32 Hilarious Moments When Payback Was Worth It

When something disturbing occurs, we have this uncontrolled desire to get back at the individual answerable for it. While many people don’t act on this urge, others can't resist. In spite of the fact that retaliation typically doesn't solve any issues, a hilarious comeback can give us comfort as we disgrace the transgressor. 

While many of us think of little plans and tricks in our minds, realizing we'd never dare to execute them, the people in this list proceeded with their retribution plans. The shocking results will do more than just make you giggle. Indeed, they may give you a few thoughts about what you might do the next time someone crosses you. The list is filled with the most entertaining, weird, witty, and shrewd demonstrations of retaliation, and some of them are so epic they redefine the term payback. Enjoy!

Parking Over the Lines

Nobody likes searching for a parking space on a busy day, and after going around and around for fifteen minutes, sitting in the hot vehicle, we get disturbed and restless. In jam-packed parking garages, it can get so bad that people have gotten into physical fights over parking spots. 

When this customer couldn't get parking as a result of the impolite individual who parked over the lines, he concluded he was finished leaving futile notes, and he planned to show his adversary a thing or two about parking. To ensure the lesson wasn’t soon forgotten, he zip-tied a shopping basket to the person’s vehicle. 

This is not...

Growing up, our mothers used to send us to class with a boxed lunch and a charming note wishing us a dazzling day. This is a sweet reminder of the love we have at home, yet all youngsters arrive at a moment that these notes from mom will be more embarrassing than anything. 

When this child asked his mom to stop with the notes, she didn't take it well. This mother respected his wishes, but she did so in a hilarious way. We hope her son appreciated the joke! 

Organic Revenge

Coffee creamer is a luxury that isn’t found in every workplace, so if you can’t stand coffee without creamer, you may need to bring your own. This lady was sick of people drinking her creamer throughout the week, and so she found a way to get her retribution.

Obviously, we don't know for sure whether she truly replaced the creamer with her breast milk. However, we do know that the person who’d been helping themselves to her creamer stopped after they read the note! 

Loud Neighbors

We should respect our neighbors, regardless of whether we don't especially like them. In return, we hope our neighbors will treat us with respect too. Tragically, this isn't always the case. Dealing with loud neighbors is tough since you would rather not get into disagreements with people you live next to and have to see every day. 

When the neighbors below were too noisy, these people chose to disgrace them by covering their windows with Post-it notes saying they are boisterous and rude. The uproarious neighbors clearly didn't view this objection as being valid, so they replicated the note in a delightfully sarcastic way.

A Smart Move

Though it can be frustrating, siblings often pick on each other because, deep down, they love each other. Jokes and pranks aside, they know they’ll always support each other. This girl was repeatedly asking her brother to stop playing computer games and help her with their chores.

When he declined, she hid his video games in the snake’s cage because she’s pretty sure her brother is extremely scared of this snake. That was a clever revenge strategy, and we’re quite sure next time he’ll clean the house without being asked.


After this couple had gotten into a serious fight, they hit the sack still fuming at each other. Come morning, things appeared to be a lot more clear – this person knew precisely where he stood with his partner. 

He prepared her lunch to take to the workplace, purportedly as a way of saying sorry. Only when she took a bite out of that sandwich did she understand this was not an expression of remorse. On the contrary – their argument was a long way from being done!

Saran-wrapped Car

When this lady discovered her significant other had cheated on her, she promptly came up with a way to hit him where it would hurt most. She sought retribution via his beloved vehicle.

Of course, she’s a reasonable woman. She didn't wreck it or harm it, as many others might do. Instead, she ensured he would be unable to get into it without investing in a great deal of energy. She wrapped his vehicle with layer upon layer of saran wrap, and we can just envision him struggling to get it free. We wonder if he scratched the precious car in his efforts to free it. 

Not Entitled

The crosswalk, as the name suggests, is intended for walking, not parking. While many people who see a vehicle left on a crosswalk would presumably shake their heads and leave, this lady chose to take care of business.

Just because you have an extravagant vehicle doesn't mean you're qualified to park anyplace you want. After emerging from the shopping center to see this vehicle left on the crosswalk, one lady chose to take care of business. She took out some staple goods she'd recently purchased and covered the vehicle with strawberry jam. 

A Creative Solution

When these people got terrible service at the bar, they discussed whether they should leave a tip, and settled on an imaginative arrangement. While they wound up making the best choice and leaving a tip, they ensured the server got their message that the assistance was awful. 

