Senior Residents Recreated Iconic Album Covers While In Quarantine

There truly is a silver lining in the cloud with a rise in creativity among people who are stuck at home. A group of senior citizens in Sydmar Lodge Care Home in the UK have recreated iconic album covers during the shutdown.

Robert Speaker is the activities’ coordinator at the Sydmar Lodge Care Home which has been in lockdown over the past 4 months. He decided to post a series of photos of the recreated album covers next to the originals which include the works of Queen, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, the Clash, Blink-187, and so many others. The models in the photos added their own unique twist to their covers like their names or when they were born.


Adding to that, Speker started a GoFundMe to raise donations for the advancement of the photo shoots and other projects to give the residents of the home something to look forward to and be excited about while they remain in lockdown. Speker wants the elderly residents to be happy, full of joy, and as interested as possible.

According to The Guardian the UK is currently seeing less than 800 new coronavirus cases each day throughout the month of July. During the months of April and May saw the rise in coronavirus over 5,000 new cases each day.


The residents at the Sydmar Lodge Care Home are continuing to recreate classic album covers while the shutdown remains in place.

In these times of uncertainty, there are many new reports of people using ingenuity and creative talents to uplift their spirits and get through all these negative times. We encourage everyone to dig deep inside and find something that you love doing and find a project that will get you through all the negatives and feel fulfilled!