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Revenge Stories at Their Finest

Sometimes, when we’re angry with someone, we’re chill enough to just let karma do its job. It’s not that we hope horrible things happen to them. Rather, we feel that if retribution is meant to find them, then it will. Of course, not all of us can hold our anger inside. There are times when our fury over injustice erupts like a volcano, and no one can stop us.

When you’re upset with someone, you sometimes have no choice but to take matters into your own hands. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. If you could benefit from seeing justice served, here are some revenge stories that are sure to hit the spot. 

The Million Dollar Question

“I don’t know” – this is a classic answer that often arises when people are asked what they want to eat. Whether we wish to admit it or not, we have been victims and perpetrators of this annoying answer at least once in our lives, especially when we’re in a relationship.

Image Courtesy Of Lee_Mbuhleigh/Twitter

When you receive this answer, you end up guessing, and the worst part is that they might not like what you get for them. This man was not having it when he received this answer from his girlfriend. So, he gave her a literal bowl of “IDK.” At least she can say her partner is a good listener! 

A Perfect Christmas Gift

What’s one thing you’ll never forget from living with your housemates? For many people, it’s the constant prank wars that make every day a guessing game. Of course, not everyone shares the same sentiments. This girl was out for the summer, and when she got back, she found her room had been invaded by pink balloons. 

Image Courtesy Of thechive.comKeep Watching

It’s not the worst prank, to be honest. However, the amount of time wasted to clean everything would be draining. This girl was not willing to let it go. When her housemate was out for Christmas vacation in December, she decided it was payback time. She wrapped everything in her housemate’s room. What a perfect gift! 

Paying Alimony in a Savage Way

We all know that marriage is a challenging responsibility. It requires a significant amount of time, effort, understanding, and clear communication. Sadly, many married couples fail to keep it together. We all know it takes two to tango. If one person doesn’t do their part, the tendency is that the marriage will fail.

Image Courtesy Of Fontool/Twitter

This man divorced his wife, so he had to pay alimony. However, he couldn’t let go of the past without a little naughty pleasure. He decided to print happy photos of him with his new wife on the cheques. What a painful way of letting your ex-partner know that you’re doing just fine without them.

Wrapped in Plastic

Cheating is one of the worst things you can do to your partner. Just to clear things up, cheating is a choice. This girl was heartbroken when she found out that her husband was cheating on her. Instead of crying nonstop, however, she picked herself up and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Image Courtesy Of Taringa

She resolved to seek revenge, but she was cautious not to cause any harm. She covered her husband’s car with plastic wrap to ensure he’d be unable to drive it without a battle. Honestly, this is one of the most calming stories of cheating revenge. Sadly, the result of cheating is still the same. This man will be facing a hard time in more ways than one. That plastic-wrapped car is the least of his worries. 

Messing with the Wrong Squad

Dogs can be your best friend – until you mess with them. Humans are not always the best at dealing with animals. Often, people treat them with far less respect than they deserve. Being rude to dogs is not a good idea, especially if you live in their vicinity. 

Image Courtesy of virascoop

Dogs can tell when someone is being nasty to them, and here is an excellent example of how they might exact their revenge. The driver of this car was disrespectful to the neighborhood dogs, and what they did next caught everyone off guard. We suspect someone might have smeared food on his car to get the dogs so eager, but whatever happened, it’s going to be an expensive fix. 

A Wise Clapback

A quick question: When will some people realize that there’s nothing good about cheating? You will never get away with it, so be upfront if you have feelings for someone else. This woman came up with the wisest revenge when she found out that her boyfriend cheated on her. 

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She compiled a list of essential things about their relationship and spread it across their town. It’s like an Easter egg hunt, except without the eggs. Worst of all, several of the items on the list are valuable, such as a television and a laptop computer. What if someone notices them before he does?

When Enough Is Enough

Living with a messy person is a nightmare, especially if you’re used to a clean household. If you’ve experienced this type of situation, the first step is usually to tell that person nicely about their mess and ask them to clean it. However, everyone has their limits.