They put the cash inside a full shot glass, implying that the bills would be soaking wet, and if the server wants to get them out, they'll have a hard time doing it without making a mess 

Raked Over the Coals

People can get pretty careless and anxious when they're hungry, and sitting tight for service for more than 30 minutes isn't reasonable. We usually attempt to show restraint toward servers since we realize they have a lot going on. However, some people just aren’t that polite. 

These people stood by calmly for 30 minutes without having a single server recognize them or approach them. When they finally chose to leave, they refused to go quietly. Instead, they raked the waiters over the coals with ketchup and mustard. 

Dissing the Competition

Sonic drive-in sure appears to have confidence in dissing their competition. We're uncertain about whether or not this is a demonstration of retribution against McDonald's. Either way, it doesn't seem like the two fast-food chains care for one another. 

To advance their own place, Sonic workers decided to disparage their competition. It seems like the bosses weren’t supportive of this act of rivalry as these workers were advised to bring down the first sign. #Petty indeed! 

How’s the Shower?

There comes a time in each relationship when a couple lives together, and only then does the man figure out how much hair ladies leave in the shower. It appears to be reasonable that the lady – the one with this hair – would be the one to clean the drain, yet that is not what typically occurs.

It often ends up being the case that the man is constantly stuck with this unpleasant work, despite the fact that it's the lady's hair. This person had enough of cleaning his girlfriend’s hair from the drain, and he chose to give her a sample of what it looked like.

The Taste of Payback

Workplaces are notorious for harboring food thieves. It doesn't seem to matter if you label your food, if you bring in a tasty treat, someone is bound to try to steal some. This individual loved having doughnuts at work, but somebody kept eating them without asking. After the third time, he had figured out how to get people to stay far away from his doughnuts. 

Mustard is delicious, doughnuts are wonderful, but doughnuts and mustard together? That’s a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, that’s exactly the kind of recipe this person is looking for. We bet they didn’t have a problem with food thieves after this!  

Bacon-wrapped Revenge

Workplace tricks are common. We've all seen it in the sitcom The Office, and a few of us have even experienced it directly. There are a lot of tricks you can pull on colleagues, and there are a lot of thoughts out there on the best way to seek retribution when you have an irritating, apathetic colleague. 

You can cover their workstation in sticky notes, you can conceal their staples or pens inside jello, or you could go all out and wrap their mouse with bacon. How do people come up with these things? We love the fact that they thoughtfully placed napkins under it. 

Happy Birthday!

When we're young, we wait all year for our birthday party. We sit tight for the presents, the love, the attention, and obviously, the limitless cake and candy.

Eventually, we turn a page in life where we're no longer amped up for our birthday. Instead, we dread it and the thought of getting older. If you want to mess with a colleague or a relative who's failed you or irritated you, this is a bold method that will definitely make an impact. 

Small Victories

Unlike the officemates you only see at work, and the neighbors you can stay away from, an impolite flatmate is something that is genuinely difficult to overlook. When you’ve had enough of them, you can either pursue a more respectable form of communication or have some diabolical fun with it. This individual wanted to pay back his flatmate for taking his food without asking, and fortunately for him, he knew his flatmate’s weakness: ice cubes. 

He cooked up some hotdogs and poured the unpleasant water into the ice cube tray. His flatmate never realized he put hotdog water in his drink, but he did wonder why every drink he made tasted so awful. Sometimes small victories are the most satisfying. 

A Shameful Message

Some people care about their vehicle so much that you just know the best approach to get back at them is through their precious car. This lady certainly understood how to get revenge on her ex after finding out he was cheating. She went straight to the one thing that would hurt him the most. 

We’re sure he’ll be able to buff off the paint, but until he can get it professionally removed, he’ll have to drive around with this message on display for all to see. Truth be told, this revenge method isn't excessively mean. After all, it’s not permanent damage.

Not Made with Love

This is what it looks like when you get into a quarrel with your partner but you still love them. This young lady was furious at her beau, but for reasons unknown, she felt committed to making his lunch as she does each day. 

This isn't exactly vengeance since she actually made him the sandwich, but in any event she let him know she was not happy about it. Maybe this note will cause him to feel awful about himself, and that is all the vengeance she needs. 

One Last Hurrah

Fights between neighbors aren't uncommon. Sometimes they’re over serious issues, but on many occasions, their arguments are petty. This individual was bothering his neighbor for quite a long time, demanding that he tidy up his garden. The old neighbor hated seeing the mess over the fence every day when his lawn was so immaculate. 

