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40 Stroller Hacks That Will Make Life with a Baby Easier

Being a new mother or father is an exhausting job, arguably the toughest job around. In between waking hours, meal times, diaper changes and bathing, it can be hard to catch a breath! We’re going to show all the new moms and dads out there a few hacks that will help with your daily struggles. 

Having a child in tow is surely an endearing yet daunting task. But not to worry, we’re here to support you in becoming a super parent. We’ve put together this list of 40 stroller hacks for new parents that will make life feel organized and more manageable.

Invest in a Cell Phone Carrier

There is no getting around it, working parents need to be able to multitask. Juggling work commitments with caring for young children is a challenge.

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That’s why investing in a cell phone carrier is essential. Cell phone carriers allow parents to use their devices, while keeping track of the kids — a dual function!  

Increase Visibility by Installing Safety Lights

Strollers have been around since the 1800s and it’s amazing how strollers have evolved over time. Technology has kept up with modern day needs and new technology has increased ease and safety.

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The stroller above has colourful safety lights installed, an extra safety feature for traveling in the dark. Stroller lights make it easy for others to see you coming from behind and serve the dual function of keeping your child entertained.

 Keep Your Stroller Secure

If you’re going to a venue with no place to securely leave your stroller, using a lock may be necessary. Bike locks can be used to ensure your stroller will be left where you parked it and are available in bike stores or auto shops.

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If you can’t find one, you may also use chains with padlocks or D-locks. Strollers are expensive, and without proper security you risk it being stolen! Much better to be safe than sorry.

Keep Baby Cool by Using a Clip on Fan

During the warmer months people love to be outside and many families like to travel. However if you’re traveling with a baby, keeping them cool during hot weather can be a challenge. We’re sure you don’t want your little one to experience any discomfort. 

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To prevent this from happening, you can buy an attachable clip-on fan for less than ten dollars. The fan can attach to your stroller and it will help keep your baby cool while you’re out and about. It’s also important to make sure your child wears lightweight clothing.

Stroller’s Cooling Pads

Here’s another smart solution that can help keep your child cool on hot summer days. Baby cooling pads will give your child cooling comfort. They come in many designs, which can add to the aesthetics of your stroller. 

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The cooling pad straps are adjustable to fit all kinds of strollers. They are easy to clean and provide a non-slip surface for your little one, even on sweaty days. If you want a cost-efficient one, you can make a DIY cooling pad, using a water-absorbing gel sheet from Home Depot.

Purchase a Tablet Holder

Screen time isn’t beneficial for everyone, especially for babies. It has been proven that babies who spend time on screens are less able to read human emotions and control their frustration. They are also getting less developmentally appropriate stimulation for their brains than babies who play face-to-face with real people.

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However, if your babies are throwing tantrums while you’re on a walk, perhaps you can let them have screen-time for just a minute. To do that, purchase an iPad holder and place it on your stroller’s handle. It will keep your baby occupied while outdoors.

Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to maintain both physical and mental health but need to meet other obligations, this hack is for you. Instead of running or biking alone, take your kid out with you by converting the stroller into a three-wheel trolley-bike.

Photo courtesy of instructables.com

There are plenty of videos on Youtube that can help you build your child’s jogging trolley. Watch the DIY videos and prepare the materials. While building it, make sure that it is screwed thoroughly to avoid any accidents. Once done, you’re ready to go!

 No More Losing of Sippy Cups

During the course of a year, you will certainly lose more than one sippy cup. Parents, you all knew that, right? If so, you’re probably wondering how to keep your baby’s bottle in one place. You don’t need to worry now because this hack will do the job!

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Instead of wasting money buying replacements for every sippy cup that’s missing. Go to your local dollar store and buy a cheap strap. Not only will it save your family time and money, but it’s also an easy way to reduce plastic waste.

More Holders

Baby strollers come with basket storage for storing your baby’s belongings but putting items in the basket is no guarantee that they’ll stay there. Things tend to roll around, and sometimes it can cause a leakage of milk and water on the floor.

