Use Feng Shui To Organize Your Books In The Best Way!


According to Feng Shui, every room can create the best mindset if organized the right way. Feng Shui will show you how to display and channel your books for energy and create a wonderful environment in a particular room. The best way to change the energy in a room is to add books that belong there.

Before moving books into a room, you should go through the books and downsize your collection. What you want to read, what books work best for that room, what you will never read, and then donate those you don’t want or need anymore. This is a great way to pay wisdom forward! Once you have the books you want to keep, arrange them for easy accessibility.

Your Bedroom

Before setting out to change your bedroom, give it a great deal of thought. Take out books that do not match the mindset of the room. If you have books that are high-drama or dark novels, keep them as far away from your nightstand as possible.

Your Living Room

Your living room is a special place to relax and contemplate your day. This is a great room to add books such as coffee table books, photo books, and far away places you dream about. Have a small shelf with books you and your family are reading now to keep everyone in first place. Make sure the shelf is located where everyone will have access at arm’s length.


Your Kitchen

Whether you are a gourmet chef or just like to dabble in new recipes, this is the room! Make sure you add nutritional books and guides for added knowledge. If you have a lot of cookbooks, sort through them and just keep those that are your favorites.

Your Bathroom

The bathroom is perfect for placing books that are calming and you truly enjoy reading. This is the room for relaxation and self-indulgence so bring in those books. You should engulf yourself in happy reading!

Books can change the entire mindset of a room, giving the room a perfect balance.