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This Should Not Be Here: Strange Objects Found In Mens’ Bathrooms

People are strange. This is an indisputable fact. No matter how much you embrace this, and no matter how many odd things you see in this world, some people still manage to find a way to surprise you. These are the unique and unusual souls we will be meeting in this article, and the evidence of their oddness is to be found in their bathrooms. 

Some of the things found in mens’ bathrooms range from peculiar to downright unfathomable. These men are living their best lives, but the artifacts they’re leaving behind are leaving the rest of us baffled. Read on to discover the strangest things ever found in men’s bathrooms.  

This Can’t Just Be Brushed Off

Some men like to do things the easy way, and when something can be used for multiple purposes, there is no doubt that a man will find a way to take advantage of it. When this guy found his girlfriend’s brush lying around, this is what he decided to do with it. 

Image Courtesy of Jodie / @jodieegrace / Instagram

The guy did not think twice about using his girlfriend’s lost brush as a toilet scrubber for those times when his toilet bowl needed a deep clean. When Jodie saw her missing brush by the toilet, she decided to share the discovery on Twitter to see if anyone else could top it.  

A Joey In The Outhouse

Australia is known for its wildlife. The animals range from cute koalas to deadly spiders. However, those animals are usually found in the outback, where they belong. This Joey never got the memo. Instead, it decided to make itself at home in someone’s bathroom.  

Image Courtesy of Mo / @morogerrs / Instagram

Keep WatchingThe owner did not know how to feel when they got an unexpected visit from the young kangaroo who was casually taking a drink from the bowl. Had they known the joey was coming over to visit, they would have prepared a better source of water for it.  

Laser Focus

Some people are good with tuning out and staying in the zone, especially when they like what they are doing. Everything fades away, and it is just them and their work. Then there are the people like this guy who need a little bit of innovation to help him focus.  

Image courtesy of Mollyfat2 / @mollyfat2 /

This invention looks worthless when you consider its original intention. When the inventor’s girlfriend saw it, she was confused until he explained that it was supposed to help him focus on reading. Now that we look at it, we can see how it could block out all the things in his peripheral vision, allowing him to focus on his book. Well done! 

A Dentist’s Nightmare

Oral hygiene is important if you want to keep being intimate with your partner. One could argue that men are not as worried about appearances as women, but basic care should be non-negotiable. This is why this guy’s girlfriend was confused when she saw his toothbrush. 

Image courtesy of Houle / @hooligan Houle / Instagram

She tried to look for another toothbrush inside her boyfriend’s apartment, giving him the benefit of the doubt, but she could not find one other than this battered and hardly viable brush. How does one even use a brush in this state? 

 Necessity Is The Father Of Invention

This thing deserves a prize for innovation. This is what happens when two or more guys put their heads together to solve a common problem without shelling out a buck. With common items found inside the house, these boys were able to craft this monstrosity. 

Image courtesy of M / @ohhitsmckenna / Instagram

Here, we see what a couple of pencils and some duct tape can do. All it takes is a hint of imagination. They built their own toilet paper roll dispenser, and it did the job well. The boys were pretty proud of themselves, saving a couple of bucks in the process.  

No Mail From Hogwarts

Unexpected guests can be delightful or uncomfortable, depending on who has come to visit. This one is strange. Jules was not expecting mail from Hogwarts when she saw a small black owl perched on the bathroom windowsill. 

Image courtesy of Jules / @pabstjules / Instagram

The two engaged in a short staring contest before Jules snapped a photo and continued her business. She doubled back to check if there was mail attached to the owl. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss your chance to attend a wizarding school! 

Misplaced Oats

During the pandemic, many people hoarded toilet papers that overflowed out of their bathroom cupboards. These panic buyers ended up having to store their extra rolls in all sorts of odd places in the house. In this case, the toilet paper was not the one in surplus and was stored in a different part of the house.  

