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Take a Sneak Peek Inside Oprah’s Luxurious Multi-Million Dollar Mansion

It is not a new concept for the highest-paid celebrities to live in luxurious mega-mansions worth millions of dollars. Being in the Forbes list of self-made billionaires, Oprah Winfrey has numerous residential properties to her name. The Montecito mansion you’re about to explore is only one of the many properties in her real estate portfolio. However, it is the one she seems to spend the most time in. 

We know most of you are curious to see what it looks like inside Oprah’s forever home, which she acquired in 2001. Don’t worry, we got you! We’ve gathered a whole suite of exclusive photos of her Montecito mansion. So, without further ado, here’s an in-depth tour of this dreamy mega-home, often called “the Promised Land.” Enjoy!
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The View from Above

Before going inside the mansion, let us first look at it from a bird’s-eye view, so you’ll have an idea of how massive the area is. If we were to live in this mansion, we’d probably never run into each other due to how expansive the property is. We’d also never be bored with a tennis court and other amazing features tucked away among the trees. 

Antandrus via Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

If you’ve ever wondered why it is called, “the Promised Land,” this picture reveals the answer. Oprah’s property comprises 43 acres of lush greenery and features 12 oak trees which Oprah calls “the Apostles.”

At First Sight

After exploring the grounds we’re about to approach the house itself, and we’re sure the grandiose exterior will amaze you. The mansion looks as if it came straight out of a storybook., resembling how castles are described in fairytales.

Deborah Jones via Pinterest

You don’t need to worry about choosing between mountain or ocean views because this house has both. With 23,000 square feet, the house can fit everything. Oprah could even build her own theme park inside if she felt like it.

Running the Numbers

In 2001, Oprah bought the core property for a total of $50 million. As time went by, she bought the other properties surrounding it to further expand the area. In fact, with $28.5 million spent, she recently acquired an extra property that has a ranch-style home and equestrian facility. 

Luxury Safes via Pinterest

Still,Oprah felt like it wasn’t enough. So, she decided to acquire the neighboring home of Jeff Bridges, a purchase that set her back $6.85 million. With all the expansions she did, the Montecito estate now spreads across 70 acres. 

Take a Quick Dip in the Pool

Now let’s go to the fun part of the house – the pool. Of course, a huge swimming pool is a must-have for celebrity mansions. Whenever her guests want to relax and enjoy the water or soak up some sun, this is the place to go.

Architectural Digest via Pinterest

The palm trees and greenery that surround the pool serve as a natural source of shade, making the temperature perfect for diving in and enjoying a quick dip. Plus, they add to the tropical atmosphere, making it feel like you’re having the time of your life at the beach. 

Spend a Morning in the Garden

Having a sip of your morning tea or coffee while enjoying the view of this vast garden would be a dreamy experience. Seeing these shrubs and trees all perfectly trimmed and the flowers in full bloom is a delight. This garden makes us fall in love with the place even more.


If we were to live here, we would spend as much time as possible in the garden. Of course, this beautiful natural wonder deserves to be seen by people worldwide. That’s why Oprah constantly updates her Instagram with photos of the seasonal changes and her harvests. 

Just Keep Swimming

Having a koi fish pond is very popular because it serves as a beautiful addition to your home. Additionally, according to Feng shui, koi are believed to help attract wealth, prosperity, and good luck. Regardless of whether this is true or not, these fish are living their best lives while happily swimming around the pond.


Bringing in some wildlife and plenty of wild, natural land is one of the best decisions Oprah made when planning out her beautiful abode. Just watching these fish freely swim through the clear waters without a care in the world can instantly liven up one’s mood and inspire a state of relaxation. 

Learn from Oprah’s Decor

Many people go for gnomes to decorate their outdoor gardens. However, Oprah has something entirely different in mind. She went for decor that you won’t find at Pier 1 Imports or any other retail stores. As a matter of fact, you would be more likely to find these statues in an art museum than a shopping mall.

