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40 Brilliant Ways To Make Shoes Last Longer

With so many things to do, it’s easy to feel like life is just one long list of chores. Don’t you just hate it when your shoes wear out, and the store doesn’t carry that style anymore? Good news! We’ve found some innovative tactics for preserving your favorite shoes for as long as possible.

To help you get the most out of your shoes, we’ve compiled some simple tricks and practical steps that will help extend their life cycle and keep them looking, smelling, and feeling as good as new. From tips on how to lengthen the life of your heels to advice on making them more comfortable, these shoe hacks are sure to be helpful to all.

Avoid Bruises With Heel Grips

Have you ever walked past gorgeous high heels at the mall but been too afraid to wear them? Don’t worry! There are many ways to make high heels comfortable and fashionable at the same time, and you can do so without breaking the bank. 

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A heel grip is a product that anyone who wears high heels can use. It is essentially a padded disc that you place in the shoe, allowing your weight to rest on it. This eliminates friction and pressure between the shoe and your foot.

Giving Your Sneakers A New Life

Here’s a tip that will help keep your shoes looking new for longer. If you’ve noticed that your favorite pair of sneakers is wearing down lately, make sure to follow these quick steps to see if you can give them new life.

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Keep WatchingWith a damp cloth and a steam iron, you can freshen up your beat-up sneakers. Put the fabric on the wrinkles and gently rub it with an iron to remove any creases. Your shoes won’t look brand new again, but they’ll definitely look better.

Squeak No More

Squeaky shoes can be a nuisance. It’s bad enough to have to listen to them at work all day, but it’s even worse when the squeaks get the attention of others who start laughing. Fortunately, there is one quick fix for annoying shoes.

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To make your feet as comfy as possible, add some baby powder to the inside of your shoes. The powder will improve the overall grip, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable experience each time you wear them.

Come Up With Different Shoelace Patterns

We all know how it feels when our shoes begin to look a bit old. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to make them more fun and exciting. Simply tie them in different ways to give them a unique look that makes you stand out and be noticed.

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There are tons of ways to tie your shoes. You can find many different patterns that will make your old kicks look new. Don’t want to use crisscrosses? Try switching them out for something different, just like this picture.

Heel Caps To Save The Day

Imagine waking up and finding out that your favorite pair of heels is broken. That would be awful, and it would not be an easy fix. Luckily, there is a solution that doesn’t involve duct tape or superglue. Heel caps can spare you from making irreversible mistakes with shoe repair.

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When your favorite pair of heels get worn, a heel cap can keep you from having to throw them into the trash. By investing in a couple of these handy little helpers, you can repair your heels on the spot. 

DIY Inner Soles

There are instances when it’s challenging to wear shoes. Instead of spending money on unpleasant inserts or pricey soles, try the following shoe hack for a quick and easy fix. Apart from it being affordable, you don’t need to worry about it being uncomfortable since you’ll be creating a tailored fit for your feet. 

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If you want more comfort in your shoes, make some inserts from a large piece of thick, grippy fabric. Cut the fabric to match the size of the shoe, and use a hot glue gun to stick it into place. Once it’s dry, slip it into your shoes for a more pleasant experience.

Slippery No More

When you’re wearing new shoes, it’s common to feel as if you’re not getting enough traction. The good news is that there’s an easy fix for that. Simply apply some sandpaper to the underside of your shoes, and you will be able to walk around with confidence on any surface.

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You can do this each time you leave the house to ensure your safety. In this way, you’ll be able to maintain your balance since you’ll have more friction, which equals more traction. This is especially helpful if you’re in heels.

Deodorant for Blisters?

If you’ve ever had blisters on your feet from dancing all night, you’ll know how annoying they can be. Get rid of them by rubbing some clear gel deodorant on the inner heel area of your shoes. It can take a few days to work, but once it does, your blister problems will be over!

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Rubbing deodorant on areas of friction between your foot and shoe – like the back of the heel or toes – will also prevent blisters from forming in the first place. This is a much more effective way of dealing with blisters than waiting until after they have already formed.

Make Your Boots More Comfortable

If you want to wear comfortable boots, it is best to make sure they fit snugly. If your favorite pair does not seem to be cutting it for you anymore, then you can use some old newspapers to solve this problem.

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If you have tight boots that are too hard to get on, take a few newspapers and stuff them into the boots. This will stretch the leather upper enough so that you can wear your boots again and not feel so uncomfortable.

Tea Bags To Make The Odor Go Away

You know what it’s like when your shoes smell bad. The smell assaults your nose, and you feel like throwing them out the window. However, you can try an easy fix that doesn’t involve washing them. In an instant, you can make your very own shoe deodorizer using tea bags.