Image Courtesy of Kait / @kaitlinsimon99 / Instagram

Kait was in her boyfriend’s house when she needed to go and had to reach for toilet paper. Her boyfriend was fresh out of toilet paper on the holder, so she reached into the bathroom cupboard for a new one. Instead, she discovered a secret store of cereal stowed away in there. At least she has snacks while she waits for her boyfriend to bring her a fresh roll of toilet paper!  

A Hole New Shelf

Men are good with DIY stuff, like putting up shelves and constructing IKEA furniture. Some of the labor-intensive work is often left to men because they are generally stronger and can handle the hardware. This shelf goes to show that not all men are talented at shelf construction. 

Image Courtesy of Lindsey Riordan / @lindsrio / Instagram

Lindsey was wondering why a hole in the wall would contain hygiene products. Her boyfriend explained that one night he came home drunk and accidentally hit the wall. By morning, his hungover brain told him not to bother fixing the hole as it would make an excellent shelf.  

Sergeant Cavity Buster

Do boys really grow up, or do they just level up with their toys? This guy might have a serious case of Peter Pan syndrome as he can not let go of this old toy. He uses it to hold his toothbrush to remind him of childhood from time to time.  

Image courtesy of Sydney / @clarabellecows / Instagram

We have to admit that he does look tough, holding a semiautomatic pistol in one hand and an out-of-proportion brush in the other. He uses one tool to defeat the bad guys and the other to prevent cavities, much to his dentist’s relief.  

This Is How We Roll

Some men have an odd understanding of humor. We assume one of these oddballs did this on purpose for the sake of being funny. We cannot see a practical explanation for this absurdity. This could be an April Fool’s Joke or a Trick for Halloween.  

Image courtesy of Harlot / @harley_schroyer / Instagram

Harlot saw the joke, but we do not know if she finds it funny as it is inconvenient to get any paper when the roll is set up like this. Her boyfriend found it hilarious, though. She must have had a tough time cleaning up after herself.  

Potter Heads in the Potty

If you grew up in the 2000s, you are probably familiar with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. It was huge back then, and the kids who loved it are now all grown up, or at least they are in age. Some of them will always hold onto their Potter-themed childhoods, like the owner of the toilet in the picture below.  

Image Courtesy of Pat / @thestory of pat / Instagram

This Harry Potter fan found humor in bringing one of the book’s characters – Moaning Myrtle – into his bathroom. This seems the perfect place for the character as she did hang out in the boy’s bathroom, according to the books.  

Troll In The Toilet

The best kind of humor is self-deprecating humor. It does you good to laugh at yourself from time to time. We are glad this guy had the right idea when he pointed out his flaws on his chosen social media platform.

Image courtesy of True Billy D / @builyd / Instagram

We don’t know what he was thinking when he decided to place it there. Was it for good luck? Some people place gnomes in their backyards for good luck and protection, and maybe he has the same idea. Well, whatever floats your boat.  

Blessed Bowl

Some pictures can tell a thousand stories, and this one sure does. Depending on where you are looking from and how wild your imagination is, you can definitely imagine a couple of scenarios with this picture and its placement by the bathroom window.

Image Courtesy of Amity / @am_ wilki _ / Instagram

This one is from user @am_wilki. She had been dating her partner for a while when she saw this picture of the Pope holding his bathroom window open. The picture seems to be telling a story that the Pope is giving a blessing from the window, like the ones he gives in the streets of Vatican City. 

 A Bone To Pick

Boys may hide a few awkward or embarrassing things in their closet – a skeleton or two, figuratively speaking – but this guy took it literally when he said that he had a couple of skeletons in his closet.

Image courtesy of Keith Kroner / @keith kroner / Instagram

Keith Kroner is not one to keep ordinary things in his drawers. Instead, he’s opted to keep real skeletons on hand. Would it scare you to see this in the bathroom of someone you just started dating? Just slowly back away and look for the nearest exit if you ever see something like this in your date’s bathroom. 

Citrusy Fresh

It should be a red flag when everything smells great and is neatly tucked away in a boy’s bathroom. Ali M knew something was up when she smelled fresh citrus inside her boyfriend’s bathroom. It did not take long until she realized what was going on.