His neighbor had enough of all this bother and at long last chose to "cave" and trim his grass. However, he didn't surrender without getting in one final jab, and he made a point to rake his neighbor over the coals. 

Unauthorized Parking

This act of vengeance may appear to be little and trivial, but it gets the job done. When somebody parks in an unauthorized location that’s in the way for other customers, it can be tempting to scratch their vehicle or do something even more terrible.

While such actions might feel good in the moment, they are illegal and could get you in trouble. They’re also a bit extreme given the circumstances. In this case, the person seeking retribution was reasonable. They surrounded the vehicle with shopping baskets, which was a decent call in light of the fact that it would be a crime to actually damage the offending vehicle.  

Something to Think About

Littering is one of the most terrible violations against our environment, yet it continues to occur, and it doesn't seem like there will be an end to it soon. Still, some valiant people attempt to battle against it, and even if they can’t save the whole planet, they will do anything they can to make a change in our society.

This individual saw his neighbor was continually littering the walkway with cigarette butts, and he chose to take care of business. We salute his bravery! 

Parking Lot Vengeance

This hilarious demonstration of retribution seems like it required a lot of time to finish. It must have taken a considerable amount of difficult work, as we're not totally sure it was worth it. One thing is for sure: whoever did this was furious at the proprietor of this vehicle. 

This customer parked his vehicle in the middle of the lot, obstructing the way for others. This individual chose to give him a painful but much-needed lesson by hindering his way with every shopping cart in the vicinity.

Teach Her a Lesson

When his sister took $20 without asking, this person chose to do what he knew best: play a trick on his sister to show her a thing or two. Obviously, these tricks are innocuous, but they are sufficiently irritating to get the message across. 

As her sibling, he knew her biggest weakness at the time – the science project she'd been working on. It didn't take long to devise this wicked arrangement, and we can imagine the horror on the young lady's face when she needed to submit her project but couldn’t find it. 

A Vague Answer

Our moms consistently make meals for us, and they do it with affection. Despite all their efforts, when they ask us what we want for supper, they’re often given no help. Instead, the answer they usually get is "I don't know." They go through the difficulty of cooking, so the least we could do is mention to them what we would like to have. 

This mother was tired of this unclear answer, so she chose to give her kids exactly what they asked for – a big old plate of "I don't know." Bon appetit! 

Cat Food, Anyone?

This is a horrible way to deal with the deep-rooted issue of food cheats around the workplace. It’s ideal for people who want to send a message without having to have a confrontation. When the food thief takes a bite of this taco, they’ll think twice about ever stealing from its owner again. 

While this taco most likely tasted strange to the individual eating it, it's conceivable that he didn't realize he was eating cat food. Either way, the individual who concocted this plan would feel successful. 

Grandma’s Unhappy

Bernie felt as though her kids and grandkids were just waiting for her death so they could all have her fortune, and she wasn’t happy with this treatment. No grandmother ought to endure this sort of thing when all she’s ever done is furnish her family with adoration, care, friendship, and delicious homemade food. 

Bernie concluded that she wasn't going to take it any longer. She planned to show her family an important lesson. Instead of leaving it as an inheritance, she burned her cash in an extravagant, public way, and one that her family will undoubtedly see.

Cruel Intentions

Getting a divorce is troublesome on various levels, and after getting over the emotional toll, you still have to manage the monetary part, separating the properties, and all that you shared. It's helpful to keep a decent relationship, even after getting separated, yet tragically, that’s not as simple as it sounds. 

Obviously, this couple didn't end their marriage on the best footing, and when this man needed to send support to his ex, he wasn't going to do it without having the last word in this separation. He requested his checks to be printed with photographs of him with his new spouse.

Teacher’s Favorite 

In every class there is always that one student everybody depends on for notes; the student who appears for each class and records everything as if their life relies upon it. Ordinarily, they don’t mind sharing notes with classmates, so long as they have a good reason for having been absent. However, if the star student begins to feel as though people are exploiting them, an act of revenge may be on the cards.

This student educated his classmates on how he feels regarding them continually using him for his notes. We hope his classmates learned their lesson and stopped slacking off.

The Look Says Everything

Some cats have a vindictive side to them, and even cat lovers know it’s hard to defend their furry friends sometimes. Felines like to believe they're the masters of the house, and if you dare question their power, you can look forward to their retribution. 

This feline ruined the furniture while his owner was gone, and as discipline, he was put for "time out" in the washroom. His owners figured this would show him who’s boss but much to their dismay, the cat was the one who taught a lesson that day. This cat is clearly the one who calls the shots in this household! 