Chris Villaflor via Pinterest

Upon walking through her backyard, you’ll see these four sculptures of women. These were made by renowned Costa Rican-Mexican artist, Francisco Zúñiga, and they hold a special place in Oprah’s heart for a reason. The pieces actually represent the four important stages of life for rural women. 

Escape to Oprah’s Sanctuary

All of us need to have a place in our house where we can get away, be alone, and enjoy time to ourselves. For Oprah, this tea house is the perfect place to be. This is where she frequently enjoys a cup of tea while looking out at the magnificent view – the very reason she bought this property. 

DIANE SMITH via Pinterest

Originally, this small building was intended to be a cutting room for flowers. However, Oprah had a sudden change of mind and turned the place into a gorgeous tea sanctuary. To reach Oprah’s tea house, you traverse a gravel path surrounded by roses, with a copper fountain to greet you before you climb the stairs and venture inside.  

Step Inside Oprah’s Tea House

After looking at the picture, we want to grab a seat and have a sip of some Earl Grey. This place was well-decorated with cozy furnishings that give off a homey vibe. Indeed, this is a nice place where you can enjoy some quiet time and relax your mind.

Cathie via Pinterest

One may think that having money, fame, and fortune will automatically take all of your problems away, but it’s not always like that. As they say, “With great power comes great responsibility.” It takes a lot of hard work to run a production company and fill many other roles all at the same time. That’s why for Oprah, this tea house is solely dedicated to her “me time.” 

Explore the Newest Region of Oprah’s Growing Estate

As mentioned, Oprah recently acquired this equestrian farm that’s worth around $28.5 million. This new 23-acre property is called the Seamair Farm. It boasts a 5,000 square-foot main house which was designed by the renowned architect Cliff May. 


The main house includes four bedrooms, with a large backyard, complete with a swimming pool and a patio surrounded by palm trees. The property was made to house horses and comes with all the facilities needed on a ranch. It also has a huge avocado orchard which probably sealed the deal for Oprah and her green thumb. 

Stroll Through the Equestrian Stables

While this luxurious ranch is home to a number of covered stalls and spacious pens, it doesn’t yet house any horses. Of course, Oprah is a smart buyer. She might still be taking her precious time to carefully plan the renovation.

Architectural Digest via Pinterest

All we know as of now is that she has a passion for taking care of dogs. There was even a point where she took care of 11 dogs at once. We’ll just have to wait and see whether she plans on having horses or converting this into a sanctuary for dogs in the future.

Take a Trot Around Oprah’s Riding Track

Of course, the farm is equipped with a spacious riding ring just outside the main house. The spot is perfect for horse riding as it gives you a lovely view of the surroundings. If Oprah wants to try out the equestrian lifestyle, she has bought the right place.

domino magazine via Pinterest

Any guests who are lucky enough to visit this gorgeous property will be blown away. The previous owners – Mary Dell Olin Pritzlaff and John Charles Pritzlaff Jr. – cherished the farm and made it a beautiful, natural haven. If you’ve been impressed so far, we haven’t even reached the main house yet! Buckle up as this is where the tour really gets interesting. 

Examine the Decor in Oprah’s Foyer

Dust off your shoes first because we wouldn’t want to get any dirt from the farm inside Oprah’s living room. Upon going through the entrance of the main house, you’ll be welcomed with white and yellow walls along with a grandiose spiral staircase. 

Astuce Sympa via Pinterest

 While it is not the extravagant sight you might have been expecting, Oprah’s home has a classic and elegant vibe to it. In this foyer, you’ll also notice a beautiful painting featured as the centerpiece. Just like any other home, she also proudly displays a few personal framed photos on the side tables.

Relax in Oprah’s Personal Library

Thanks to Oprah’s Book Club, we are all well aware of Oprah’s love for reading. Given her passion for literature, it is only natural for her to have her own library at home. This is the perfect spot to pick up a thrilling new book before heading out to the teahouse. 

