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Simple Storage Hacks to Keep Any Home Organized

Apart from designing an aesthetically pleasing interior, it is essential to maximize every space in a house. In this way, not only will the house look spacious but it will also have a clean and vibrant aura. Some feng shui experts also believe that putting things in the right place ensures the house will be filled with positive energy. However, rearranging or decluttering isn’t that easy. 

You have to invest a lot of time into planning, preparing, and executing these ideas. Before you leap in, we are here to assist you with some of the most useful storage hacks shared by experts and homeowners alike. Get your pen and paper ready as we unveil these space-saving tricks.

The Beauty of Pegboards

While a pegboard’s main purpose is to improve fine motor skills for toddlers, over the years, this simple board has been used for many other purposes. Due to its design, simplicity, and price, the pegboard is now a common organizational accessory in many households.

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If you have a messy garage with tools scattered everywhere, why not mount a pegboard? By adding pins or hooks to its holes, you can easily hang tools such as pliers, hammers, and screws. This can be used in your kitchen as well.

Used Cans Make Great Containers

This trick will save you money and help the environment. More often than not, after consuming what’s inside the can, we automatically throw it into the trash. That is perfectly normal, but you can repurpose them to be more eco-friendly.

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All you need to do is to remove the stickers around the can and paint it with whatever color matches your decor. Tie it on a rack like the one shown in the image above, and there you go – a simple storage hack.

A New Use for Folding Chairs

When we saw this trick, we were astonished at how clever it was. As you can see from the picture, it’s very simple, but you do need to be accurate with your measurements.

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You’ll need to ensure you secure the chairs well so that they don’t tilt once you stack on the items you wish to store. Once you’re finished, you can use the folding chairs as clothing racks or storage for boxes and books.

Window Boxes Are Not Just for Outside Use

If you’re a nature lover who’s ever lived in the city, you’re probably well acquainted with windowsill garden boxes. They are mainly used for small plants, bird feeders, and other ornaments. However, these window boxes can be used inside the house as well.

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If you don’t have enough space for your toiletries, hang a window box using over-the-door hooks. You can also use these handy baskets to store home office essentials like pens, erasers, pencils, staplers, and scotch tape.

Stylish Clothing Rack

Space-saving ideas are great for any household, but these tricks are commonly used by people who don’t like staying in one place for too long. Some say it’s boring, but you can make it stylish too.

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If you don’t have time to create a DIY closet for your clothes, why not just buy a clothing rack? It is very cheap and can be bought easily. Before buying one, make sure that it matches your home decor. Just look at the example illustrated in the picture.

Cable Straps to the Rescue

Nowadays, cable straps are used for many more things than we ever could’ve imagined. Cable strap manufacturers now create straps from rubber, velcro, nylon, metal, and plastic. What if we were to tell you that these simple straps can be utilized in your closet as well?

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Carefully drill a hole into the closet wall. Use a metal hook to put the hanger or cable in place. Start adding light items such as scarves or small bags. Then continue adding cable straps depending on the need.

Let Your Dolls Relax in a Hammock

This simple trick is innovative and doesn’t need a lot of work. Just get a small size hammock, a hammer, and two screw-in hooks. Secure the hammock as shown in the picture below, and then put those dolls and teddies in their new home.

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Now your dolls and stuffed toys are organized and tucked away properly. A word of warning: This is not advisable if you have kids who get scared easily. Imagine waking up and seeing a dark shadow looming in the corner. That could be a very scary sight.

The Advantages of Plastic Containers and Drawers

Just to be clear, we are not here to promote or encourage people to constantly use plastic. However, we cannot deny its advantages nor argue with the reasons people keep using it.

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If you have small items for gardening, sewing, or carpentry, a plastic drawer or box is all you need. The major advantages of using a plastic drawer are that it is lightweight, inexpensive, and impervious to rust. This is another quick and easy DIY for your storage problems.