Nickelback Fan

Keeping a cheerful wedded life is a precarious business – you need to make compromises to ensure that the two sides are happy and feel as though they have equivalent rights in the relationship. You don't need to concur on everything, but when you don’t agree, it’s important to talk it out until you can find common ground. 

This couple was happily married, and the only thing that interfered with their bliss was their distinctive desire for music – the wife dislikes Nickelback, but they’re her husband's favorite band. After a big fight, he covered the house with cheesy Nickelback lyrics. That’s brutal. 

Division of Labor

We realize that ladies take more time to get ready for work as their morning schedule incorporates more preparation than a man's. For this couple, the lady would get up early, prepare for work, and take off from the house, and her beau was always left to make the bed. 

This went on until one day, he decided he'd had enough of being the housemaid. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, he plans to make just his side of the bed. 

Matching Tattoos

When this lady broke up with her cheating boyfriend, she really thought about how she’d get her revenge. Finally, she concluded that parting ways with him wasn't punishment enough and that he should pay for what he did. 

This lady figured out how to ensure he'd always remember his infidelity. She recommended they get matching tattoos, and after he got inked, she told him she knew about his unfaithfulness and left him. He was surely left hurting in more ways than one that day. 

Don’t Mess with My Pumpkin

While the Christmas season is a joyful, euphoric time, it is likewise when people get competitive since everybody wants to have the best-decorated house. The same is true of Halloween when everyone wants to have the coolest pumpkins on the block. Of course, if you carve a brilliant pumpkin, there’s always the chance that someone will try to steal it or destroy it.  

When this individual discovered his neighbor was taking his pumpkins from his patio, he chose to give him a valid reason to stop. This definitely sends the message that the neighbor picked the wrong person to mess with.

Thanks, Photoshop!

Ryan Reynolds is married, but that doesn't mean he can't be utilized to get over your ex. Gabi and her sweetheart split up just a short time after prom, and keeping in mind that she didn't want to destroy her memory of this otherwise happy day, she didn't have the heart to demolish her prom photographs. 

Thus, she did a little makeover instead, exchanging her sweetheart's face with that of Reynolds. It seems like Gabi has a very good sense of humor, so we're sure this separation won’t get her down for long. She also tagged Ryan Reynolds in the post, so she clearly knows how to get attention. We’re sure she’ll be fine!  

Revenge for Braids

We aren’t that knowledgeable about horses, but judging by this picture, it's safe to speculate that they're quite clever (and wrathful) creatures. Obviously, we don't know without a doubt this was retribution for the braids, but if it were us, we wouldn't make the creature endure them ever again. 

We trust these braids were put in for a good reason, but the horse clearly didn’t understand the logic. Horses are adorable creatures, but anybody can get malevolent if you press their buttons. 

Ignoring His Neighbors

Sadly, fights between neighbors are common. There are so many things that can go wrong when you share a fence line or street with your neighbors. They may be filthy, noisy, or simply impolite, and it's difficult to always respond with love when, really, all you want to do is get revenge. 

What do you do when managing an impolite neighbor? This individual chose to simply overlook his neighbors totally, as though they don't live there, which is the reason he cleaned just his side of the fence.

Sticking the Message Loud & Clear

When dealing with an annoying officemate, it's important to air your grievances and not hold resentment. This individual used to take office supplies from his coworkers without asking, so his coworkers figured out how to guarantee he doesn't need to borrow sticky notes until the end of time. 

They covered his workstation with sticky notes, and while it likely wouldn't take as much time to get them off as they spent sticking them on, it sends the message loud and clear. 

A Huge Step for Humanity

Some people were never taught good manners by their parents, and it shows. There’s no reason to be rude to a stranger in the queue with you at the grocery store. If you engage in such behavior, though, don’t be surprised if they retaliate. 

When somebody was being inconsiderate to her at the supermarket, this lady realized she could quite easily teach her a lesson. She permitted everybody in the line behind them to go ahead of them, leaving the inconsiderate lady to wait. 

Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car

This is what you get for leaving your canine in a parked vehicle. We're not exactly sure whether this was the canine's method of seeking retribution or whether he just needed to go and couldn't stand by anymore. Either way, the person who left the poor pup in the car absolutely deserved it. 

Hopefully, this shows the owner that they should leave their canine in the vehicle again. Some dogs are much more clever than we give them credit for, and it's conceivable this wasn't a mistake, all things considered.