Image courtesy of Ali M / @alexxaandraaaa / Instagram

Her boyfriend had a pretty fresh idea of turning this ordinary orange into a holder for his toothbrushes. It acted as a holder and an improvised air freshener. Unfortunately, this did not last long as the orange rotted in the end and had to be thrown out. 

Goldblum’s Biggest Fan

There are a lot of reasons to love Jeff Goldblum. He is a good actor and a very charismatic person – a household name that transcended generations from Jurassic Park to the latest Thor Ragnarok movie. This fan just could not get enough of him. 

Image courtesy of Grilled Gigy / @grizzlymantis / Instagram

Where do you draw the line between just being a fan and being an extreme fanatic? Does having your whole bathroom covered with Goldblum’s face count as borderline obsessed with the actor? Really, who could blame him – we all love the guy! 

Post A Memo To Buy More Toilet Paper

Some guys find it difficult to find a girlfriend in the first place, while others find it more difficult to hold onto one. In this case, @laurenstrange broke up with her boyfriend because of his poor hygiene. She says that he was a slob, and she could not take it anymore when she found out about the toilet paper situation at his house.

Image Courtesy of Goth Brooks / @lauren strange / Twitter

According to her, he was very frugal and did not want to waste money buying toilet paper, so instead of buying some rolls, he used post-it notes. Talk about thicker ply sheets! That must have been a hard call for her, but in the end, she needed a guy she could rely on (for toilet paper).  

A Lobster Farm In The Making

Sometimes, a guy will go all out for a romantic dinner for two for his significant other. He would happily shell out a couple of bucks for an expensive dinner to impress his lady. Let’s face it – a lobster dinner doesn’t really come cheap, and maybe that is what he had in mind when he started this.

Image courtesy of Gabriel Garcia / @gabemgarcia / Twitter

He tried to grow his own lobsters in his bathroom sink. He had everything he needed to grow a lobster – space to set up troughs, a source of lobster larva, and clean water. We are glad to inform you that he has since raised a couple of lobsters in weeks.  

What Is Bill Doing Here?

You can expect to see a couple of decorative statement pieces inside the bathroom, and there is nothing wrong with a few figurines and paintings to decorate the space. Having said this, we expect that people understand the context of the bathroom so they can bring in pieces that are appropriate for the setting. 

Image courtesy of Anna / @Anna Is Awesome8 / Twitter

Unlike most people, Anna’s man did not get the concept of appropriate design in the washroom. This is a picture of Bill Nye the Science Guy inside her boyfriend’s bathroom. Perhaps this is where he does most of his thinking.  

Subtle Reference

Men apparently have a lot of odd things in their bathrooms. When found by their significant others, it does not take long until they are exposed on social media to get a few laughs out of the weirdness. This is why Haileigh was glad she could jump in on the hype.

Image Courtesy of Huhlay / @haileighschwalm / Instagram

Guys can be loud with their humor and sometimes a little more subtle. This one falls into the latter category. Haileigh just about missed it, but she squinted and made a double-take before leaving the bath to see the picture hiding behind the towel.  

Roll Troll

Cheating allegations are a serious matter, and girlfriends usually have a sixth sense about these things. A hint could be if he is keeping another toothbrush in his apartment apart from his. Fortunately, this guy has an alibi.  

Image Courtesy of Gremlin / @Atomic Fox_ / Twitter

The toothbrush was hidden in an odd place. When his girlfriend was reaching for another sheet of toilet paper she felt bristles brushing on her hand. Looking down, she saw a toothbrush was holding the roll. This was also her boyfriend’s, so there was no need to be alarmed. 

Bigfoot Finally Found

Halloween is a time of year when young ones get treats in exchange for not tricking people. This guy and his roommate did not care for the treats – the trick was the treat for them. They liked it so much they decided to keep it year-round.

Image Courtesy of Cristen / @cristen parisi / Twitter

The boys put up a picture of bigfoot on the toilet cover as a joke for Halloween. It must have been an effective joke as they never bothered to take it down after the holiday. I guess the search for bigfoot has finally come to an end.  

