Simple Tricks For Greener Living

Practicing sustainable living begins at home, and every step towards eco-friendly living counts. If you’ve just embarked on your green adventure, here are some tips to help you along!

Switch off Lights and Devices

If you are worried about your carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption levels by switching off the lights when not in use. You’ll also notice the difference in your electricity bills each month!

Don’t Waste Food

Too often, we end up buying or cooking more than we need, resulting in tons of food dumped in landfills. It’s not only a massive waste of food and money but increases the carbon dioxide levels in the air.

Cut Down Meat Consumption

The livestock industry accounts for a staggering 14. 5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Cutting down meat consumption can impact reducing carbon footprint enormously.


Turn trash into treasure by composting. Get a compost bin where you can make natural fertilizer from kitchen waste instead of throwing it into the trash. You’ll also reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill and your garden will thank you for it.

Cut Out Plastic

Some simple steps you can consider to cut out plastic – carry a reusable bottle, bringing a shopping bag from home, using reusable containers/cutlery, or buying loose groceries instead of packaged ones.

Save Water

Find ways to use only as much water as you need. Bathe less frequently, don’t do laundry in small batches, or invest in dual-flush toilets that reduce water consumption per flush.

Green Your Commute

Before heading out, check whether you can carpool, walk, use public transport, or take the bike instead. It’s fun having company on the road and gives you extra points in eco-friendly living too.