Why Wednesday Addams is the Best Addams

While most of us only remember the Addams family come the Halloween season, many horror and spooky lovers have a thing for the Addams family all year around. One of the main reasons is that the quality of the characters is so unique. Each of the main ensembles of the Addams family is hilarious, quirky, and unique in its way. If you were to ask yourself who your favorite Addams character is, who would it be? And why is it Wednesday?

It isn’t just the outstanding new TV show that has come out that has reminded people how awesome a character she is. From the old movies of the 1990s that were so incredibly successful to the new TV iteration, the Addams Family has become an iconic media property. What makes Wednesday so awesome, though?

For us, it’s the cutting witticisms. She is someone who seems to hold the world in a pretty unique level of disregard. Her antipathy for, well, everything is almost legendary. Add in the fact she is only ten years of age, and her world-weary nature paired with her comical comebacks makes her the kind of child character that is easy to love.

One thing that stands out about Wednesday, though, is her authenticity. Most kids do everything they can to fit in with the ‘in’ crowd, but no character in the Addams family does less to fit in than Wednesday. She is icy, she is not very caring, and she is incredibly true to herself. Therefore, when you see her smiling or having fun, you know it’s real – it isn’t to impress anyone else.

What else? Oh, she is quite terrifying for a 10-year-old girl. She has an acerbic wit and can come up with pranks and comebacks to people – physical or verbal – that put them well in their place. She is cunning, and while she might lack outer charisma she has that natural spark in the mind that only the most devious people can get away with.

Out of all of the Addams family, Wednesday might be the one that deserves the most attention. Who is your favorite?