You Know Keegan?

Alex was surprised to meet the infamous Keegan, who lives at her boyfriend’s house. This Keegan guy seemed to be the life of the party. Her boyfriend and his friends could not stop talking about the guy every time they had a boy’s night out.

Image courtesy of Alex / @alexandri_ ah / Twitter

When Alex finally got the chance to meet Keegan, everything made sense. Some people outgrow their imaginary friends by the time they reach puberty, but unfortunately for Alex, her boyfriend and his friends never outgrew theirs.  

She Sees A Sea Shell

So far, many odd and quirky items have been found in guys’ bathrooms, but this one is in competition for the top prize in terms of strangeness. His girlfriend did not know whether to call PETA or have a serious talk with him about this.

Image Courtesy of Ainslie / @ainslie 200 / Twitter

She found a shell of the turtle in his bathroom. She knocked on the shell a couple of times to see if there was anything in it, and much to her surprise, the shell was hollow. It was just an odd thing to keep inside the home, especially in the bathroom.  

Carbs Do Not Count When Eaten In The Shower

This guy must have been counting calories or on a diet and wanted to hide his cheat meals in the shower where no one could judge him. This is what his girlfriend found in the shower, and she did not know what to make of it.

Image Courtesy of Janelle / js_oter 0 / Twitter

The pizza was on the shower floor, and it had already picked up a couple of spots of mold. When she opened the shower door, she was hit with the smell of pepperoni, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and mold.   

A Scoop Of Deliciousness

It is 2021, and toxic masculinity is frowned upon. Guys should be able to express their emotional side just like everyone else. It is good for their emotional and mental health. This guy should not be judged if he wants to dig into a gallon of ice cream from time to time.

Image courtesy of Riley White / @rwhite_22 / Twitter

Riley White got a little bit suspicious when her man took an unusually long bath. When she finally got in, she searched the room for anything suspicious, but all she found was a half-eaten gallon of melted ice cream with a spoon still in it. How cute!

Who’s A Good Boy?

Our pets are a gift from nature. They can be as much a part of our family as any of our relatives. That is why when they pass away, we are stricken with grief and longing for the good old days when we still had them.

Image Courtesy of Alexandra Elise / @Little Sonnayy / Twitter

This guy loved his pet and was so distraught about losing his favorite boy. So, he decided to put a picture up where he will always be seen. I guess a bathroom is as good a place as any, especially if this is where he spends time alone with his thoughts.  

These Boots Were Not Made For Walking

Moving in together means compromising on at least a couple of things for the sake of harmony. This couple has similar taste when it comes to designing their bathroom as both were pleased with this toothbrush holder that the boyfriend brought.

Image Courtesy of Arlene / @arlenebel / Instagram

The two must have a similar sense of humor in their design because neither of them found it the least bit tacky. Twitter user @JoseJosegp18 revealed that he got this toothbrush holder for just a couple of bucks. What a bargain!

Not Guilty

It is always best to look to a brighter future and learn from the past, but sometimes the past has a way of creeping up to your present self and making you cringe at embarrassing memories. 

Image courtesy of Kelsey / @momoskeans / Twitter

The only mistake that this guy committed was taking a bad picture on that fateful day. For some reason, people keep bugging him about this and even put up the picture on the bathroom door to remind him to do better, maybe flaunting a smile next time. 

Fly Birdy Fly

Emily Dellone knew she had a keeper when she found out what her boyfriend was up to in the bathroom. She received a call from him one day asking her to go to the pet store and get him a bunch of bird food. She was understandably confused as she was not aware that he had a pet.

Image Courtesy of Emily Dellone / @Emily Dellone / Twitter

It turns out that a bird got trapped inside his bathroom, and he just wanted to make sure it was well fed before releasing it back to the wild. Her heart melted when she saw how kind he was to the poor creature, and she immediately knew he was a keeper.  

Yes We Can

Global warming is not something to joke about. Our planet is one-of-a-kind, and we should do whatever we can to save it from pollution for the next generation. This guy has the right idea by separating his waste.

