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Vaseline: Surprising Uses for this Wonder Jelly

Vaseline has become a household name, which is no big surprise considering the petroleum jelly has been around since 1872! What many people don’t know is that, despite all the new health and beauty products that have hit the market in recent years, this old-school item still often does a better job than the products that come in fancy packaging. Indeed, this humble item accomplishes a great deal more than you most likely think. 

Many people still use it to soften dry elbows and soothe cracked heels and broken skin. However, Vaseline has some surprising additional uses most people don’t know about. If you’re fortunate to have a tub lurking in your cupboard, this list is just what you need to help it reach its potential! We’ve included everything you can use this miracle balm for. From eyebrow grooming to shoe maintenance, these tips are about to make life a whole lot simpler for you. 

The Ultimate Frizz-Fighter and Shoe Shiner

If you’re having a messy hair day and you need to get your sparkle back, you can easily restore it with Vaseline. The same thing goes for your shoes: if they have lost their sparkle, apply some Vaseline on top to make them shine again.

Image Courtesy of Kirby Allison

Just as Vaseline can help you fight dry frizziness in your hair, so too can it combat dry dullness in your leather shoes. How about that! 

Detach Gum from Your Hair

There are few things as irritating as getting gum stuck in your hair. While most people resort to chopping off the affected part, it doesn’t need to be in this way, particularly if you have a tub of Vaseline handy. 

Image Courtesy of Kids Activities Blog

Liberally apply Vaseline on the gum and the hair encompassing it. With your fingers, tenderly work on dragging it out until the gum slides free. Make a point to pull tenderly so you don’t tear any hair shafts. There’s no need to lose even a single strand.

Conserve Halloween Pumpkins

So much happiness arises from carving your chosen design into a carefully selected Halloween pumpkin. However, it is often replaced with a sense of melancholy as we watch our masterpieces decay more rapidly than expected.

Image Courtesy of viewhdpicture

Increasing the life of a carved pumpkin is all about science. You need to adjust the dampness so it’s not too moist or too dry as both can make it decay quicker than expected. The best approach is quite simple: apply a thin film of Vaseline over the carved surfaces.

The Firestarter

Firelighters are camping essentials, and there are a few alternatives available to you. You can save cash and make your life easier by adding a little tub of petroleum jelly to your camping kit.

Image Courtesy of Mona Giza

Coat as many cotton balls as you can with Vaseline and light them up beneath your kindling. This hack is valuable for terrace pits or when you need to get your BBQ lit quickly and safely.

Ring Won’t Slide?

Having a ring stuck on your finger can be an unsettling experience. Even if you don’t want to take it off, just knowing that you can’t is maddening. Thankfully, by utilizing a Q-tip and some Vaseline, you can slide the ring off and put an end to the torment. 

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If you’re a jewelry fan who likes to try on rings when you go shopping, it may even be worth keeping a mini tub of Vaseline and some tissues in your bag or back pocket. It could save you a whole lot of embarrassment! 

Rich Exfoliant

Do you realize you can make a rich and strong exfoliant with Vaseline? All you need to add is some sugar, used coffee grounds, or both. This is a great hack for those looking to save money without sacrificing your beauty standards as exfoliating products can be ridiculously expensive. 

Image Courtesy of Good Housekeeping

To achieve smooth skin, gently massage this mixture on your body while having your shower. To avoid skin irritation, delicately scrub it off, and make a point not to firmly rub the skin.

Instant Lip Balm

Make chapped lips a non-issue by utilizing Vaseline. It adds fullness and moisture to dry, cracked lips. Take it a step further by adding a layer of moisturizer underneath.

Image Courtesy of Ashley Brooke Nicholas

You can even add flavor by blending in a drop of your favorite essential oil. However, you should be wary as it is possible to have allergic reactions to essential oils. Here’s another amazing beauty hack: if you want to avoid wearing your favorite lipstick on your teeth, rub some Vaseline over them before applying the lipstick. 

Paw Therapy

Every pup encounters paw problems from time to time. Just as people get dry patches and cracked heels, so too can our furry friends run into issues. The problem is, canines can’t do much about it without the help of their human companions. This is where you (and Vaseline) come in. 

Image Courtesy of Pet Guide

The famous balm is animal-friendly, so once you’ve confirmed with your vet that it’s suitable for your particular pup, you can feel free to soothe its sore paws with this miracle ointment.

Support Your Weight Loss Journey

How on Earth could Vaseline help you burn through excess fat and calories? Here’s a hack that can prove to be useful – before hitting the gym, rub a bit of petroleum jelly on your stomach. 

Image Courtesy of Argos

Get some plastic wrap and wrap your whole midriff before taping the ends to secure it in place. The warmth generated by working out in this wrap makes your core temperature rise, which will assist you with getting in shape. Isn’t that amazing?