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To fix this issue, use a hanging bottle holder, like the one pictured above. You can find and buy it online or at a dollar store. You can simply attach it to the back of the stroller, using velcro or ties for a more secure hold.

Shopping Bags Holder

Taking your child grocery shopping is a good opportunity for you and your child to bond and spend time together. However, you might face difficulty in carrying your shopping bags. Rather than managing your shopping bags with one hand while pushing the stroller with the other, try to install a carabiner.

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The carabiner is a piece of climbing equipment used to hold things together, but this hack uses it as a shopping bag holder. You simply attached it at the back of the stroller’s handle and viola! All you need now is to clip the shopping bags onto your stroller. Though be sure not to put on too much weight because the pram might topple over. 

To Do Notes

Before buying and using a stroller, it’s important to make sure that we understand its features and mechanics. Yet, many of us continue to struggle while assembling and folding up the strollers. It’s a pain in the butt.

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You don’t have to deal with this kind of frustration anymore. To make things easier for you, use colorful sticky notes, for example, to mark where you need to pull or press a button on the stroller. The stickers will remind you of what to do next. Genius, right?

Securing Wheels Grip

There are three parts of the stroller that need to be in good condition during the winter and rainy seasons. The first part is the handlebar, then the brake, and lastly the wheels. These parts are important in preventing the stroller from slipping.

Photo courtesy of YouTube/What?s Up Moms

During these seasons, the stroller wheels are most likely the ones prone to sliding. Here’s a better way to increase the grip of the stroller wheels on the ground. Wrap zip ties around your stroller wheels for more resistance. It will make wheels harder to move, which is safer for your baby.

Head Support for Extra Protection

There is no doubt that strollers are a great way to get around with your child. Though sometimes, when infants fall asleep, their head slumps forward, which can cause harm to their neck. Infants need to sit upright in order to maintain a good posture.

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A stretchable headband is a good option to keep them comfortable and safe. Its padding and softness ensure that your baby’s head is caught every time it falls forward. Not only does it help maintain good posture, it prevents your baby from experiencing a sore neck.

Snacks Holder for Feeding Time

Babies often get snack-ish when riding in their stroller. But strollers don’t usually come with a compartment for snacks. Sometimes the only choice is to give them the whole box! It’s risky though, as they might throw the snacks to the ground.

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Rather than wasting time cleaning up spilled snacks, parents can simply invest in a snack tray. It is made with high-quality material and is reusable and comes in different characters and colors. Simply hang them in the front handle of the stroller.

Cleaning Time

Part of keeping your stroller in good condition is to clean it from time to time. This will not only remove the built-up grime but also keep it hygienic for your baby.

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Using dish soap and warm water, turn your dirty stroller into a clean and fresh one. Once you have washed it, take a pressure hose to rinse all the bubble residue from the stroller. You can even make it fun for the whole family, like the photo above. Everyone was getting involved in the activity, a great bonding experience!

Make Baby’s Milk Time Extra Fun

If you have an infant, a baby bottle sling can be a real lifesaver. It allows your baby to feed without any difficulty, since the bottle is reachable for him or her. The sling is available online and in any baby store.

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Place it on the sun cover. Make sure that the position is not too high to prevent it from hitting your baby’s face. Now you don’t need to hold bottles every time your baby wants to feed.

Avoid Bending Backward

If you’re out shopping for anything, it’s important to be aware of how much stuff you’re buying. Suppose you buy too much and hang it all in the stroller’s handle. What do you think will happen? It can be risky if the stroller bends backward.

Photo courtesy of YouTube/What?s Up Moms

To prevent this, you should use ankle weights. Wrapping the stroller’s legs with ankle weights will help give you and your child a good balance, as you go about your walk or shopping.

Bungee Cords

Are you a parent? Do you often travel with kids? Then you probably experienced a bulky stroller that takes up all of the space inside your car. Bungee cords can help you if you’re traveling with strollers.

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Having it with you might help in holding down your kid’s stroller to the back of the car, allowing for more space. It is lightweight and easy to use. Tie the cord in the car seat’s headrest to the stroller handlebar. Easy, right?