A Simple Bathroom Solution

There was once a popular TV show that showcased different DIY projects we could try at home. In one episode, the presenter posed the intriguing question of whether a linen closet is really necessary?

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If you simply don’t have enough space to build a linen closet, this trick is definitely for you. Buy a storage box made of rattan or any other eco-friendly material. Position it horizontally, and attach it to your wall. Now you have storage for all those items you would usually put in a linen closet. 

Don’t Throw Those Tissue Boxes Away

Here’s another underrated hack that is now popular all over the world. If you have a tissue box and it is still in good condition, don’t throw it away. Instead, you can use this box as a handy container for small items.

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All you need to do is cover your tissue box in beautiful fabric or contact paper. Then, you have a makeshift container to keep things like nail polish, crafting accessories, and stationery in one place.

Spice Up Your Life

First, we must apologize if you now have a Spice Girls song stuck in your head. However, we promise it’s worth it for this handy tip.

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Next time you go to Walmart, you might need to purchase some small jars. These jars are not only versatile but easy to clean as well. They are perfect for your spices. Just add little labels so you always know which is which.

Attention, Wine Lovers!

Drinking wine was considered sacred in ancient times, and the type of wine people drank depended on their social ranking. Nowadays, everybody can enjoy a tipple without following any complex protocols.

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If you love wine, then you probably have quite a few wine glasses taking up space in your cupboards. To save space and protect those glasses, why not try hanging them? According to glassmakers, the mouth of the glass is fragile, so hanging them this way will prolong the life of your wine glasses.

Maximizing Your Bathroom Space With Hooks

This is our fourth bathroom hack (and probably not the last). If you don’t have any space for another drawer or cabinet, then you may want to try this handy storage hack.

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Go to the nearest hardware store and pick up some s-rings or shower rings and clips. Attach the s-rings to a steel rod similar to the bar used for shower curtains. Hook on the clips, then use them to hold small shower items, just as you see in the picture.

Say Goodbye to Messy Countertops

We can’t stress enough how frustrating messy countertops can be thanks to all our cups, books, snacks, and other random belongings. Aside from that, countertops seem to be the favorite spot for young ones to spill their drinks.

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It’s time for us to end this nightmare with the quickest solution possible. You will need a plank of wood, some hooks, and some steel L bars. This method will not only save a lot of space but your countertops will look sleek and modern too.

A Simple Rack and S-Hooks

For the minimalist, this hack is a brilliant way to save space and money. Racks and s-hooks are as easy to install as they are to purchase. So, if you are going to visit a hardware store soon, then add these items to your shopping list.

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Steel rods and s-hooks can be used anywhere and everywhere. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the rack must be perfectly aligned. So, you may need to add a plumb level to your hardware store shopping list. 

Repurposing Old Glass Jars

The bathroom hacks just keep on coming, and we are loving it. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, it is likely filled with many small things. From hair products and toiletries to cotton buds, medicine, and fragrances, these items can quickly mount up, making even the sleekest bathrooms look messy.

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If you have some old glass jars lying around, wash them out, let them dry, then turn them into nifty bathroom storage containers. You can do this for anything from liquids to cotton buds and q-tips. 

Decorating an Old Storage Box

When we hear the words “storage box,” we automatically think of a dirty, old, and worn-out case. Often, this isn’t far from the truth. However, with DIY videos all over the internet, we can now experiment with decorating these boxes and giving them a new lease on life.

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With some fabric, ribbon, hot glue, and a little creativity, you can revamp boring old storage boxes. You may even wish to label them with words, numbers, or pictures. Then stow them away somewhere convenient.

A Beautiful Bathroom Caddy

This is an easy trick for ensuring nothing is ever in your way in the bathroom. All you have to do is pick up a stylish caddy, like the one in the picture below, and you can perfectly organize your bathroom. 

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Some don’t consider this a hack since there isn’t any DIY work involved. However, this trick saves space and gives you so much versatility in your bathroom that we had to include it on the list. What do you think?

Did Someone Say Boot Holder?

