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South American Animals Make the Ideal Mascot for a challenging 2021

Like the rest of the world, you no doubt have found the last year or two trying in the extreme. And you would not be alone in feeling that way – 2020 and 2021 have been years that have changed the very shape of society. However, if you feel tired and drained from the emotional overload of the last two years, you should look to the Andes mountain for inspiration. Why? Because in the hills you can find a creature known as a viscacha. These are, in effect, giant mouses that look like a mixture between a mouse and a rabbit.

They are absolutely adorable, and provide this perpetually bored expression. They look like they’ve been stuck indoors for the last 18 months like the rest of us!

The animal itself has built up quite the viral following on social media as people flock around to see these hilarious animals in all of their grandeur and glory. Some have noted that their bored, sleepy style make them the ideal mascot for what has been a difficult time for everyone.

Take a single look at these adorable creatures, and you can see why they might resonate the kind of feelings that exist within you at present. They are extremely funny looking little animals, but they do spend most of their time just resting and relaxing. You’ll regularly see them hanging around in the sun, enjoying working on their amazingly thick and fluffy coats.

They are pretty round, too, which makes them ideal for lounging and rolling around. Given they can become as large as 18” long, though, these are some pretty big rodents to see just lying around. If you need a creature to represent how you feel after the last year, though, you might just find that the adorable viscacha is the ideal representation of the lethargy of 2020-21.