Personalized Printed Tag

How can you avoid accidentally taking someone else’s stroller? There are some instances where you may find someone else’s stroller and think that it is yours. Or a time when you don’t know where you placed your stroller. How will you find it?

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You can solve this problem by using a printed tag. Simply write down your contact information and tie it to the handlebar of your stroller. If someone saw this, they can easily contact you and return the stroller. It will also help you identify what’s yours.

Rain Proof

It’s impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy. Despite your best efforts to plan ahead, unexpected circumstances can still arise. Weather at times can be unpredictable, the sun may be shining, then all of a sudden it’s raining cats and dogs.

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For this instance, you can find rain covers that fit most types of strollers. It will keep the stroller and baby dry when it’s raining. The rain cover is handy, so you can always carry it when going outside.

DIY Longer Handles

Parents love the convenience of the stroller. However, they often find themselves uncomfortable when pushing it. That’s because some stroller’s handles are too short for them. Some parents need to bend down, which causes pressure on their back.

Photo courtesy of instructables.com

No more sore arms and back when you push your stroller! All you need is to pick up some long bike handles and insert the end in PVC pipes. Attach them to the stroller with some Velcro ties. You’ll then have a much easier time pushing your child around.

Speedy Ride

To create an insanely fun ride for your kids, try this hack. Attach their stroller to a skateboard, then push it around the neighborhood. Just make sure the baby is strapped in for safety. 

Photo courtesy of 123inspiration.com

Just like skates, you can use this to go faster and get places quicker, which is especially important for little daredevils. Your kids will surely love the experience of the thrill of whizzing down the street — parents too!

No More Walking

Skateboarding is a popular form of street sport. The coolest part is that skateboards can also be used for fun walks with your infant. We have here another fun ride hack for you.

Image courtesy of soulaxdo.top

Just like with the longboard ride, you can use a skateboard to push your child’s stroller. Push it while being on a board, or have your toddler move his baby sibling down the road. This is great if you’re too lazy to walk.

Wheel Cover

Strollers are convenient to have around, but that convenience is cut short when they start dragging dirt into the house, especially on rainy and muddy days. You can prevent mud from sticking to your stroller using this DIY wheel cover.

Photo courtesy of meekhao.com

Get handy shower caps, cover the wheels before going outside, and take them off before entering the house. Now you won’t have to clean messy mud off the floor. Shower caps are inexpensive and reusable — just wash them off after each use.

More Storage for Baby’s Items

If you’re already using this hack, then great! If not, then give it a try. If you have one of those large IKEA bags in your home, it’s big enough to fit all the things you need for your baby or groceries.

Photo courtesy of Sparkles and Crafts

Just hang the large bag on the handlebars of your stroller. With the extra storage, you can easily carry heavy things and go hands-free. This will also make sure you stay organized while out on a long walk.

Costume Party

If your child is tired of the traditional way of strolling through the park, why not find a creative and fun way to entertain them? You don’t have to wait until Halloween to express your flair for fashion. Be creative now!

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/Tammy84

Dressing up a stroller can be a great way to spruce up the ride. The parents of this little boy turned his stroller into a presidential office. He looks so adorable in his black coat and tie!

Another Set of Bottle Holders

If the bottle holders from the above post are not enough, then we think that you need this hack. Instead of putting the spare bottles in the stroller basket, attach more storage options.

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/Nicole Reidling Herreros

Turn your stroller into a mobile baby feeding station. You just need to add more hanging organizers and carabiners. Attach and clip all of them to the stroller, slide the bottles inside, and you’re good to go! You now have yourself a more reliable storage solution.

 Sleep Time

If you have young children, you know there are times they can’t sleep even when they are in an incredibly comfortable, oversized stroller. With this next hack, you’ll be able to keep them comfortably asleep.

Photo courtesy of tinkertravels.com

If you have an empty seat next to you, stop your stroller and then tilt it backward onto the chair. That way, your child can go completely horizontal with his head back. Just make sure that you hold down the stroller handle with one hand and keep a close eye on it.

Twin Stroller

Having two kids can be a handful, especially if they are twins with separate strollers. Instead of pushing two strollers at once, you can strap them together allowing them to be pushed more easily. This hack will make your life much easier.