Image courtesy of Cassidy Scott / @Casssidy blake_ / Twitter

He scribbled a note on his trash can to make it clear where cans should go. He was pretty excited to jump on the recycling bandwagon. However, it seems that he was the only one who was in on the hype because this special trash can ended up being used as the regular bathroom wastebasket. 

That Could Not Be Good For You

Cleanliness will keep you healthy and help you avoid any illness. This bathroom situation would cause alarm for germaphobes, and we are pretty sure this is how an outbreak starts. Naturally, Robertta was concerned when she found this situation in a man’s bathroom.

Image courtesy of Robertta Fettucini / @indecisive_ g / Twitter

The mold was black, and it covered the entire shower. She did not know what to think of it and had no idea how it had gotten this bad. She still needs counseling after what she witnessed that day. She was lucky enough to get away while she could.  

Public Bathroom Finds

Twitter user @nathandj20 admits that he can be a slob, but this picture shows that he might not be as bad as he thought. He got to compare his own sense of order and cleanliness with what other men do in this public bathroom.

Image Courtesy of Nate The Dog # BLM / @natahandj20 / Twitter

Some of the things found in the public bath were odd, including a pair of rubber shoes, an electric vacuum, a locker, a broom, and many other things that should not have been there. How could this have happened? Could it all be from the same person? 

 Jonas Fever

These famous brothers made their mark during the early 2000s, winning the hearts of young teenagers when they released their hit songs and starred in different Disney movies. Most of us have gotten over the hype, but not this guy.  

 A Shoe In The Sink

A man who is unsupervised can do anything he wants in his flat. This includes not cleaning up after himself. When Abby showed up in her boyfriend’s life, she got a first-hand look at how a young man can live when he has no motivation to clean the house. 

Image Courtesy of Abby / @ybbabby _ / Twitter

She was looking around for her boyfriend’s other shoe, but all along, she had been looking in the wrong place. His missing shoe was in the bathroom sink. Of course! When you lose something, it’s always in the last place you’d think to look, right? 

An Ego Boost

A man’s ego is fragile, but men have a self-affirmation trick they do to boost their ego from time to time. This is one of the ones you can use if you ever need a lift. Thanks to Morgan for sharing how her man picks himself up.

Image courtesy of Morgan / @morganburbank / Twitter

When Morgan’s man comes into the bath to shower, he is always greeted by Nicolas Cage lustfully looking back at him while he undresses. This is a little bit odd and borderline narcissistic, but whatever floats your boat!  

Rhythm & Number Twos

Twitter user @kashedkuramel knew that her boyfriend had an incredible talent for playing the drums. She also knows it must have taken him hours and hours of practice to get as good as he was, but she was not ready for what she saw the first time she used his bathroom.

Image courtesy of Kara / @kashed kuramel / Instagram

She saw a set of drums in her boyfriend’s bathroom. This is an odd place to store a percussion instrument. Could the acoustics in the room be a factor in why he stores the drums there? Does it really sound better in the bathroom? 

A Hairy Situation

As we’ve learned from this mist, many men keep animals in their bathrooms. Others keep cardboard cutouts and oversized images of Nicolas Cage. However, the guy below is on another level with this strange monkey-like creature.

Image Courtesy of Vik / @ vic like victoria / Twitter

Vik took a quick snap of the creature in the bath and ran for it. She was not about to wait and see what was really going on in that bathroom. We are still baffled as to what it is. However, it kind of looks like a breakdancing monkey wearing a t-shirt. 

Stressed Out Sophomores

Finishing college can be grueling, and it takes a toll on your physical and mental state. Sometimes, all you need is a quick break from your studies and a few episodes of your favorite show to relax and take your mind off of things.

Image Courtesy of Kade / @kadepumpkin / Twitter

This is hard to do when the television is broken. This might have been the last straw that broke the camel’s back for one of the sophomores in the dorm. Out of frustration, he might have sent the broken television to the can. He just sent it to the wrong can!