Image Courtesy Of LexeYb/Reddit

This person recognized that asking their partner to fix the bed over and over was useless. As a result, he opted to fix his side of the bed only. We may think it’s petty, but we can’t imagine how exhausting it is to ask someone to do something to the point of nagging them, only for them to ignore you.

A Special Glow-Up

Anyone who has siblings knows that there will always be a love-hate relationship. Don’t get us wrong – it’s wonderful to have siblings. They can make you cry with laughter or anger, and they generally make life more enjoyable.

Image Courtesy Of Obaldenno

This kid thought using his sister’s toothbrush to clean his shoes was a good idea. Well, he was wrong. As soon as his sister discovered what had happened, she was unstoppable. She decided to give his shoes a glow-up. As seen in the photo, her brother was too shocked even to speak – it looks like this marks the start of sibling wars.

Get the Message

It’s insane how creative some people can be when they’re out for petty revenge. Couples should know the value of balance, especially with household chores. If not, then this right here is something that you should consider doing.

Image Courtesy of izismile

If you’re tired of cleaning up after your partner, we got you. Just like this woman, make use of the sun. When you’re hanging your clothes, make a hidden message with them. Snap a picture for social media, and it will go down in history. Hopefully, he will begin to change his bad habits.

Pretty Savage

Here is another cheating story in which the victim nailed their revenge. Cheating will never be okay. It’s impossible to describe the shock and emptiness that flows into your heart when you trust your partner, but they cheat on you. This woman discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her, and she used those dark emotions to fuel a revenge plan.

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This lady convinced her unfaithful partner to get a tattoo, which was extremely risky. Don’t you agree? While her boyfriend was getting inked, she gathered her stuff, got up, and left him there. Now that’s savage. His new tattoo will serve as a constant reminder that he is a cheater.

Healthy Milk

Moms have one of the most challenging tasks in pregnancy and beyond. They create an entire human inside their wombs and then nurture it into adulthood. One of many jobs many mothers do is breastfeeding their kids. To do so while also working means pumping and storing milk. It also means you have a ready source of revenge on hand if anyone messes with you. 

Image Courtesy Of WellThatSucks/Reddit

Lucky for those working moms, they can store their milk in the office fridge and bring it back home for their newborn child. However, it’s not always safe to leave your things unattended at work. This breastfeeding mom has had enough of her office mates stealing her creamer, so she decided to prank them. We wonder if she really put breast milk in there.

DIY Trolley Lock

Learning how to drive is about more than just mastering the road rules. You also have to learn how to park your car. Sometimes, we ask ourselves how people got their driver’s licenses when they can’t even park their vehicles sensibly. If you fail to park your vehicle correctly, prepare yourself for the worst.

Image Courtesy Of InstantRegret/Reddit

This driver clearly did not understand how to park correctly, and the public was not happy with it. Someone decided to use a zip-tie to secure a trolley to the poorly parked car. The unhappy bystanders taught this driver a valuable lesson that they will never forget. 

Pumpkin Revenge

Halloween is one of the most anticipated celebrations for children. It means being treated to delicious sweets, wearing crazy costumes, and making fun decorations. Pumpkins carved with eyes and crooked smiles are always on the list of people’s decorations. However, even in situations like this, there are those who choose to do things we least expect.

Image Courtesy Of

Some people love to come and stomp on people’s pumpkin creations, and this man was fired up over it. He decided to pull a cruel joke on any thieves or vandals in the area. One thing is for sure: if anyone kicks or touches another of his pumpkins, it will be painful.

D Is for Don’t

It’s not easy to experience a breakup. It’s painful and tiring. This couple had split, but the guy wanted to do something unusual to win his girlfriend back. So, he wrote her a letter filled with apologies, asking for another chance

His ex-girlfriend was wise enough to turn down his proposal. She corrected his work, gave him some tips, and even graded his effort rather than throwing the letter away. He received a D (61/100) with his letter. Not only that, but she also provided him with some advice, suggesting that he could still improve.

You Got Roasted By So Many People

This lady had a fantastic way of getting back at her husband. His snoring was the reason why she couldn’t have a good night’s sleep. When she reached her limit, she decided to make him pay in the funniest way.

