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Useful Life Hacks for Maintaining a Clutter-Free Home

Since Marie Kondo arrived on our screens to help people deal with the clutter in their homes, many people have been inspired to take a look around them at their own messy living quarters. Nobody wants to be caught in a clutter trap, but as clutter has a habit of multiplying by itself, it can be hard to dig yourself out from under. 

Since then, many people on the internet have helpfully shared their organizational techniques to aid with the tasks of cleaning closets and ordering ornaments, and we’re grateful to each and every one of them. In the spirit of spreading joy, we’ve compiled a helpful list of organizational techniques that will inspire you to clean up and keep a tidier home.

Every Little Space Counts

The pantry, an area to store canned foods and other perishables, is a must-have utility for any household. However, not everyone has access to large pantries with sufficient storage space. Some of us are forced to make do with the resources available. 

Image courtesy of jneubs/Reddit

The goal is to not waste perfectly good space and to make the best use of what you have, as this clever individual did. You can use every inch, even the area behind the door, which is often overlooked.

Drawer Divider is a Must

Having a cluttered home might increase your stress levels and make you want to avoid going home altogether. The last thing you want to see when you open your clothes drawer is a tangle of junk. But how can you sort it out? 

Image courtesy of lazadaBy

ensuring that drawer dividers are installed. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, and they can fit almost any drawer size. You can also use old shoe boxes that have been decorated with scraps of wrapping paper or paint.

S is For Space Saver

S-hooks are really useful for maximizing the use of small spaces at home. You can find uses for them no matter where you go, whether you need space in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, or the bedroom. 

Image courtesy of Family Handyman

There’s also the garage, which is where most people keep their tools, cleaning supplies, and other belongings. Look how well-organized this area of the house is thanks to the S-hook! Different tools can be hung on them handily, making them easy to find and grab.

Filing can be a Good Feeling

It’s critical to keep your documents organized so that you can quickly access them whenever you need them. When you need your birth certificate, you don’t want to have to go through 20 years of paperwork to find it, for example.

Image courtesy of kirstendraws/Reddit

We admire how this lady keeps her paperwork and labels them appropriately. With a little organization, know where to go for documentation related to your house, your appliances, or even your pet dog. We can assure you that her life is significantly easier as a result.

Entangle Yarns and Threads

Needlework is one of our favorite pastimes. But you’ll need plenty of space for your stitching supplies. That space will quickly fill up with thread and yarn. Eventually, you’ll need to sort it all out, just like this lady did. When she was placed in quarantine, she used the time she had to reorganize her belongings. 

Image courtesy of roeldriesvink/Reddit

Rather than sulking, sitting in front of the TV, and gaining weight she summoned her inner Marie Kondo and decided to arrange her supplies. The change was nothing short of incredible. Beautifully neat, like a threaded rainbow.

Finding Lids Would be So Easy

One of the more annoying issues with having a kitchen is being unable to find the right lids to match your pots and pans or food containers. How can you keep your lids from getting lost in the sprawl of your kitchen clutter? 

Image courtesy of bhg

We just discovered an incredibly beneficial hack on the internet, and we applaud the person who shared it: put all the lids in a file organizer on the interior of the cabinet. Isn’t that cool?

Scarf Collector’s Instant Hack

We don’t have many scarf collector friends, but we imagine that scarf savants all across the world have trouble storing theirs. They aren’t the same size as shirts, tank tops, or shorts, after all. They’re a completely distinct type of apparel. 

Image courtesy of DIY n? Crafts

Who knew that shower curtain rods and rings could be so useful for organizing scarves? Some people just have great ideas, and we admire them for it. What would life be like if you didn’t have so many scarves? Chillier, probably. Particularly around the neck.

The Kind of Closet Everybody Would Love to Own

There aren’t any monsters in the closet, but what really lurks within is far more dangerous. How often have you opened your closet only to be horrified by what you see? You have so many clothes, and yet you never seem to have anything to wear. 

Image courtesy of piinkclouds/Reddit

People who can’t manage their belongings properly simply dump their stuff into the closet when they’re in a hurry. We’d like to have a closet like the one seen in the photo above. It’s the closet we’ve always wanted.

Desk Organizers Make a Difference

Have you examined your desk drawer with a critical eye recently? We bet you have no idea where your pen, tape, or scissors are. It’s as if a cyclone ripped through your belongings, wreaking havoc. It’s time to tame this beast!

Image courtesy of emkay95/Reddit

First and foremost, get rid of whatever you don’t use. We’re confident there’ll be plenty. Other things, such as pencils, pens, and erasers, should be kept together. Take advantage of desk organizers as well. They are low-cost options that can really help you out.