Finding a way to store long boots can be irritating. First, you have to make sure that the area is spacious. Second, something soft but sturdy should be inserted inside the boots to make sure they do not lose their shape. 

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That sounds like a lot of work. Instead, why not try a simple hack? Get a plank of wood, drill a hole where PVC pipes can be placed, paint them a stylish color, then store your boots. Just make sure you give the paint time to dry! 

Decorating Your Laundry Basket

Something as simple as rope can be a stylish decoration. Gone are the days when ropes were just used to tie things. Modern-day interior designers are now using them as a design feature.

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If you have some extra time on your hands, try decorating your laundry basket. All you need is enough rope and a good-quality glue gun with plenty of cartridges. 

Closet Under the Bed?

How often have we heard stories and legends about monsters hiding under our beds? Although most adults have grown out of worrying about such things, we still understand why kids fear the stories. There is, after all, so much empty space under most beds.

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With that said, to maximize the space under our beds, we can create a makeshift closet by installing drawers. In addition to maximizing space in the room by providing extra storage, this hack is ideal for keeping monsters at bay. 

The Right Hanger for Camisoles

Ladies, if you are having constant issues hanging your camisoles, today is your lucky day. Regular hangers don’t seem to do the job for camisoles as these types of shirts usually slip off. Some people put rubber bands on their hangers to stop the camisoles from slipping. However, we have an easier solution. 

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The trick is to use an s-ring or bend a regular wire hanger into the shape you see in the picture. By doing this, you can hang ten or more camisoles on just one hanger.

Maximize the Space Under the Sink

If house-elves can create an entire neighborhood under the sink, then you can maximize it as well with this trick. If you have an unused storage box, preferably plastic, then you can use it as a makeshift container.

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Clean the boxes first, then design them according to your liking. As always, make sure to put labels on each box to avoid confusion. This setup makes cleaning easier as you can carry out all the items you need in one handy box.

Upcycle Your Storage Bins

If you are looking for ways to save money while making things stylish in your house, then we have another trick for you. Bins come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be bought almost everywhere.

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Bins can be used to store almost everything. You can almost see the ones in the picture hanging in the garden from an s-hook. You can also use them in your kitchen, provided they are installed properly.

Transform a Pants Hanger into a Jewelry Organizer

At first, this may sound crazy, and we fully understand why. Who in their right mind would put their jewelry on a pants hanger? Someone with far more jewelry than they know what to do with – that’s who!

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Using pants hangers as jewelry organizers lets you save space and prevent your jewelry from tangling. According to renowned home decoration specialists, this is a great way to start transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle.

Shoe Drawer Storage

Most of the tips on our list are about maximizing space and exploring other uses of daily household items. We are sticking to this trend with this reimagination of shoe storage shelves.

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By using your imagination, you can uncover all sorts of alternative uses for the items you already have in your home. Use this shoe storage example as inspiration, and start thinking creatively about storage in your home. 

Suction Cup Holders are Now a Thing

Remember the days when using a suction cup holder as an alternative container was considered weird? Traditionalists want to stick with the old methods, so this trick may seem very unusual to some.

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Regardless of what interior designers may think, suction cup holders are now a trend, and we are not even surprised about it. First, they are cheaper compared to other containers. Second, they don’t rust. Third, they are easy to clean. Finally, they can be placed anywhere and everywhere.

Linens Under Your Mattress

If you haven’t tried doing this, we suggest you hop to it immediately. This simple hack perfectly embodies the phrase, “hitting two birds with one stone.”

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The common issue with bed linen is that dust gets easily attached to the fabric, it can also develop wrinkles easily. Storing your clean bedding under your mattress will resolve these two issues.

Keeping the Fridge Well Organized

This trick involves materials that can be used as makeshift containers. From various jars to different sizes and shapes of Tupperware, specialized containers can be very helpful in organizing your fridge.