Image Courtesy Of DaveApnea/Twitter

We’re not sure how she accomplished it, but she recorded her husband snoring and then posted it to Spotify. What’s even funnier is that she made additional snoring alternatives, such as an instrumental version. It had already surpassed 200,000 streams when he checked.

Marriage Wars

You should be careful what you say to your wife since you never know what you’ll get out of it. This man, either jokingly or seriously, called his wife a sandwich maker. Who knows, maybe it’s because his wife usually feeds him sandwiches. Regardless of whether there was any truth to the moniker, his wife was not impressed.

Image Courtesy Of

Imagine biting into a sandwich only to discover that the cheese is still in the plastic wrapper. She resolved to teach her husband not to mess with her. He’ll probably quit repeating those words now that he knows what type of sandwich maker his wife is – a dangerous one.

Nowhere to Go

Some drivers don’t know how to be courteous or responsible. Having a license does not only mean being able to follow driving rules. A driver should know how to park as well. This driver didn’t show a bit of care when he decided to park his car selfishly. 

Image Courtesy of

Can somebody educate this driver? He needs to be told that parallel parking is only applicable in certain places. It’s good to see that other people joined forces to let this driver know that their actions are not okay. We hope the driver learned their lesson. 

Right Meow

Do not take what isn’t yours. Everyone should observe this simple rule. This woman was done with her co-worker, who kept eating her lunch. Meanwhile, the co-worker did not care about the note and labels she’d been putting on her lunch to indicate who owned it. 

Image Courtesy of Dooppy

She was so furious that she took matters into her own hands. She decided to put Friskies – a kind of cat food – into her wrap instead of tuna. She added some cheese to make it look authentic. We hope the thieving co-worker enjoyed that “treat.” 

Not Today Woman, Not Today

What’s the thing that you hate the most when you’re waiting for your turn to pay for groceries? You wish you could just breeze on through once you’re done shopping and carry on with your day. You’re good to go, but no. You have to wait in line.

Image Courtesy of Twitter/spokendamsel

This woman was having a hard time in the grocery line. The customer behind her was being rude, but the supermarket Karen didn’t know that she was messing with someone who had plenty of time to exact her revenge. The only thing we wonder is whether this revenge was warranted or not. Perhaps this was a clash of two Karens. 

Pantry Karma

Having a pantry at the office has benefits and drawbacks. The advantage is that you can store some of your favorite snacks there. The disadvantage is that you have coworkers who don’t care whose food is in the pantry – they just eat what they want.

Image Courtesy Of lufcdannyboy/Twitter

This person was sick of his coworkers stealing his food. He decided to get revenge by setting a trap. He bought plain doughnuts and injected some mustard into them. We can relate. It’s so frustrating when you’re looking forward to a treat only to discover that someone else has stolen it. 

Makeshift Parking Lot

Some people do not deserve their driver’s licenses because they fail to park appropriately. We’ve said this a few times now, but a responsible driver should know how to park. This driver didn’t even bother looking at the lines in the parking lot. 

Image Courtesy of Vidmid

The man who caught this driver was clearly well prepared for such an occasion. He was carrying chalk in his car, ready to teach irresponsible drivers a lesson. This is a good idea. We hope the driver gets the message and learns how to park correctly.

When You Don’t Want to Talk, Make Art

People who love art are everywhere. This woman had an anonymous fan online who adored her work but who was also pretty demanding. When her fan asked for her to “make something good again,” she took two hours of her time just to prepare a special something for that rude person.

Image Courtesy of Thought Catalog/Juliet Lanka

She’s genuinely a good artist. It is easy for people to mock artists, especially those who are still starting in the industry. People should learn to respect one another. Just because someone shares their art with you online doesn’t mean you get to dictate their artistic journey.  

Serves You Right

When you plan to get a pet, make sure you think about your personality first. It will help you identify what pet you should get – a dog, a cat, or maybe a quiet little mouse. Whichever way you go, you should ensure you get a pet that suits your personality.

Image Courtesy of

If you select a cat, you’ll be in for quite a few surprises. Cats and politicians have a few things in common – they don’t respect personal space, borders, or titles. This woman had her cat locked in the bathroom because she was cleaning. When she opened the door, she was surprised to see the mess her cat had made.