An Effective Door Lubricant

You shouldn’t need to be told at this point that Vaseline is one of the most reliable lubricants out there. Forget toxic lubricants like WD-40 to oil screeching doors. If you need your entryway to glide quietly like it used to, the best strategy is to use Vaseline. 

Image Courtesy of

Apply a light coat on the door that screeches and it’ll return to how it used to be when you originally installed it. Best of all, it’ll also prevent the metal from rusting. 

Mustache Wax

Though the trend has come and gone many times over the years, the styled mustache is generally a hit among men. It’s been making yet another comeback lately. Old school styles like the handlebar are again a top choice among hairier gentlemen. 

Image Courtesy of The Men?s Attitude

To accomplish a look that resembles this, you need to apply a great deal of mustache wax. If you’re hesitant about spending a fortune on a tin of wax, you can choose Vaseline as it’ll do a similarly impeccable job at a fraction of the cost. 

Piercing Pain Reliever

Billions of individuals across the world have their ears pierced, and they all eventually wind up experiencing a similar issue. The second you eliminate the hoops for only a couple of weeks or months, the openings seal shut, leaving you with half-obstructed holes. 

Image Courtesy of Very Well Health

When this occurs, you’ll be compelled to return to the piercing parlor to go through all the torment once more. Thankfully, Vaseline may be able to save you. To ease the pain of earring insertion after a break, apply some Vaseline on the two sides of the lobes and see if you can slide the hoop in.

Keep Ants out of Your Pet’s Bowl

Our pets don’t always demolish their food in one sitting. Sometimes, they like to save a bit for later, but when this happens, it can often attract ants. These tiny critters can’t be reasoned with, and they’ll never understand that this food is not theirs for the taking. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about this problem.  

Image Courtesy of Mom 4 Real

Ant theft can be prevented by applying Vaseline on the outer surface of the bowl. This makes the terrain far too difficult for the insects to creep through, thus protecting your pet’s food so it’s in perfect condition when they’re ready for another snack. 

Prevent Car Battery Corrosion

When the climate gets cold, car batteries frequently corrode. You can prevent this by preemptively covering your vehicle battery with a layer of the wonder jelly. Sounds wacky, yet it works. 

Image Courtesy of Your Mechanic

If you’ve never done this, ensure your vehicle is off and the engine has had time to completely cool down. At that point, detach the terminals and utilize a wire brush to clean them. Then, cover them with Vaseline and reconnect them – this shields them from water buildup that could cause corrosion.

Soothe Bug Bites

We love spending time in the great outdoors, but even the best of times can be ruined by persistent biting bugs. If you’ve been the subject of a mosquito attack, Vaseline can offer some relief as it diminishes the irritation you feel from such bites.

Image Courtesy of The Guardian

The second you notice you’ve been bitten, apply a little petroleum jelly to the spot. It works best if the tub is set in a freezer – it’ll offer a delightful cooling effect, very much like aloe vera.

Bye-Bye, Uneven Tans

Nearly everybody can concur that when they go for a tan, the last thing they want is a smudgy result. In a perfect world, you’d get an even, natural shade that gently glows as though you got a natural suntan. 

Image Courtesy of Society 19A

Patchy finish can be a nightmare to deal with, yet it doesn’t need to be so. You can avoid orange patches by coating Vaseline on your hands, knees, lower legs, and any areas where the skin is a little rougher. 

Remove Lipstick Stains

If your lipstick has ever stained your clothes, you’ll know firsthand that it is surprisingly difficult to eliminate such smudges. You keep scrubbing and not a lot happens, leaving you frightened that your favorite dress will be ruined. Don’t fret! Taking care of the issue is easy if you have Vaseline on hand.

Image Courtesy of Pop Sugar

Apply a patch of Vaseline on the stained spot, and put it in your clothes washer as you normally would. When the wash cycle is finished, you should find that e stain has vanished. 

Lock in Moisture

Did you realize Vaseline is labeled as a moisturizer in its own right? While it doesn’t technically add moisture, it does prevent your skin from drying out. Those in the know put Vaseline on their body and face rather than expensive creams or moisturizers. 

Image Courtesy of Stylist

You can apply it to dry spots after taking shower, and you can boost the effects by applying a hyaluronic cream or light moisturizer underneath it. If you don’t have oily or sensitive skin, the classic jelly can be utilized as a face cream. Indeed, this famous balm does wonders for our skin and our savings accounts!

Prevent Diaper Rash

This hack will make the parents out there happy. Most small kids and newborns experience the ill effects of diaper rash – it causes an inflamed rash that can be painful and upsetting for little ones. 

