This is Why you Shouldn't Take Things from Restaurants

Have you ever gone into a pub or a restaurant and ‘helped yourself’ to glass or some tableware? Then you are not alone. Sadly, this form of shrinkage can be a huge expense for many restaurant owners. If even ‘only’ 1 in 10 of their clientele are taking things from the table that are supposed to remain, it adds up throughout the evening. That becomes another expense that the company has to foot the bill for – and when it keeps happening, it can become a worrying expense for a restaurant owner.

In short, we need to bring an end to the ‘custom’ of basically lifting things from restaurants. You are not ‘owed’ that cool glass, nor are you ‘owed’ the forks and knives that you were served with. There was recently a video of a woman showing all the things she had stolen from restaurants over the years – tableware, salt shakers, that kind of thing – it was a lot of stuff.

Essentially, this is theft. You might think ‘oh it’s just a knife’ but that costs money to buy in – they don’t just appear out of thin air. If you take from their stock, it is akin to taking something from a storefront and just putting it in your bag. You might not admit it, but it is theft. And it is time that we brought an end to this stupid practice.

It might only be a small jar or something, but it is not yours to take. Unless the restaurant owner insists, stop taking what is not yours. It is insulting, it is rude, and it could land you in a lot of trouble. Imagine you lost your job because you stole a salt shaker. How ridiculous would that be?