The Other Function of Bookends

The primary purpose of a bookend is to make sure that your books won’t fall when there’s a gap. It makes your bookcase look more organized, but who knew you could use them for so much more? Book-ends can come in handy for folding and organizing clothing in a drawer.

Image courtesy of sdho/Reddit

This is a hack that even Marie Kondo wouldn’t have thought of. Thank goodness for those talented people on the internet who are always ready to share their innovations.

Hurricane Closet

We believe that the majority of the closets in the world look like they’ve been ravaged by a hurricane. For example, our closet resembles the one on the left. The closet on the right is how we wish our closets looked.

mage courtesy of konmari/Reddit

Bedsheets and linens are among the most challenging items to fold and keep orderly. The one in the picture is nicely packed and organized, making finding stuff a breeze. The owner likely spent endless hours arranging it, but as a result, she discovered that she had extra space to play with.

Store Boots to Maintain Their Shape

Boots are an excellent choice of footwear for the chilly winter months. They’re great with fall clothing and they can keep your feet warm in the winter while you maintain your cool looks.

Image courtesy of Pop Sugar

The problem is figuring out how to preserve them properly. You’ll want them to keep their shape, to look clean and as pleasant as the day you bought them. How do you go about doing that? By cutting up pool noodles found in most Dollar Stores and stuffing pieces of them into your boots.

Words of Love

If you like calligraphy, sketching, or writing, you undoubtedly have a lot of pens, markers, and office supplies laying around your house. We bet that finding the ones you need frequently takes up too much of your time. 

Image courtesy of chique_pea/Reddit

In that case, organize your drawer as this woman did. Once finished, you will be delighted by the result. It will appear as though you are putting markers and other writing materials on display, for sale in a shop. Take a look at how neat and tidy everything is! You’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for.

A Vertical Kitchen Storage

Another room in the house where most people worry about space is the kitchen. Vertical storage is one of the most effective methods for rapidly finding items. 

Image courtesy of Indulgy

Now is the perfect moment to try it, if you haven’t already. We understand that kitchen organization is a major difficulty for most families, but it also presents an opportunity to be creative in finding solutions. Examine this snapshot for ideas. We’re confident you’ll come up with plenty by yourself. 

Labels Are Key

Because we have so many electronics and gadgets in our homes, it can be difficult to tell which cord belongs to which appliance. We frequently make the mistake of pulling the wrong line and bam: off goes the TV, computer, or phone charger.

Image courtesy of Indulgy

Fortunately, we have a superb technique to help you to avoid this mishap. It’s a simple lifesaver. Label your cords. To mark her cables, one lady used plastic bread clips. We admire her strategy because she killed two birds with one stone. She’s not just recycling; she’s also ensuring that cords around the house are easily identifiable.

Pants and Shorts Organizing Hacks

Jeans and shorts are among the most difficult garments to manage. Sometimes you just don’t know whether to hang or fold them. Fortunately for you, this lady is willing to offer her time-tested organization techniques. She puts her pants and shorts in the drawer, rather than hang them. Take a look at how neat they are!

Image courtesy of LipstickMonkeyy/Reddit

It’s no longer difficult to distinguish one pair of pants or shorts from another. We can only hope that they maintain this level of organization for the foreseeable future.

Help from a Cupboard Riser

Herbs and spices enhance the flavor and appeal of our dishes. There are over 80 different spices from around the globe, some of which are well-known, and others which are not. According to statistics, cumin is the most widely used spice on the planet. 

Image courtesy of

It’s usually a good idea to keep spices on hand in the kitchen, but how do you keep them organized so that you can find the ones you need? This cupboard riser is a great concept because it allows you to easily view and locate all of them in one spot.

A Handy Label Maker is an Investment

It’s easier to locate items in the home when they’re labeled. If you don’t already own a label maker, now is the time to get one! It’s one of the most useful items you can have in your home, and it’s a worthwhile investment that won’t go to waste. 

Image courtesy of

You’ll be able to save a lot of time which can be put towards more essential things. Check out these photographs from the internet. They might help to persuade you to make the purchase.

It’s All Better When It’s Put Together

Ladies who include earrings as a part of their day-to-day look will understand this one. How many times have you wanted to wear your favorite earrings but couldn’t find one or both of the pair? 

Image courtesy of belgahay/Reddit

This long-standing issue must be resolved once and for all. We really like this lady’s organizing method. We could spend all day admiring her earrings, precisely aligned as they are with their corresponding sets. You no longer need to empty out your whole jewelry box to find two that match. At a glance, you can view, locate and admire them all. 