Are You in for a Surprise?

Imagine enjoying your time, scrolling through social media on the toilet, and then you reach down and realize there’s no toilet paper. That would already be a nightmare, but then you see this creepy note pinned to the toilet roll holder. We don’t want to know what happens next. 

Image Courtesy of Monagiza

Before you sit on the throne, check whether there is any toilet paper left in the restroom. You’ll reduce your odds of encountering a real-life horror movie if you do so. We’re not sure why there’s no paper at all, but it’s possible that this person’s housemates pulled a trick on them.

An Advertisement for Greedy Relatives

Greedy relatives are the worst relatives to have. It’s like they are waiting for the matriarch or patriarch to die so they can suck away the money that was left. Of course, not all matriarchs take this lying down. This woman decided it was time for her to show her greedy family members who’s boss.

Image Courtesy of pupperish

She understands just how to stop the problem by letting her greedy relatives know that she’s still alive and spending her money the way she wants. Those people should know better than to meddle with the boss by now.

Sibling War

It is said that the middle child is the rebellious one. We don’t know for sure if this is accurate, but it appears to be so in the photo below. Can you guess which sibling is responsible for vandalizing the family photos? 

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

The siblings in this family express frustration by erasing faces from family photos with a temporary marker. Dealing with both older and younger siblings is exhausting, which is why this woman did what she had to do.

A Kind of Sweet Revenge

Drivers, listen up! Learn to park your car the proper way. Stop troubling other motorists because of your irresponsibility. Many drivers don’t have the patience to turn a blind eye. Someone might be ready to pounce the next time you park poorly.

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

This person was clearly done with all those drivers who act like they own the whole parking lot. Honestly, this is one of the most savage yet cutest ways to humiliate a parking hog. It seems harmless, but if you were the recipient, you would grow more humiliated as you read the words on the paper – as you should!

The Closure We Truly Need

Some people would not dare to use subscriptions their ex has bought them, and especially not their Netflix account. Though it might be okay with them for you to use it, there’s a line you shouldn’t cross when the relationship ends.

This person was looking at their Netflix account and discovered that an ex was still using it to watch Scandal. She’s currently six episodes away from finishing the final season. We don’t know if she ever did, though, because apparently, this person was thinking about changing the password – pettiness level 1,000. 

Where’s the Fire?

Cheating is a surefire way to cause your partner an immense amount of pain. Many people feel that the cheater deserves to experience the same level of pain they made their partner go through. This woman’s instincts kicked in, telling her that her husband was doing something behind her back. 

Image Courtesy of The Sun

To test whether her instincts were correct, she soaked his condoms in habanero juice. Female instincts are scary. She lost her husband and her best friend that same day, but she gained the truth and won back her freedom. She needs to surround herself with people who are mature enough to know how to be faithful. Until then, there’s always habanero juice!

Intelligence Is Sexy

Forget about six-pack abs. Nowadays, people find intelligence sexy. Intelligent people have strong minds, so be careful if you mess with them. They may be quiet, but they frequently leave you speechless when they choose to share their thoughts.

Image Courtesy of

This girl got a taste of her own medicine. She didn’t expect the person she was calling “nerd” to hit her with an unforgettable retort. When we heard how the so-called geek took over and flipped the situation, we assumed the teacher was speechless as well. After all, that’s a cold-blooded response!

An Act of Kindness

There are waste collection facilities for a reason, and you should go through the legal means when you have a large amount of trash to throw away. This driver went out into the middle of nowhere just to throw his garbage away, and he didn’t care what impact it had on the environment. 

Image Courtesy of

Fortunately, a good samaritan saw what this driver did and returned his garbage to the front of his house. Thanks to that little bit of paper with the offender’s address on it, the good samaritan could do the right thing. Kudos to someone who shows what “kill them with kindness” looks like in reality.

Bad Hair Day

Hair loss affects the majority of individuals, particularly women. It might be because you’re under a lot of stress or because you’re using a hair product that isn’t right for your scalp. In any case, seeing your hair on the floor is irritating. In some cases, hair accumulation might cause your bathroom drains to get clogged.