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Put unused tea bags in your shoes. It’s a basic principle of science that tea absorbs moisture. Just put the bags inside and leave them there as long as possible. You can use whatever tea bag you have left at home, but minty ones are especially helpful since they have a fresh aroma.

Make Leather Shoes Look Like New

When you buy a pair of leather shoes you love, it’s essential to care for them well. Though they require a bit more maintenance than other types of shoes, these leather care tips will help you keep your shoes looking brand new!

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Take good care of your leather shoes by cleaning them with a toothbrush and vinegar. Dab the brush in vinegar and let the mixture sit for an hour to remove dirt or stains. Next, take a paper towel and wipe away any large bits of dirt. Any marks should melt away.

Flip-flops For The Summer

Flip-flops can be an excellent choice for warm summer weather. They are simple to put on, and they are affordable. The only problem is, they might pinch the toes if the straps are too stiff. The plastic between the toes can be uncomfortable, and it can even cause blisters. Thankfully, there’s an easy (and fashionable) answer. 

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The next time you’re thinking of going barefoot on a hot summer day, try sewing fabric to your flip-flops. They’ll feel soft, snug, and comfortable on your feet. This will make walking even more enjoyable than it used to be.

Moleskin For Shoes

Sometimes, flip-flop straps can be uncomfortable, and the same goes for regular shoe straps. However, there is a simple fix that can make them more comfortable. Did you know that moleskin will give you relief if you apply it correctly?

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To ensure your shoes are enjoyable to wear, pad the insides with moleskin foam. The soft padding absorbs all of that annoying friction between your foot and the shoe, so you can dance all night in those high heels without getting a sore spot.

It’s Better To Buy Shoes At Night

Do you know that distinct feeling of putting on a pair of shoes only to notice right away that they feel tighter than ever before? As it turns out, it’s not your imagination. Your feet do swell, especially when you’re sitting all day. 

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If you go shoe shopping too early in the day, your feet will swell by evening and make the shoes uncomfortable. The best time to buy shoes is late in the day when your feet are at their largest. Buy shoes in the afternoon or evening, and you’ll know they’ll fit any time of day.

Comfy New Shoes

Getting new shoes is an experience that comes with pros and cons. On one side, you’re excited to buy some cool footwear, but on the other, your new shoes can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry! Here’s a quick trick for you.

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When breaking in new shoes, it’s good to start off with thick socks. If they’re a bit tight, use a blowdryer on any tight or awkward spots. The heat will loosen up the material, which will help make your feet more comfortable at once.

Arch Support Inserts Are Great Investments

So, you’re suffering from foot pain, huh? We know it isn’t fun, and we want to help relieve your pain as quickly as possible. Thankfully, some anti-fatigue inserts can stop the aching in your feet, and they start providing relief instantly.

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Inserts are a great option because they work quickly. They help with walking and alleviate a lot of the pain in your feet. If you have flat feet, inserts will support your arches, and in turn, this can improve your posture and even help with back pain. This is why they are well worth the investment. 

Chop Down Your Heels

Not every woman can wear high heels, but many do because it makes them feel more confident. Heels can give you an instant lift – literally and metaphorically – and help you hold your head up high at work. If you love high heels, but they give you foot pain or back problems, getting them shortened might solve the problem.

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Did you know that reducing the height of your heel can actually improve circulation in your feet? It’ll also reduce the pressure on sensitive nerve endings near your joints. Just think of all the old shoes you can give a second chance at life!

Keep Your Shoes Free From Moisture

To keep your shoes in good shape, make sure they never get too damp. Water can ruin the soles and sturdiness of any shoe. Keep your shoes away from puddles, rainwater, and other sources of moisture to prevent lasting damage.

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When walking through a city or a rainy area, as much as possible, try to keep your shoes dry. If they get wet, you can use a paper towel or newspaper to help them dry off. This will prevent mold from growing on them.

Waterproof Your Shoes

Beeswax makes an effective waterproofing agent for shoes. Though it is only a temporary solution, it is a simple way to keep your footwear dry as you walk through puddles on a rainy day. Simply spread out beeswax evenly on both shoes, and the job is done.

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Beeswax is a good material for making your shoes waterproof. You can use it to add an extra layer of protection without changing the color or leaving any stains. The wax can be easily applied, making it perfect for even the most delicate slippers.

Avoid Chafing With Home Remedies 

If you’ve ever experienced the discomfort and pain that comes with an uncomfortable condition called chafing, you’ll be eager to hear this tip. The good news is that there are actually a few simple home remedies that you can use to reduce chafing.