Make Moving Out a Lot Easier

It’s difficult to move from one location to another without having to lug all of your possessions, including glassware and clothing, which must be packed with care. Clothes must be folded, placed in boxes, and then unfolded. 

Image courtesy of randomusefulbits/Reddit

What about the clothes in your closet? Is it also necessary to fold them? If you don’t, they’ll get creased, and you’ll have to iron them again before hanging them up in your new closet. Is there a more efficient way of doing things? Of course. Use the method shown in the photo above to make your move just a little bit simpler.

The Allure of Organized Children’s Books

Having children in the house can be a gift, but it can also invite chaos: clothes in the kitchen, toys on the table, and books in the bath. If you’re weary of seeing your kids’ books all over the house, try putting them on rain gutter shelves.

Image courtesy of Clean and Scentsible

They’re a cost-effective method to ensure that all of your children’s books have a home. Some on the internet have pointed out that racks may also be used in the same way.

The Laundry Room as a New Hangout Place 

Most homeowners ignore how their laundry area looks since it’s not as visible to outsiders as other rooms of the house. They would rather spend their time, energy, and money on making sure that their living rooms or kitchens are attractive to the eye.

Image courtesy of SpicyCarr0t/Reddit

If, on the other hand, your laundry room gives you a headache every time you walk past it, it’s probably time to make some changes. How? By putting it in order, of course. Take a look at these before and after photographs to see how a laundry area can look brand new after it’s been organized.

A Magazine Holder Can Hold Canned Goods Too

Pantry shelves tend to be stocked with canned goods: tomato sauce, green beans, corned beef, soup, canned tuna, tomato paste, sweet corn, and other canned commodities. But how do you organize them all? 

Image courtesy of PBJ Stories

We had no idea magazine holders could be so helpful. It’s not a guaranteed solution because your cans must be the same size as the magazine holder to fit, but it’s still a great idea that can be implemented in any pantry.

Another Pantry Organizing Inspiration

We admire those who keep their pantries clean and well organized. They make us wonder if their pantries are merely for show and are not used on a regular basis. The one in the photo below is a nice example. 

Image courtesy of Pure Wow

Is this even possible? How did this homeowner get so many organizational ideas? Well, it appears that labeled bins and the clever grouping of items might have something to do with it. Do you want a snack? Everything is easy to reach. 

Toilet Paper Rolls Can Help

Toilet paper rolls probably aren’t something you’ll think about often. When we run out, we simply remove the empty and replace it with a fresh roll. Emulate the technique shown in the picture below if you want to arrange your cords while also helping Mother Nature! 

Image courtesy of organizeyourstuffnow

Cords and wires can be stuffed into empty rolls to keep them from becoming tangled. We’re all aware of how frequently this occurs and how aggravating it can be. Use your empty toilet paper rolls to reduce waste and increase space.

Grandpa Has Great Organization Skills!

When it comes to tools, this guy’s grandfather has everything figured out. The majority of men have an abundance of nails, washers, screws, and other miscellaneous items lying around the place, and they have no idea how to keep them all organized. 

Image courtesy of Zandor8000/Reddit

Grandpa here can be of assistance. This guy’s organization is incredible! He stores them all in the same drawer and labels them with a piece of the original hardware. The paint on all the different types of hardware might be a little confusing. It all looks very nice, though.

Organizing Sink Space

The space under the sink is another area of the house where most people pay little to no attention. After all, most visitors won’t come to your kitchen and inspect this place. As a result, most of us just dump things in there.

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

However, you should consider using it as a storage space rather than a dumping ground. And no, you don’t need to buy new storage boxes. The bottoms of boxes from old packaging can be used instead. They may not be as attractive, but they do the job.

Make Use of Attic for Extra Storage Room 

Attics are primarily used to create large volumes of slow-moving air throughout your home to keep it fresh, but they are also frequently used for storage. That is why you should not simply leave your attic in a condition of disarray. Make the most of it.

Image courtesy of Pins Daddy

Make use of this extra room. The attic is ideal for storing knick-knacks or seasonal goods like Christmas or Halloween decorations. This homeowner gets extra credit for making sure her belongings aren’t strewn across the floor.

Organizing Important Documents

Moving to a new house is an ideal time to begin a new file management routine. You’ll always accrue vital documents throughout your life, so they may as well be within easy reach. Even if you aren’t relocating, it might be a good idea to start organizing your files now. 

Image courtesy of theorganisedhousewife

Organize comparably-sized documents into a single folder and label it. Start with documentation for your home and vehicles, then create a place for medical records, then make a bills and payables folder. Remember to revisit these files every now and then to keep them in check. 