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Get a stroller connector on Amazon. It will let you join two strollers together without exerting any effort at all! Your work is reduced, and your children feel more secure and happy during the walk.

 Dual Purpose Ride

Biking is great if you want to get in shape, and people usually do this alone. However if you want company while you exercise, consider trying this hack. Get a trailer that can attach to your bike. It’s an effective option if you wish to be with your kids while exercising.

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It will be a blast for both you and the kids since you’ll both get to explore the sights of the countryside while getting some exercise. But don’t forget to wear safety gear — it’s going to be a long and fun ride.

 Reflective Tape

For most parents, their children’s safety is the most important thing in the world. That’s why some of them are using this hack. They place a reflective tape or decal on the stroller to increase the visibility on the road, especially at nighttime.

Photo courtesy of maniadecantar.com.br

To do this, place a strip of reflective tape around the front of the stroller. It can be purchased without costing a fortune . Even a few rolls of this can make a huge difference in your child’s safety.

 Increase the Grip Comfort Using a Pool Noodle

Pushing a stroller around with a baby in it can get a little uncomfortable for your palm. That’s where a pool noodle comes in handy. By covering the bars on the stroller, you can make your job easier and more comfortable all at once!

Photo courtesy of One Crazy House

Here are the materials you’ll need: one pool noodle, tape, and cutters. Slit one side of the pool noodle, slide it on to the stroller’s handlebars, and secure with tape. Now you can hold the handle without hurting your palm.

 Flag up the Stroller to Stand Out

We’ve talked about some ways you can make your stroller stand out. Another hack that could work is to attach flags. It is a simple way to help you identify your stroller quickly, especially if you love going to crowded places.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

There are good deals on flags at Amazon. In the photo is one of the most commonly bought flags, but there are others too. If you want to buy something cheaper, consider purchasing a bundle with an American flag.

Get Playful With Hammocks

Boredom can cause restlessness and irritability, particularly for little ones. To prevent this, try switching things up once they start getting bored. For example, you can install a hammock on your stroller. It will give your little one a calming experience.

Photo courtesy of Etsy/wallaseat

Repurpose the Body of a Stroller

As your children grow, they will outgrow their car seats, cribs, strollers, and clothes. Instead of throwing them away, think of ways to recycle items into something else that will still help you in your daily routine. For example, the stroller can convert into a grocery basket holder.

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/Gia A. Marie

All you need is to remove the seating part and place one or two baskets between the frames. This way, you can save yourself from carrying heavy baskets. Just push around your groceries on your shopping stroller.

Install a Buggy Board

This hack is great for any parent with two kids under the age of five. In addition to allowing you to spend time with both your kids, this hack will also give your older child a sense of responsibility.

Photo courtesy of lumberjocks.com

Installing a buggy board is a great way to make strolling more fun for your kids. Let them both enjoy family bonding and get involved in a sibling’s activity. You can make your own buggy board, it’s easy. Or purchase one that’s made by someone else.

Stroller Organizer

If you have a small house, you need to figure out the best storage strategy for the stroller. One solution is hanging them on a wall mount. You just need a hook that can hold the stroller’s weight.

Photo courtesy of weespring.com

Instead of storing it at the bottom of the stairs and tripping over it, attach hooks at the back of your door or on the wall near the door itself. It will save some space and prevent some accidents.

New Handle Grips

If you have children, you probably have a stroller. But if you’ve used that stroller for years without replacing it, then its handlebars might start to slip. It’s important that your stroller’s handles are tight so you can push it comfortably.

A great way to improve your stroller’s grip is to replace your old handlebar with a better one. Handlebars, in general, increase your grip thanks to their texture. You can even customize the color for a more pleasing design.

Work Hands Free

If you’re taking care of your children while also working, it can be difficult. But you can easily accomplish both goals at once by multitasking. Yes, it’s possible. Using a hands-free phone holder.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Installing a car phone holder on the handle of your stroller is a good way to stay connected to your phone without always picking it up. This is suited to all types of strollers.