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Thankful Raccoon Still Returns to Rescuer Three Years After the Event

They say that animals have great minds, and are far more memory-laden then most would have assumed. However, when you save something like a little raccoon, you expect it to be a one-and-done event – never to be seen again, left to his or her own devices. However, when a particular individual helped to save a little baby raccoon, the impact of the rescue was so much that the little creature still returns to see his rescuer as long as three years after the fact.

The story has a harrowing start: if you find an orphaned baby raccoon, you told to let ‘nature take its course’ because if you take it to a vet they will likely euthanise the poor thing. So, when Nikki Robinson came across a little raccoon who was without any parents, she couldn’t allow such a fate to take place. despite working full-time, Nikki took her new pal to her mother, Linda, who was semi-retired and could take the time to bottle-feed the little baby raccoon as and when needed.

Before long, a strong bond was created between the two females and their new ‘baby’ friend. Despite knowing he would definitely return to the wild, they kept caring for Little Hands as much as they could. By the end of that summer, it was time to head out back to the wild world. With wet eyes, they let their little baby return to the normality of life.

Leaving food out for the raccoon, they eventually find their own way out into the world and enjoy life as it should be. However, he remained friendly enough and – three years on – still returns for the odd little visit. He has lived in the wild safely but continues to return to his ‘home’ for cuddles, scratches, and food with his adopted family.

Since Little Hands, the family have taken to bringing other little raccoons back into the family and bringing them up so that they can rise up to be strong, And much like the first of the gang, they all return from time to time for some hugs, love, and food with the family.

It’s a gorgeous little experience, and it’s an amazing experience for any older person to have that opportunity to still spend time around the beauty of nature. What a wonderful, heartfelt little story – the perfect example of human kindness done right!