Missing Dog Surrenders to Cops

Police officers in Texas were happy to assist when a friendly dog arrived at the counter in the Odessa Police Department to hand himself in. The dog had become separated from his owners and turned up unannounced in the early hours of the morning.

The friendly pooch, Chico, seemed perfectly happy to be there and spent some time hanging out with Rusty Martin the duty desk sergeant while the team decided what they should do next. Martin kept Chico occupied by playing fetch with the dog and said that everyone just loved having him around. There was certainly a lot of love, fuss and cuddles heading Chico’s way!

The police department decided to share Chico's photo on Facebook saying that they were thinking he should apply to join them as a K9 officer. However, the duty officers really wanted to solve the case and reunite Chico with his lost owners.

Chico had a collar but his ID had gone missing. This led to a few problems identifying him so the team decided to ask animal control to come and scan for a chip. While they were on their way Chico decided to take matters into his own hands. While the team’s back was turned he left as suddenly as he had arrived. The officers conducted a search but were unable to find him.

Later, they were happy to discover that he had simply decided to head back home and was safe and sound with his owner a mile down the road. After seeing his dog on Facebook, the owner contacted Odessa Police to give them the good news.