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

This man was already fed up with his roommates, so he let them know in an artistic fashion that he had unclogged the drains. Everyone, let’s be mindful of our actions. If you think your hair is clogging the drain, check on it yourself. Let’s all be responsible roommates.

A Petty Thief

Of all the things in the world that you could steal, why choose a water bottle? Of course, we’re not encouraging anyone to steal anything, but this is just so odd! Water bottles aren’t that expensive, and they’re everywhere. You can easily buy one for yourself.

Image Courtesy of UniversityFox

If this burglar drinks what’s inside the water bottle, they will be in for some astonishing side effects. They’ll have to prepare for some changes in their body when they finish drinking what’s inside. Hopefully, this is enough of a lesson for them to simply buy their own water bottles in the future. 

Being Grounded in the 21st Century

There’s a big difference between being grounded in the 20th century and being grounded in the 21st century. Before, when you were grounded, you were not able to play your favorite games on your family computer. They would unplug the cables while you’re on the verge of saving the princess. 

Image Courtesy of UniversityFox

This child’s mother became so frustrated with her son’s excuses that she locked his fidget spinner. We’re not sure why fidget spinners are so addictive. All it does is spin, but there’s something about it that makes us want to keep spinning.

A Bad Attitude Deserves a Major Clapback

This bartender was so difficult to approach because of his bad attitude. Maybe he was having a rough day resulting in his bad attitude, but he should have been professional when working. We should never forget to separate work from our personal life. 

Image Courtesy of izismile

Consequently, this client gave him a lesson that he’ll never forget. He should have been nice in the first place to prevent these things from happening. Now, he will be left confused and unable to get that bill out of the glass without ruining it. 

Never Mess with Someone Who Loves The Purge

The Purge was such a creepy film that many people were curious about it. This guy intentionally kicked over the bike of a young boy, but he didn’t know the kid was a fan of the horror movie. Now, he’s got this creepy kid on his front porch looking for revenge.

Image Courtesy of Buzzfeed

When he peeked out his window, he saw a youngster dressed as though he was from the movie, threatening to purge him. He appears to be tiny and charming, but what this neighbor did to him is not amusing. Picking on someone, especially if you are years older than them, is not a good idea. Let this be a lesson! 

A Taylor-Made Breakup

It’s okay for people to sometimes compare you to someone – that’s their opinion. But if you hear negative comparisons many times, you’ll get annoyed and fed up with it. This woman was done with her man’s antics and sick of being compared to Taylor Swift.

Image Courtesy of Diply

We can’t get over the fact that Ms. Taylor Swift is stunning either. However, we believe that regularly comparing your girlfriend to other ladies is not something a true gentleman would do. It’s disrespectful, and guess who’s never ever getting back together?

Mess With Me, and I’ll Mess your Food

Many people hate raisins in their cookies, just as some disagree with pineapple on pizza. Rad Tasia has her way of dealing with people who upset her. It looks like someone is about to have a horrible day after eating the cookies she made.

Image Courtesy Of GroovyTasia/Twitter

If you’re a person who hates raisins in their cookies, then this is a total nightmare for you. Even if you don’t mind raisins, it’s psychologically disturbing to bite into what you think is a bit of chocolate and feel the texture of a raisin. You’ll think something is wrong, but you won’t be able to pinpoint what it is. This is subtle revenge at its finest! 

A Huge Announcement

Cheating is always a choice. You have the option to end your relationship if you don’t feel happy anymore. If you succumb to cheating, you’ll have consequences to face. This man has an ex-girlfriend who decided to let everyone know.

Image Courtesy of Damncoolpictures

His ex-girlfriend saw an opportunity to take revenge in a massive way by communicating to a large crowd of people enjoying a concert. This guy probably wished to evaporate into the ground when he saw the sign in the sky.

Too Late for Apologies

When you’ve done something wrong, it’s human nature to apologize. This man was minding his own business, sitting on a bus, waiting to arrive at his destination. That quiet time was disrupted by a lady who couldn’t say sorry for hurting him.

Image Courtesy of izismile

She bumped Drew’s leg while heading for the seat in front of him, but she never apologized. He confronted her about it only to have her blame it on him. Because this woman was petty, Drew did something petty to her. You reap what you sow!