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A tip for preventing chafing is to coat the areas prone to it, such as the ankles or heels, with K-Y jelly before activities such as exercise. This can help to prevent chafing and protect your skin in these areas.

Stop Your Feet From Getting Cold

The most painful part of winter is having cold feet. Do you dread getting up in the morning because your toes are too sensitive to the chilly air? If you often find yourself wearing double layers of socks, we have a quick hack to share with you.

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Your feet will be toasty warm in the winter if you wear wool socks to keep them cozy. Add an extra layer of wool to the bottom of your sneakers, slippers, or winter boots, and you and your feet will stay nice and warm for hours.

Putting Your Shoes In The Freezer Will Make Them Wider

No matter how much we love the way our new shoes look, the fit can be a problem. This shoe hack will help you make your shoes fit like a glove. All you need is an airtight bag, some water, and a freezer.

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Next time you buy new shoes and they feel a little snug, try freezing a sandwich bag of water, placing it in the area around the shoe where it feels tight, and then putting the shoes in the freezer overnight. The ice helps stretch the area feeling tight, so the shoes should fit better.

Keep Your Heels In Tip-Top Shape

To keep the heels of your shoes in good condition for as long as possible, it’s best to keep a good quality heel lining in place. Once the lining has started to wear down, just put a patch on it, and nobody will ever know.

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If you’re looking for a more cost-effective idea to get your shoes repaired, patching them with denim is an excellent option. This is because it’s durable, easily accessible, and doesn’t interfere with the shoe’s aesthetic. Furthermore, it doesn’t require you to cut up your favorite pair of jeans since there are plenty of denim patches and off-cuts available in fabric and craft stores.

No More Untied Shoelaces

Throw on your sneakers with ease and say goodbye to tying laces. No-tie shoelaces solve the problem of having shoes come undone, no matter how bad you are at tying knots. Not only that, but they can stretch several times larger than traditional knots.

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The best thing about no-tie shoelaces is that you can just cut them off and lace on new ones when they have passed their lifespan. A great alternative to traditional shoelaces, no-tie shoelaces let you make the most of your active lifestyle by preventing the tedious and time-consuming job of tying shoes.

Vaseline For Scuffed Shoes

Are your shoes scuffed? You can remove the unsightly marks with petroleum jelly. Simply apply the petroleum jelly to a cotton swab, and rub it in gently. The scuffs will come right off in seconds, and your shoes will be looking as good as new.

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Thai simple hack will make your shoes look brand new again. All you have to do is spend one minute applying the petroleum jelly, and you’re done. This trick works best with patent leather, which has a reputation for being difficult to treat when it gets scuffed.

Make Wearing Heels More Comfortable

The hardest part about wearing high heels is that they put pressure on the nerve between your second and third toes. However, there are ways to make your feet feel better when wearing high heels. The following hack is a sanity saver. 

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An excellent tip to ease some of the tension in your toes is to wrap them in athletic tape. Don’t make the tape too tight, or you’ll cut off blood circulation. Covering your toes just right will make walking more comfortable.

Can You Really Use Bread As A Shoe Cleaner?

When caring for your shoes, you should always ensure that you use appropriate materials. For durable shoes, leather is a great choice. Suede, though pretty, is very delicate and shouldn’t be cleaned often or in the same way as leather.

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As crazy as it sounds, bread is a great alternative for cleaning suede shoes. It is also a cushion that can protect your shoes from scratches and other damage caused by regular clothes. Apply the bread on stains with a polishing motion until the stains disappear, then brush off any excess residue before wearing them again.

Sneaker Protector Is The Key

When you first buy sneakers, they look fabulous and feel totally comfortable. After a while, however, they may develop creases on the sides. If you want to ensure that your favorite pair of kicks stay fresh and last longer, consider getting sneaker protectors.

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Shoe protectors can help you prevent and eliminate unsightly creases on your favorite shoes. They’re especially useful in avoiding scuffs on high-top Air Jordan Retro sneakers due to their unique design and shape. If you’re investing in your shoes, you might as well invest in shoe protectors.

Foot Sprays Will Keep Your Feet Smelling Fresh

Do your family and your feet a favor. Keep your tootsies happy and healthy by following this quick and easy foot hack. Spraying a lovely smelling foot spray can be the perfect way to refresh your feet before going out. Just spritz some on your foot, and it will keep your feet from smelling bad all day. 

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Aside from keeping your feet smelling fresh, these foot sprays are also formulated to help prevent slips. Spraying some on your foot will provide a protective layer on the skin. Simply spray on the bottoms of your feet and allow it to dry before slipping them into your shoes. 

