Why Your Cat Loves To Lay In The Sink

Picture the scene. You haven't heard your cat for a while, so you start looking for it around the house. By now you know to first check its favorite place on earth — the sink. It is one of the many random cat behaviors that got us puzzled. However, this sink thing might actually have a proper explanation. Bear with us while we debunk the myth!

Photo: Piotr Musioł/Unsplash

Dr. Andrea Y. Tu, a veterinarian and an animal behavior specialist, explains that domesticated cats are at an interesting position on the food chain. While they are great hunters and can capture prey, they are also small enough for bigger predators to hunt. This hunter/prey position leads them to look for high places that are small yet stable. The height gives them a great vantage point so they can be on the lookout for anything they might want to hunt but also keeps them away from anything that might want to hunt them. The solid ground means it’s easier for them to leap out at a moment’s notice, to either escape or attack.

Now think about your sink. It’s elevated from the ground, it’s small and cozy, and it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of a human. An ideal hangout, right? Sinks have become so popular with cats, there are even fake sinks for your cat you can buy online! You install one next to your personal sink so you and your kitty don’t have to share one.

Photo: Natália Campos/Unsplash

Dr. Tu adds that cats love sinks because of their body temperature. You see, cats have a higher temperature than humans’. This means they favor places that can help retain that temperature. Concave sinks help cats conserve the body heat they lose.