Image Courtesy of Attitude Living

This will undoubtedly make your baby fussier than usual. While many parents turn to baby powder, reports suggest that Vaseline is more effective at protecting the skin and preventing diaper rash.

Reduce the Discomfort of Fevers

Applying menthol when you have a fever can be uncomfortable. Not to mention the fact that the products are often expensive and loaded with synthetic compounds that may make you raise an eyebrow. 

Image Courtesy of Univision

Thankfully, you can get relief by putting some Vaseline in the fridge, and when it’s cold enough, applying it to your temples. It will not eliminate the fever, but it will offer you some immediate relief, giving your body space to recuperate. 

Fog-free Goggles 

Goggles are vital for swimmers, helping them see underwater and keep their eyes protected from salt or chlorine. However, this only works if they’re clear and fog-free. The hack below will help keep your goggles clear while you swim.

Image Courtesy of Your Swim Log

Before diving in, apply some Vaseline on the goggles’ elastic edges that touch your face. This improves the seal between the goggles and your skin, which will guarantee they adhere to your face, making it difficult for water to slip in or fog to accumulate. 

Keeps Slugs at Bay

Slugs are cute, but they can harm your beautiful garden. With their greedy cravings and insatiable appetites, slugs are a gardener’s worst nightmare, so the best solution is to forestall an infestation. 

Image Courtesy of Green Green Yard

Blend some Vaseline and salt and coat your pot edges with the mixture. These slimy creatures can’t handle salt, and the Vaseline will keep it in place, making it impossible for them to even think about climbing in to get at your plants. 

Leather Conditioner

When you first take home your new leather couch, the rich and smooth surface gives you an incredible feeling of bliss. This sensation becomes less joyful when the leather gets dry as this can make the couch scratchy and uncomfortable. 

Image Courtesy of Chris Hearts Julia

There are a few kinds of leather conditioners out there, but why not check Vaseline out? Utilize a soft fabric rag to rub some on your sofa and let it sit. After a couple of hours, utilize another cloth to clear it off. The leather should be soft and beautifully conditioned. 

Prevent Swimmer’s Ear

A sweltering summer’s day is an ideal opportunity to go for an invigorating plunge, yet having water stuck in your ear will destroy the whole experience. This annoyance is called swimmer’s ear, and it has been responsible for many an ear infection. 

Image Courtesy of acquaMD

It just so happens that preventing this uncomfortable symptom of swimming isn’t hard. All you need is a jar of Vaseline and some cotton balls. Touch some balm on some cotton balls and apply them to your outer ears. 

Help Your Cat

All feline owners know that they need to manage hairballs. It’s one of the unwritten rules of possessing a kitty companion. Most felines can hack them up without assistance, however, some felines battle to do this. 

Image Courtesy of

You don’t need to stress as you can help a cat out if it can’t handle the task on its own. Blend a tablespoon of Vaseline with your cat’s food daily. This lubricates the digestive tract of your beloved cat and assists them with eliminating hairballs. 

Protect Chrome Surfaces

This hack is vital for bicycle owners who need to protect their bicycles as winter draws near. It’s irritating to pull your bicycle out of storage in spring only to discover the chrome surfaces are encased in rust. 

Image Courtesy of John Recycled Bicycle/Blogspot

You can avoid this terrible situation with the help of petroleum jelly. Apply Vaseline on the chrome to shield the bike from moisture that can cause these ugly rust patches.

Care For Sports Gloves

It’s no secret that sports equipment can be extravagant, so it is important to deal with them the second you get home. For example, you need to break in sports gloves, like baseball mitts, so the leather is consistently adaptable and delicate.

Image Courtesy of Kids Health

Most likely, you’ve had sports store assistants try to sell you expensive products to keep your baseball mitt shiny and soft. To save you from the expense of branded leather conditioners, you could always utilize a washcloth to apply Vaseline on the glove. The results are the same but the price point is astonishingly different! 

Releases a Trapped Zipper

How annoying is it when you’re in a rush but you can’t get your pants to cooperate because your zipper is trapped? This can be maddening, particularly if you have an important business meeting to attend. By spreading some Vaseline on the zipper, you can solve this problem instantly. 

Image Courtesy of Rugged Thread

While this trick is simple, it’s important to be careful with the petroleum jelly. While applying the Vaseline, make sure it won’t smudge your garments. The best way to do this is to use a cotton swab to apply it directly to the teeth of the zipper.

Revitalize a Leather Wallet

Considering the rate at which we open and close our wallets, it’s not unusual that they wear out quickly. Leather wallets inevitably break and scratch, which makes them look old. 

Image Courtesy of Marcus Leather

Just as Vaseline can give your leather couch a facelift so too can a petroleum jelly treatment assist you in this situation. You can give your wallet some special attention by utilizing a soft cloth to apply Vaseline. Let it dry for an hour and then wipe it over with a dry cloth before using it once more. 