Lady Rosabell via Pinterest

At first glance, you’ll notice how the books are meticulously arranged. The room also has a plush wingback couch for you to sit on. However, the golden rule inside the library is that you are not allowed to go around touching everything. Oprah will recommend a book for you instead. 

Get Creative in Oprah’s Kitchen

Unfortunately, this is only a sneak peek of Oprah’s kitchen, so we won’t be able to see it as a whole. Still, we can get a glimpse of the impressive stove and hood. On the right, you can also notice something that looks like a fireplace and pizza oven. 

Nimvo via Pinterest

Oprah says she will eventually remodel the kitchen and take out the fireplace and pizza oven to make it more spacious. This will give her more space to accommodate her friends and other guests when they come over. Now, where do we sign up for the invite?

Dine like a Royal

As we exit the kitchen, we come straight into= the dining room, which isn’t as monumental as we all thought it would be. The wooden table is big enough to seat ten people comfortably. The chandelier along with the two uniquely designed candelabras would make you feel as if you were dining with a queen. 

Alisha Moore via Pinterest

 Below the table, you’ll see a large carpet that appears old and washed-out. This rug is incredibly expensive and was made to look like an antique. Despite being not that spacious, the dining room is perfect for enjoying intimate family dinners. 

Take a Peek into Oprah’s Walk-in Closet

Now, let’s indulge in the luxury of Oprah’s dream closet. Upon looking at this photo, we were momentarily confused as to whether it was a department store or a closet. Look at all those perfectly displayed shoes! Everything is so neatly organized, with plenty of built-in shelves for storing her collection of shoes and designer bags. 

Sam Alvarez via Pinterest

Just like the rest of the house, this closet conveys Oprah’s artistic nature and orderly personality. Mind you, this is just a glimpse of her closet. If you’re wondering about the full size of the room, we’ll have to leave it up to your imagination. 

Get Cozy in the Living Room

The living room looks surprisingly different from what we expected. Of course, given the millions of dollars spent, we expected it to look modern and classy. Maybe Oprah just prefers a homey vibe. Though it’s a little cluttered, it does look cozy! 

Daily Mail via Pinterest

With all the decorative items crammed into that small space, it looks a bit crowded. We’re no design experts, but we believe that with a little bit of redecorating, it could look much more stylish. As it turns out, Oprah is currently working on giving this room a makeover. 

Discover Oprah’s Second Living Room

With the size of this Montecito mansion, it is no surprise to discover that it houses not one but two living rooms. Again, this second living room is not up to Oprah’s usual standards. It is in desperate need of some renovations. We can all agree on this one, right? 

Cathy Kleinbart via Pinterest

Don’t get us wrong, the design looks nice. It’s just the green plaid walls along with the sofa look a little casual and seem out of place with the overall look of the mansion. In fact, Oprah might have sold the sofa at an auction by the time you are reading this. Rumor has it that the bidding started at $3,000. 

Enjoy the View from this Luxurious Bathroom

Now, this bathroom screams expensive! The bathtub immediately got our attention with its unique design. This is a prime example of Oprah’s exquisite taste. She took her time choosing the best bathtub to buy as per her interview in Vogue. Did you know that she actually has an interesting story behind her bathrooms?

Property24 via Pinterest

As a child raised by her grandmother and later her single father, Oprah always had to share a single bathroom. That’s why she promised herself that when she got her own place, she would make sure to buy a nice bathtub. As you can see, that’s precisely what she did! 

Thank You for Visiting the Promised Land

That wraps up our tour of Oprah’s Montecito Mansion aka, “the Promised Land.” We were only able to feature some parts of the mansion, but before we continue the tour by learning some fascinating facts about Oprah’s past, we’ll give you a full run-through of what you missed in this mega-mansion. 

Alan Light via Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0

 Originally built in 1912, Oprah’s mansion has a total area of 23,000 square feet. It features 6 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a theater, 10 fireplaces, and a whole lot more! What we featured today was just a sneak peek of the whole mansion. However, you will be pleased to know that we have some more tidbits in store for you. 