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Rather than putting those fruits and vegetables in messy plastic bags, why not use jars and Tupperware? You can also use them for your leftover foods. Just make sure that you don’t overstock the fridge as you don’t want the glass shelves in your fridge to break.

Laundry on Wheels

We’ve already showcased toiletries on wheels, now it’s time for the laundry baskets to be upgraded. Having tons of laundry is tiring. Carrying a laundry basket is another story. To avoid putting your back out, why not install wheels on your basket?

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This trick is so convenient that once it is finished, even young ones will be able to bring the laundry basket over to the washing machine without any problems.

Cardboard Boxes as Multipurpose Bins

The beauty of doing a DIY project is that it saves you money while helping you develop your creativity. It is like being back in art class, where anything goes. This is the spirit of the hack we are about to share.

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If you have extra cardboard boxes, regardless of whether they are new or used, you can create all sorts of multipurpose bins. There are no boundaries in creating a DIY storage box, so you can allow your imagination to run wild. If you mess up, it’s only cardboard, so nothing is lost, but you will have learned a lot. 

Pimp Your Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are mainly used for one purpose only – giving us privacy in the shower. Who would have thought that they could be transformed into a handy storage space? This is another trick that you might want to add to your DIY list.

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Shower curtains are made from resilient fabric, meaning, they can withstand much more than other materials. To execute this hack, you need to cut out squares of waterproof material to create pockets you can then stitch onto the shower curtains. This trick is simple but innovative.

A Stylish Scarf Hanger

If hanging a camisole is annoying, keeping a scarf in one place is infuriating. You think you placed it properly in a hanger, then all of a sudden, it falls out. Thanks to a famous video blogger, an ancient secret has finally been uncovered.

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During ancient times, they used a method where they aligned simple rings for storing their scarves. You can replicate this ancient trick with shower curtain rings. Say goodbye to dramas with scarves!

Lazy Susan Solutions

To those who aren’t familiar with this rotating tray, the lazy Susan was named after the inventor’s daughter who always complained when she was asked to pass the salt.

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This handy device is commonly used in kitchens, and it is not limited to spices only. You can find lazy Susans of all sizes. This is where liquid condiments and sauces are stored. Be sure to buy one next time.

The Power Of See-Through Makeup Boxes

One of the most common issues for makeup artists and makeup aficionados is locating the right makeup and shades for their subjects. It is time-consuming, but it is all part of the art form. 

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To make sorting through makeup easier, all you need to do is to purchase a few transparent plastic boxes. You don’t need to use labels as these makeup items will reveal themselves thanks to the see-through casing. 

Bored with Your Charging Stations?

In this day and age, technology has taken over, and so have its cords and cables. While it is great to see where technology is leading us, there are some annoying side effects.

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Those cables never seem to stay where we left them. While there are few hacks to resolve this, having a small container or bin will do the job for you. You can also attach a small card or label to the cable, just like the one shown in the picture.

Baking Tray Tricks

After holidays or parties, we often end up with leftover food and extra condiments lying around everywhere. Yes, you can use ziplock bags, jars, and Tupperware, but there’s an even easier solution lurking in your cupboards. 

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All you need to do is pull out a couple of baking trays. This will allow you to keep sauces, bottles, and other random items contained. You can even stack the trays on top of Tupperware containers, as shown in the picture. 

Exploring Other Purpose for Drying Racks

Many people put their drying racks below the kitchen sink when they’re not in use. However, this is a massive missed opportunity if you’re in need of more storage space in your kitchen.

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Leave these racks on top of the sink, and they can serve as another area where you can store your kitchen utensils. Just be very careful in choosing what to place on that drying rack to avoid accidents.

Not a Harry Potter Trick

Avid fans of the Harry Potter series will surely know what we are talking about. Remember the time when the freshmen in Hogwarts were being taught to levitate a feather? Despite trying their best, only Hermione Granger was able to perfect it.

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The first time you see the trick shown in the photo above, it looks like the books are suspended in the air. However, the bottom book is actually connected to an L-bracket.