The Importance Of Sea Salt

Sea salt has been a precious commodity for centuries. It is very beneficial in regulating the body and delivering certain nutrients, and it improves the flavor of our cooking! So, what are some of the incredible advantages of sea salt? Here are some of the more essential ones.

Maintains Hydration

Contrary to what most people believe, sea salt does wonders for maintaining the body’s hydration levels. The number of nutrients in sea salt quench our thirst for a longer time and helps us to hold on to fluids. However, table salt dehydrates us and depletes our bodies with important minerals.

Fluid Retention

Some people believe that eating salty causes bloating or water retention, and this is true when you eat white table salt and refined salt that is found in processed food. But real sea salt has the opposite effect due to its balanced ratio of minerals, particularly potassium and sodium, which help with the release of trapped water. 

Source of Minerals

Pure sea salt contains 84 trace minerals that strengthen our bodies. Due to monocropping and poor farming practices, our soil has become depleted of these vital minerals and no longer provides the nutrients to our food as it once did. But we can refill our bodies with these easily absorbable minerals by supplementing table salt with sea salt.

Enhances Digestion

Sea salt is needed for digestion. The flavor activates salivary amylase, an enzyme that helps with the breakdown of carbohydrates in the saliva. Sea salt is also important in producing hydrochloric acid, which is released in the stomach to help with the breakdown of food. Most people lack hydrochloric acid, which can lead to a variety of digestive difficulties like bloating, gas, heartburn, and indigestion.