These Individuals Live Very Peculiar and Specific Lifestyles

Do you ever find yourself questioning if the way that you live is ‘normal’ or ‘right’? Then you are not alone. It is easy to judge ourselves and look at how we live negatively. However, a bit of perspective can go a long, long way to changing this mindset for the better. Need a hand? Then there are some very interesting/bizarre lifestyles that you could compare yourself to!

Photo: Dalton Smith/Unsplash

Lori Cheek, who hates water

If you are like most people, you probably struggle to get enough water on most days due to the pace of modern life. For Lori Cheek, though, the act of not drinking enough water is a conscious choice. Cheek has decided to not drink water at all as she hates the fact that it has no taste.

Despite how important water is for our body, Cheek only brings in tiny quantities of flavored water.

Shaun Ellis, the wolfman

Shaun Ellis became ‘famous’ when it was divulged that he has taken the idea of living like an animal to a new level. He lives the lifestyle of a wolf and has even raised abandoned wolf pups himself. He has such a strong connection with his ‘pack’ that he even communicates with them in the same form as a wolf.

It’s bizarre, but it’s also pretty amazing to see and read about, in a way.

Photo: Photoholgic/Unsplash

Amou Haji, the non-bather

You might find this disgusting, but Amou Haji is an 87-year-old who has never bathed once in their life. This individual became ‘famous’ for his belief that bathing in water, for any period, will make him sick.

As such, he abstains from washing himself. Hailing from a small village in Iran, Haji has become infamous for this particular aspect of his persona. No doubt he has inspired others to take on the same journey, too!

Donald Gorske, Mr. McDee’s

A very peculiar lifestyle indeed is the one taken on by Donald Gorske, a man who eats two Big Macs from McDonald’s every single day. He has done this for fifty years and is somehow still alive. Despite this habit, though, Gorske enjoys regular exercise and balances out the rest of his diet which explains how a pair of BMs per day hasn’t been as damaging as one would have assumed.

Which of these lifestyles, then, do you think you could adapt to best?