Keep Your Pets Safe

Reptiles can look frightening, yet if you’re ready to build up a bond with them, they make brilliant pets. Some of them are entirely fine inside the limits of their tanks, while others are master escape artists. 

Image Courtesy of Ali Express

If your reptile likes getting away from its tank and leaving you distraught, cover the tank with some Vaseline to thwart their plans. The surface gets tricky for them to navigate, making it hard for them to get away. 

Relieve Poison Ivy

As mentioned earlier, Vaseline can be utilized to alleviate bug bites. Surprisingly, it can also relieve rashes brought about by poison ivy. The first thing you ought to do is wash the rash with loads of soap and water then wipe it with a dry towel. 

Image Courtesy of WisContext

Once dry, put some Vaseline on it the exact way you would do on a bug bite. This will soothe the itching and will keep the affected area moist. You may still experience discomfort, but it won’t be quite as bad.

Prevent Freezing of Car Locks

During winter, vehicle owners know it can be a big challenge to unlock car doors. The answer to this issue is simple and reasonable. Simply cover your car key and lock with Vaseline, then gently insert your key into the vehicle’s lock.

Image Courtesy of North Shore Locksmiths

Next, cover the inside of the lock with the petroleum jelly by moving it to and fro. In doing such, the moisture that transforms into ice will be kept out, giving you access to your vehicle. 

Prevent Water Stains

We discussed how flexible Vaseline is and how you can utilize it on chrome surfaces. Fortunately, it also functions admirably for different metals like copper, stainless steel, and nickel. The faucets in your washroom are constantly dealing with water, so it’s best to coat them with a layer of Vaseline. 

Image Courtesy of Home Depot

This will assist with forestalling those vexatious water stains. Clean the faucet with your favored cleaning agent, and afterward, apply some Vaseline to give it much-needed sparkle and protection.

Stay Warm While Swimming

Unless you’re in a heated pool, the first time you take a plunge might be a shock to your system. For some people, the thought of the icy water is enough to keep them on dry land, even though swimming has a lot of mental and physical benefits.

Image Courtesy of My Swim Pro

You may be interested to know that there’s a straightforward approach star swimmers use in cold environments. Cover yourself with a layer of Vaseline before you swim, and your body will hold heat, protecting you from the cold water. 

Clean Your Leather Bag

Leather bags are essential for many, however, with time and steady use, they can get filthy. Since you can’t throw such bags into the washer to remove dirt, you need to find an alternative method to keep them clean.

Image Courtesy of Brilliance Learning

With a delicate cloth, clean the smudged parts with soap and water. Get another cloth and wipe off the moisture. When the bag is dry, rub some Vaseline to shield the leather and reestablish the texture of the bag.

Care For Doorknobs While Painting

When it’s time to paint around door handles, you must be cautious and patient. Otherwise, you may wind up sprinkling paint on the door handles despite covering them with painter’s tape. To avoid a messy look on your doorknobs, take some safety measures before embarking on your painting project. 

Image Courtesy of Young House Love

Doorknob splatters can be avoided if you put Vaseline on them before painting. After painting, wipe the balm off and any paint splatters will come off with it. Easy! 

Remove Fake Tattoos with Ease

While Vaseline is used by many people to aid in healing their real tattoos, you may be surprised to learn it can help with fake ones too! Of course, temporary tattoos don’t require help with healing, but they can be a nightmare to scrub off once you’re ready to remove them. This is where Vaseline comes in.  

Image Courtesy of Faire

Rather than scrubbing your skin red trying to get the sticky residue of the fake tattoo off, apply an oil-based ointment like Vaseline to get the job done. Give the area a light scrum to clean it, then apply petroleum jelly on the fake tattoo. Give it a bit of time to separate the tattoo pigments, and then wipe it off. Job done! 

Shine Your Belt Buckles

Though they are fundamental to many of our outfits, belt buckles are generally underappreciated. These metal accessories eventually grow dull and often become stained since they get such constant use. 

Image Courtesy of Indigo Shrimp/Wordpress

Vaseline can do wonders for your belt buckles. First, clean the buckle with water and soap. Then dry it thoroughly and use a soft fabric to swipe a small amount of petroleum jelly over the surface. A bit of regular care like this will bring back its sparkle. 

Treat a Tender Nose

It’s irritating when you’re dealing with a cold and your nose gets so aggravated that tissues start to feel like sandpaper. Blowing your nose continually can be problematic, but once again, Vaseline can help.

Image Courtesy of Medical News Today

A sore nose will just make you feel worse, so do your best to prevent the torment by applying Vaseline to it from the moment you feel the cold coming on. Many people swear that rubbing wonder balm around the edges of your nose can do you a world of good.