isn’t the only sign showing your dog might be suffering from anxiety. Other signs many people don’t know about are licking the air when there’s no food around, and yawning when it’s not your pup’s bedtime yet. Dr. Tu recommends that you pay close attention to the way your dog stalks you. While most of the time it’s out of pure love, you should look closely and consult a professional if you see any alarming behavior.