Visit Another Wing of Oprah’s Massive Estate

Though Oprah is already an established real estate tycoon, it took her six months to purchase this addition to her Montecito mansion. Thankfully, it was well worth the wait. Jeff Bridges, the former owner of this Spanish revival Montecito mansion put his home up for sale in March of 2021, and Oprah acquired it for $6.85 million. 


The mansion will be a great addition to Oprah’s massive property. This 3,300-square-foot house has three bedrooms, many bathrooms, a brick patio, an expansive garden, and of course, a pool. Judging by the way Oprah is purchasing properties, it seems that she may be determined to buy the whole Montecito.

Oprah’s Life Story

With all the money she pours into her properties, you might be wondering how Oprah was able to become a self-made billionaire. Don’t worry, we got you! Let us tell you the interesting life story of the talk-show-host-turned-media-mogul.

patricia realini via Pinterest

Born on a farm in Kosciusko, Mississippi, Oprah lived a simple life with her grandmother who raised her. She was a bright and gifted student who was able to read at just 2 years of age and skipped kindergarten to advance to first grade. Wow! 

A Star Is Born

Even when she was a child, people could tell that Oprah loved speaking to an audience. She would often perform on her grandma’s farm with only the animals as an audience. After moving to Nashville, Tennessee to live with her father, she started giving speeches at church and social gatherings. 

2Sense-Los Angeles via Pinterest

Discovering her talent for public speaking, she realized that it could help her earn money. Oprah was just starting to settle into her father’s place when she had to move to Milwaukee to live with her mother. Little did she know that this was a huge mistake. 

Tough Times

During her teen years, Oprah had to live with her mother in a dangerous neighborhood in Milwaukee. She suffered mistreatment and abuse from men her mother trusted. Her father eventually managed to get her back to live with him in Nashville where he could protect her. Though her father was strict, his rules helped her develop her passion for literature, drama, and public speaking. 

Team Jimmy Joe via Pinterest

Safely back in Nashville, Oprah continued to excel in her studies, eventually going to Tennessee State University for college. After declining a CBS job offer twice, she eventually began working as a news anchor for the TV network at the age of 19. She was still a sophomore in college at the time. This earned Oprah the title of being the first female African American co-anchor on the evening news. 

A Passion that Became a Career

Oprah had a passion for reporting and decided to pursue it as her career after graduating. She moved to Baltimore where she gave news updates on Good Morning America. After proving her skills and talent, she was soon promoted to co-host of People Are Talking

King World via IMDb

Believing there’s always room for growth, she bravely took the risk of moving to Chicago.  There, she was given a hosting role on A.M Chicago, a show that was struggling with ratings at the time. Oprah successfully boosted the ratings by tackling controversial topics and going deep with her discussions. The ratings continued to soar, and recognizing the reason for it, the station renamed it The Oprah Winfrey Show in September of 1985. 

Hollywood Success

On top of her successful career as a host, it turns out Oprah also has a knack for acting. The famous music producer Quincy Jones asked Oprah to appear in a film adaptation of Alice Walker’s famous novel, The Color Purple. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie was a huge success, making Oprah even more well-known across the globe. 

Warner Bros. via IMDb

Thanks to her continued success and popularity, she was able to gain ownership of The Oprah Winfrey Show from ABC. She founded Harpo Productions, which is Oprah spelled backward. In 2011, the show ended when Oprah decided to terminate her contract with ABC. 

Business Ventures and Investments

Oprah did not stop there. She took advantage of her huge following and platform to venture into other businesses and investments. From Oxygen Media and Oprah Magazine to establishing the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), everything Oprah touches seems to earn her a fortune. 

Apple Inc. via IMDb

She also inked a deal with Apple to host a show where she talks with authors about books. This was how Oprah’s Book Club was born. Having accumulated a fortune thanks to her investments, she also decided to venture into real estate properties. There truly is nothing Oprah can’t do!