Using Feng Shui to Enhance Your Home's Vibes

If you're looking to improve your chances of finding love, seeking better health, or craving financial stability, you may have heard of the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. Feng shui is the art of arranging personal belongings to assure good fortune in different aspects of your life, whether it be a fulfilling love life, a successful career, good health, or a thriving business.

Plants play a significant role in feng shui. Meghan Wallace James, a feng shui expert certified in both Eastern and Western practices, explains that "in broad strokes, Feng Shui is a rhythmic practice of replacing heavy energy with fresh, light energy. Plants absolutely support this practice: cleaning the air, vibrating with growth, bringing the natural world indoors—and looking lovely to boot."

When choosing plants, be selective and consider both your personal preferences and the needs of your space. James also suggests getting rid of fake plants in your home, as "we want the real deal—in our bed, in our bank account—not an idea of the real deal." She recommends choosing statement plants over collections, as they can act as visual reminders of your aspirations.

To enhance the feng shui of your home, James recommends using a Bagua, which is a map divided into nine sections called "guas." Each gua represents a specific area of your life, such as wisdom, abundance, or love. The Bagua is oriented from your front door, and you can use it to direct the energy of your home toward the areas you want to focus on.

By incorporating plants and using the principles of feng shui, you can bring positive energy into your home and work towards achieving your goals. Remember to be mindful of your plant choices and use them as symbols of your aspirations to create a space that supports your growth and success.