Have a Bench and a Storage Space in One

Living in a small place forces you to be resourceful and inventive in your storage designs. You may want to consult the internet on how to maximize your space. You might even come up with your own novel solutions. Here’s another idea for you in the meantime.

Image courtesy of getclever/Instagram

Benches with storage spaces are a terrific option for a little home. They guarantee that there is ample area for guests to sit as well as a place to put your things while keeping them out of sight.

Drying Racks are a Must-Have Item

A Drying Rack is worth every penny. This is a product that we can get behind. It’s a simple and practical addition to any kitchen. All those fancy drying racks can be set aside. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good one that will last you a long time.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Any water drippage from your plates, cutlery, or glassware will roll off of the drying rack and into the sink. There’s no need to waste time wiping the countertop either. 

No More Tissue Issues

Paper tissues are always a part of our grocery list. But how do you store them? How do you make sure they’re neat and easy to find if you ever need to use one? 

Image courtesy of friesandcoffee/Reddit

The owner of this photo sorted everything using the tried-and-true Konmari method. Take a peek at the end result! The tissue paper is arranged in a rainbow pattern, with the brightest hue on the left and the darkest on the right.

Labels and Bins Do the Work

Bins and labels can go a long way when it comes to home organization, especially in the closet. But purchasing a few bins and printing a few labels won’t be enough. You’ll also need to look through your belongings and decide which ones are worth preserving and which need throwing out. 

Image courtesy of The Organized Mom

After you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, arrange what’s left and put it in nice bins. Are you looking for some motivation? Take a look at the before and after photos here.

Label Them Up

Regardless of how careful we are about expiry dates and what we buy and what we keep in the fridge, it is sometimes unavoidable that food goes bad. This does not, however, mean that we should give up.

Image courtesy of Miss Simplicity/Area Voices

We just need a system to ensure that food waste is minimized. It’s a good idea to have an “Eat Me First” plastic bin where you can keep all the food that’s about to expire in one place. These bins are inexpensive, especially if you make one yourself.

An Ideal Pantry

This is exactly what we’ve been looking for: a pantry so well-organized that it looks like it might only exist in magazines and not in the real world. Is this pantry even used?

Image courtesy of ajscribes/Twitter

Some folks are just fortunate enough to have a perfectly clean and color-coded pantry! The labels are straightforward, and the products are easy to find, so you can get everything you want quickly. Almost anything can be found in this pantry without difficulty.

Egg Carton Hack

We go through so many eggs each week that we end up throwing a lot of cartons out, which can rapidly fill our garbage cans up. Why not recycle egg cartons and help the environment at the same time?

Image courtesy of Bob Vila

Squeeze bottles fit perfectly in egg cartons when stored upside down. This keeps things tidy and prevents them from sliding around in the fridge, allowing you to quickly reach them as needed. Also, don’t worry if the cartons get wet; you can easily replace them weekly.

Don’t Throw Out Aluminum Cans

After purchasing a variety of canned goods from the grocery store on such a regular basis, households all across the world are bound to have an abundance of aluminum cans just lying about. Upcycle them and use them as a container for pens and other items to help decrease waste.

Image courtesy of Red Ted Art

We understand that dealing with raw metal is unpleasant at first, but this can be easily fixed by using washi tapes. In a matter of seconds, a simple can will be transformed into a stunning work of art.

Clips and Cables

Binder clips are frequently associated with the organization of paper and, of course, binders. However, if you look at this photo, they seem to be serving a much higher purpose: the organization of cables.

Image courtesy of Farmhouse Sink

Simply attach them to the edge of your desk and hang wires there to keep them from falling to the floor. Isn’t it brilliant? This is something you should experiment with in your home office. 

Make a Non-Slip Hanger

Don’t you despise it when your dress or top falls off the hanger and onto the floor of your closet? We certainly do, and we’ve been told that specific hangers are required to prevent this. Not true. This homemade hanger hack will keep your clothes stuck like a pro. 

Image courtesy of Daily Wowzer

If you have wooden hangers at home, hot glue their edges to make them non-slip. Only hang your garments after the glue has dried, otherwise, your clothes will never slide off, ever again.

Books of the Same Color

How do you keep your books organized? Do you arrange them in alphabetical order? Do you utilize the Dewey decimal system in your library? Do you categorize them by genre? Or do you just throw them on the shelf without thinking about it?

Image courtesy of natalopolis/Reddit

This individual has synesthesia, which leads him to perceive specific alphabets or numerals using colors. Instead of resisting it, he chose to embrace it by categorizing his books by color, which is absolutely wonderful.