Magic Erasers And Toothpaste To Whiten Your Shoes

Keeping squeaky-clean shoes in good condition is easy with a bit of help from your toothpaste. The secret to a longer-lasting shine is using a magic eraser or toothpaste to remove the dirt. In this way, you can keep your shoes looking new for a longer time.

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Clean your scuffed shoes by rubbing toothpaste all over them. In minutes, you will have a new pair of shoes! This is a cheap and easy way to keep your shoes clean, especially if you’re a klutz who tends to get your shoes wet and muddy in the rain.

Walk More Confidently In High Heels

A pump or two-inch heel is appropriate for an outfit worn to a formal occasion. However, while high-heeled shoes can be stylish and attractive, they can also make it more difficult to walk over certain surfaces. If you’re going to a garden party or just struggle with heels at the best of times, we’ve got you covered!

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Heel protectors help you maintain your posture and decrease the likelihood of losing balance, which is especially helpful while you’re outside. These heel protectors feature a patent-pending design that allows you to move more confidently while wearing your favorite heels.

Avoid Blisters With A Special Protective Spray

Blisters aren’t fun. Uncomfortable and frequently painful, blisters can be a real annoyance for anyone. Now, you don’t have to suffer any longer! Blister prevention spray will protect your feet from inflammation, so you can enjoy fun activities without worrying about your feet.

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A spray-on foot protectant is the best way to prevent your feet from becoming inflamed and painful. It not only works miracles for preventing blisters, but it’s also an excellent all-around product that will protect your feet against many things that can cause them harm.

A Glue Gun For More Grip

Not only should shoes be comfortable and look good, but they also need to offer you the right amount of grip. We’re sure most (if not all) of us own at least one pair of shoes that look great but aren’t really useful for walking.

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This is the fastest and easiest technique for getting traction out of shoes. All you need to do is to draw three lines on the sole of your shoe with a hot glue gun, and you’re ready to put your best foot forward.

Make Sure That Your Flip-flops Don’t Flop

Originally made of rubber, today’s flip-flops are more likely to consist of some kind of plastic. Still, even the most durable ones don’t ever seem to last through rocky terrain. If a flip-flop breaks on an outdoor adventure, use these tips to make it wearable again.

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You can repair a broken flip-flop plug with a simple tool – a bread clip. Position the strap through the hole underneath the base, then use a bread clip to secure it underneath. That’s it!

The Many Uses Of Banana Peel

People have different opinions about the look of used leather. Some folks like the look of old, broken-in boots, while others prefer to keep their footwear in near-new condition. If you’re in the latter group, you can clean up scuffed leather with a banana peel to restore it to its original state.

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Banana peels can make scuffed shoes look new. Just rub the inside of the peel on any part of your shoe, and you’ll see a quick change in color and shine. 

Organize Your Shoes With Pegs

With recent innovations in storage, your shoes will be much easier to keep clean and in good repair. All you need to do is install shoe pegs on your closet walls and hang them up when they’re not in use.

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You can easily pair up your shoes in neat stacks or put them away individually with this organizer. This saves you time since you don’t have to search for the matching pair when ready to wear them again.

Get Creative With Your Old Shoes

Your running shoes may still provide the same stellar fit, but they could definitely use a new look. With a bit of creativity and minimal effort, you can make your kicks as fashionable as the rest of your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Image courtesy of Sajal?s Art/YouTube

If you have a pair of comfortable shoes that you don’t want to throw away, go ahead and change the look. You can either attach patches or buttons to your old shoes or find new shoelaces and make them fashionable again!

Give Your Shoes A Bit Of A Stretch

When we order shoes online, they sometimes end up being too tight. This could be due to inaccurate measurements on the site or because one of your feet is larger than the other. Whatever the reason, there’s an easy fix.

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Did you know that there are handy tools that can give your shoes a quick stretch? This simple trick can make a shoe fit better within minutes. Shoe stretchers are ideal for those who have different-sized feet as they allow you to tailor the fit to suit.

An Easy Hack To Clean Fleece-Lined Slippers

If your fleece-lined slippers seem to be brimming with dirt, it’s time to send them for a wash. Here’s a simple guide to cleaning fleece-lined slippers that will help you save time and money on having to buy a new pair.


First, mix some dish soap in warm water and soak the shoes for a couple of minutes or so. The next (and final) step is to wipe them over with a clean cloth. Do this, and your shoes will look as good as new!

Panty Liners For Your Shoes?

As crazy as it may sound, you can keep your feet smelling fresh by slipping a panty liner into each shoe. The liners act as a sweat absorber that will keep your shoes and your feet clean and dry all day. 

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Your shoes can build up an odor over time. Though it’s uncomfortable to think about it, the truth is that they’re a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. To prevent a smelly situation, make sure to change the liners after each use.