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School of Rock Movie Stars Now Dating Together in the Real World

If you grew up watching Jack Black comedy movie School of Rock, you were probably around the age of the kids in the movie – if not younger – when it first came out. The film itself was a major hit, with the release in 2003 gaining a lot of positive feedback and playing a big role in propelling Black even further into mainstream consciousness. However, you might be surprised – or not – to know that two of the stars from the movie are now dating in real-life!If you remember the movie, you might be happy to hear that Caitlin Hale and Angelo Massagli are dating. They were part of the class, and played a role in the movie as Marta, the backing singer, and Frankie, the security manager. The two child actors have been in various School of Rock reunions over the years, but also appear to have been an item together since 2018.
The kids – well, adults now – have been in a fair few other media performances themselves. Hale was out of the picture for the while, but has recently started to pick up some acting credits once again. Angelo was involved in the likes of Stuart Little 2 and The Sopranos.Hale, though, became an OBGYN ultrasound technologist, while Angelo is a law school graduate. So, it sounds like they managed to outlive their minor-ish roles that were in the movie. As well as finding fame on the big screen for a time, it looks like the two have found love together – that rocks!